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Headquarters: Bentonville, AR
Industry: General Merchandise & Superstores
Size: 10000+ Employees
Type: Company - Public (WMT)
Revenue: $10+ billion (USD)
CEO: Doug McMillon

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Department Manager (Current Employee)

14.10.2018, Job Location: Williston, ND
You always seem to walk into someone else's work which has to be finished before you can do your own. That shift is walking out the door as you are working on their many unsupervised mistakes. Bringing up the problem with management gets you little more than an ""Oh well, what can you do about it?"" Management members fail to communicate with each other so, more often than not, you are asked by different members of management what you are doing or why are you doing what you are doing. Co-workers are in the same boat so you generally get along with everyone.

The hardest part of this job is getting to do what you were actually hired to do. There are different shifts for different jobs. When one shift doesn't finish their jobs, you are left with the task of completing it before you can do your own. That can take up the majority of the day and leave you scrambling to complete you r own work. The best part of the job is when you actually get to do your job and you get that sense of accomplishment.

Dairy Associate (Current Employee)

7.10.2018, Job Location: Potsdam, NY
Job overall is fine and was for quite sometime, I came in pick carts were ready and I filled up everything and zoned then took care of claims.

Now being understaffed, working in a college town, getting overrun, company keeps changing poilicies that make things go from bad to worse cause like I have time to work breads and hostess, and being abandoned several times to run the department by myself for weeks or beginning of the month has been an uber nightmare.

They say 1 person used to run both frozen and dairy well good for them they didnt have to deal with all the fresh cap shenaniganz or trying to work around crowded area bins that are overfull.

No communication ever follows, have to clean up other peoples messes for them not being supervised, favoritism, and limited equipment. Only gets worse when only made a simple complaint that the department is left a mess everytime coming in and wacos are not being worked ""Ok now your doing capping bins"" Wow thanks was just saying people weren't doing there job thanks for the extra work am already strained as it is.

Even when my department manager is there or the part time its still frustrating to get stuff done so overall its sucks. Hoping its better for others.

Cake Decorator / Customer Service (Former Employee)

24.9.2018, Job Location: Pflugerville, TX
The management would give more tasks than could be preformed even being a highly productive worker. I enjoyed cake decorating but even when i was overbooked they would still take cake orders and expect me to stay late to make sure they were all completed.

I was the primary decorator and would have to remake the majority of the cakes the secondary decorator made. It would take me 1/3 the time to decorate than the other decorator and we were still paid the same. While in the middle of one task they would have me stop to work on something else which would put the orders behind schedule. In the beginning the staff/management was very nice and helpful but after a few months the politics of favortism would set in and you could see who would not have to do as much work or get away with doing less and others would have to pick up there slack and were reprimanded when tasks were not complete.

The work done was not appreciated and when a customer would leave compliments with management on an employees work, the compliment would not be relayed to the employee because "they know they do a nice job already". I feel a little praise can go a long way.

Customer Service Manager (Current Employee)

14.9.2018, Job Location: Greenville, SC
I arrive at Walmart. Take a quick summary of how the front is running where breaks are for cashiers customer service money center. I then begin to run the gambit of trying to find who can cover what break. I run around crazy and have to stop what I am doing for every approval needed on a return or a complaint about the lines from customers. Or anything else they want to complain about.

Then you have managers above you screaming about this or that that needs to be handled. Is it all bad no. I love my customers who are kind considerate and understanding. There are a few good Managers in every store. If you are able there is friendships and compadres but be warned they will through you under the bus to save their own skin. Walmart is a dog eat dog world where only those who are favorites will move up. You are never thanked. (except by customers.) Dont expect any hand holding in any position you take there is none they throw you to the wolves.

I have learned a lot though working here. How to have a stiff back bone. How to realize people get upset and dont always mean to say things the way they do. I have also learned people will lie to you to get what they want accomplished. Customers and Other Employees and managers alike.

You always here the Walmart way the way Sam Walton wants things in training but dont pay it no mind it isnt cared about anymore in the store level at least.

Expect to do Everyone's job from maintenance personnel, cart pushers, Managers, stockers, cahier, and customer service and money center transactions.

Cap Team 2 Associate (Former Employee)

28.8.2018, Job Location: East Liverpool, OH
There wasn't really a typical workday. You didn't know what you were doing until you got there. It did teach me that sometimes to get the task done you have to put your own spin on how your doing your work. No one method works with everybody. It also taught me that although you need to get the job done quickly, speed and safety don't go hand and hand. You'll always be lowering priority on one to do the other better.

As far as a workplace goes it wasn't all bad. The most enjoyable part of the day was that we were all the same when it came to associates in the same position. Our mindset was the same and our sense of humor was the same. Even our supervisor was a joker like the rest of us. The reason I rated job culture so low is because of the management. They are fully aware that the hours for aisles are a lot of the time wrong, but still expect it done by that time.

They will tell you to go home for being sick, and then point you the next day. The worst thing about them is that they'll set standards and then immediately make it impossible. For example, we're suppose to have 8 people working the truck at any given moment. We had 6 that day. They want the truck unloaded in an hour and a half.

Within 30 minutes of working the truck, two of us get taken off the truck to pull carts outside. Then one of us has an anxiety attack and goes home. They still expected it done in an hour and a half.

Self-Checkout Cashier (Current Employee)

17.8.2018, Job Location: Saint Clairsville, OH
Overall, the company is not the best to work for, nor is it entirely the worst. A typical day of work is usually tiring and stressful. I'm generally an anxious sort of person, so I was often worried about dealing with an unruly or outrageous customer or a manager that was lazy or in a bad mood. On a full shift, you get three breaks, two being 15 minutes long and an hour lunch.

Often times the breaks would be late or unevenly spaced (for instance: first fifteen being an hour after you arrive, lunch two and a half hours after that, last and hour and forty-five after lunch had concluded). The customers are frankly worse than the management. It's not unusual to hear about someone who had left feces on the floor or someone holding up checkout lines or someone getting incredibly angry or frustrated. Sometimes it's not the customers' fault either, some of the employees are rather nasty or rude. I didn't learn much, other than the fact that dealing with a thousand people each day is stressful.

The most difficult part of my job was monitoring for theft. Often times it's hard to notice whether or not someone is attempting theft. When you can confirm they are attempting to steal, it's difficult to confront them and say that their items weren't scanned properly or the machine didn't pick up. The most enjoyable part is the fact we have breaks and an hour lunch, though it goes by fast. Some customers are very pleasant to talk to as well.

Assistant Manager (Former Employee)

13.8.2018, Job Location: Coralville, IA
I've never worked for a more greedy and ungrateful company than Walmart. The salary from the outside world looks so appealing until they force you to work 70+ hours a week with no holidays off and the only bonuses come if the total store makes it's sales for the year.

The market and regional level do not care about a work/life balance and will find any reason to write you up and fire you from the management position if you don't give into working their insane amount of hours. Even if you do they still pass over you for promotions, knowing that they wouldn't be able to find another person to put into your position to work those hours.

And never have the words "Thank You" come from any higher up managers. The company prides itself off hiring from within and retaining its' associates yet will continuously post job opening on only external sites and not even post them for internal candidates to apply for. You spend 12+ hours every day getting yelled at by bosses and customers only for nothing to be good enough.

Their Human Resources are a joke. If you try to speak with them about concerns you get told that they don't have time to chat with you and have more pressing matters. I always heard people express their hatred for this company but never understood it until I worked there.

Department Manager (Current Employee)

29.7.2018, Job Location: Austin, TX
Depending on the store you get hired at, that will provide your view of this company. Some stores have good management, good employees, and excellent teamwork skills. However, for some of us who weren't lucky enough to get hired at a store with decent management, you have this: A store manager who will go out of their way to sabotage advancement within the company if it will be an inconvenience to them.

A co-manager who will tell you to let them know of any problems you have, but when you do, it's suddenly impossible to find them to see if there can be a resolution. An Assistant Manager who will go out of their way to make you feel incapable of your job, because of setbacks you can't control. You get a management staff that will push you to step down because you are too vocal of the obstacles you need help with, ones who just want you to say you'll get it done, regardless of if it's physically possible for you to do it.

They will alienate you, degrade you, push you to do things that aren't part of your job. Understaff your department so that you're so busy doing everyone else's job, you can't do yours. But hey, maybe you'll get lucky.

Fresh Associate (Former Employee)

19.7.2018, Job Location: Lima, OH
Walmart Inc. gets a bad rap for being an entry-level company where people simply go for part-time work while they're in school that will only last a short while. However, this couldn't be farther from the truth. Walmart offers a multitude of ways for you to carve your own path in the company and achieve great heights.

There are plenty of opportunities for promotion and ample resources to get you there. The management truly cares about your future and wish for you to succeed. However, this does not mean it's an easy ride. Every position within every store of the company has plenty of work to do and you will be held to a high standard. As an associate in the fresh area of the store, this couldn't be more true.

Every day there was not only high customer traffic as it was the most popular area of the store, but there were a lot of safety and proper food handling laws and rules that had to be followed to a tee. Every day was spent equally stocking, interacting with customers, cleaning, and preparing for every associate to be able to handle the whole day's work load. Management was hard on everyone, not intrusively, but in a way that propelled people to work towards a higher standard of quality in the presentation of product.

If you wish to be a Walmart employee, don't go in with the mindset of it being a temporary job. Be ambitious, and you can go far.

Unknown (Former Employee)

7.7.2018, Job Location: Ruidoso Downs, NM
A typical day at work would be slow to quick paced, the pay is not worth it because customers are allowed to harass, threaten or treat employees with disrespect just to earn business. It is more of no matter what it is always the employees fault even if the employee goes out of their way or job description for the customer and they are not satisfied. Management does nothing if a customer harasses, mistreats or threatens employees.

The pay does sound good but when hired hours will be cut and the expected pay is not made for that position. Unable to talk to management such as transferring if unsatisfied with current position and when it is done they say it will take a very long time and may not go through. No interest for the employee at all if anything after being hired they are ignored when they talk to management about issues such as customers harassing, threatening or mistreating employees.

Training almost doesn't exist it is done on the computer which does very little and management such as supervisors are even less trained some do not know how to fix or address issues with the department so it makes it a hostile work environment. Over all rating it is not worth working for this Walmart.

Department Manager (Former Employee)

27.6.2018, Job Location: Vancouver, WA
For the first year everything seems to be great. I think only because its new and you don't know what to expect or what is going on. There is a huge lack of accountability with associates and management. Communication is terrible. Multiple Managers telling you different thing to do . There is no team work. There is so much "" high school drama"". Managers play favoritism. If you don't advance in the first year, you'll have difficulty doing so. You end up doing the work of 4 to 5 people. feel under appreciated, taken advantage of and underpaid.

"Lip Service" is what you get when you go to management with an issue if any sort.( probably because they're over worked and underpaid too). There seems to be a lack of respect going around.

When there are corporate walks, management scurries around to sweep all issues under the rug, so to speak. so there really isnt a solution figured out, just a temporary band aid.

The good: Associates is what makes your day better. but of course there are cliques. Benefits are pretty good and above the average of other businesses. Quarterly bonuses are nice if your lucky to work in a store that actually achieves their bonuses. You're not stuck in one place unless you're a cashier and even then you can move around a little. Christmas parties if your store actually does them."

Cashier (Former Employee)

18.6.2018, Job Location: Rome, GA
It's great that the company gives both full and part-time employees paid time off, and the starting pay is $11.00 per hour for all employees. The coaching system, however, is unfair to employees because employees get accused of things that they haven't done and then receive a so-called "coaching" for what they supposedly did wrong, and after the 4th coaching the employee is fired. This is a ridiculous system because the management is unwilling to do anything to verify whether or not an employee actually deserves the coaching; so employees can collect "coachings" and get fired for very frivolous, unfounded reasons.

I don't think that some of the managers are very good at managing, including some of the upper level managers, such as the store manager. I think that they only got into those positions because they worked their way up to get there, but they actually lack the skills that a good manager should have. I do not feel like I was ever appreciated by Walmart when I worked there either; I was treated like an expendable employee when I worked there, and I have heard NUMEROUS current or former employees say the same thing about working at Walmart.

Also, cashiers frequently did not get their breaks on time, but management never seemed to care about this either. I would not recommend working at Walmart to anyone, unless he/she is not able to get a job anywhere else after spending long hours looking for one and applying for hundreds of jobs.

Sales Associate (Current Employee)

10.6.2018, Job Location: 10392 Fremont Pike, Perrysburg, OH
Typical day: finishing all of my tasks early, then helping people who don't care if the task at hand gets finished or not. Management doesn't help in anyway even if we are severly short staffed for the day.

I've learned to talk to people and monumentally improved my people skills. I've learned how to handle somewhat stressfull situations. I've finished out several tasks with no help when I came across something that gave me trouble, I just improvised and did wahat I could to the best of my ability. After expaining my reasoning behind how I did things or set them up, I was uaually thanked and was told it looked very nice.

Management doesn't really care about anything, they stopped giving us free water while we are unloading trucks. They don't care how anything looks as long as you get your job done in a timely fashion. By "done" I mean people just place whatever product wherever they want (usually not where it belongs) but it doesn't matter as long as everything seems done. No one ever gets in trouble for not meeting times or doing something wrong.

The hardest part of the job is having to help all of the people who don't want or care to work and get the job done.

The most enjoyable part of the job is just talking to the friends that I've made while working there. Also when my hard work is reconized and appreciated (which is almost never).

Patient Care Coordinator, Call Center Supervisor (Current Employee)

28.5.2018, Job Location: Carrollton, TX
Working as a Customer Service Supervisor was the best.

I would come in at 10-7pm.

I was one of six Supervisors Monday - Friday.

I was the only Supervisor during weekend every 6 weeks.

A typical day at work:

I'd come in and check emails firsthand and take care of any associate needs first (days off or anything my team needed asap)

I'd make myself available on the Supervisor line along my fellow supervisors. What I learned was everyone has a different motivation at work and its important to learn and get to know each associate to best guide and work with the team. The hardest part of the job was having to ""gently"" remind the team of the expectations on the floor and on the phone with our customers. The most enjoyable part was hearing positive feedback from the floor. My boss was the best. He trusted me to do my job and he gave me valuable feedback I will always take with me. Part of my duties involved monitoring associate calls to make sure they followed the company's guidelines.

This to ensure our customers received the best service possible. We, as supervisors also made sure the floor was flowing nicely. Every day was different! I loved that. I also worked the daily stats for the team to keep them informed on their goals. Plus I worked the weekends every 6 weeks and this meant working the departments reports and was responsible for opening and closing the facility and supervise the floor on my own.

Online Grocery Pickup (Current Employee)

12.5.2018, Job Location: Fort Worth, TX
My position is new at the store and is based on online orders and such you know OGP (online grocery pickup) the issue is though there's no earn respect there's just give it or go home. My position I love to do but there are some trashy assistant managers and childish high school gossip.

Other department managers act worse than kids, but the pros to it is that some that also got insulted cause other positions look down on them told me I don't have to respect someone who didn't earn it and that I should push through it, unlike my own boss who just was all "either listen or you know clock out and go home for the day" So instead of standing up for his entire crew we just have to take the fact that our hard work is considered "laziness" but thanks to the other managers I was annoyed the entire day but they eased it for me, I was tempted to change positions to cart pushing or something to keep me away from that negative nonsense or quit altogether.

It might seem small to them but respect is a big thing and the fact the guy literally aimed at us with his statement of "no laziness on around me" when we just finished doing a job and he claimed he saw me doing nothing all day when I just clocked into said job an hour before he set eyes on me after coming back from a staging. A customer said I was the nicest person she met so far and that it was the worst Walmart she has been to, at first I was like I don't agree this Walmart allows you to have fun while you work, like not be miserable while you work, but after today I am starting to believe her myself.

Truck Unloader / Stocker (Former Employee)

4.5.2018, Job Location: Lake City, SC
A typical day at Walmart can be a very stressful one. Products have to get off the truck, down the line, sorted, pulled to the sales floor and sometimes stocked by the backroom associates who have to prepare for the next truck before unloading and after unloading merchandise trucks. All of whom will usually have large volumes of merchandise.

As a back room associate, I had a lot of responsibilities and at times it was overwhelming. This was not a good job to start out. I did however, learn a few things. Management at Walmart was split and not always organized. One manager could be telling our team to do one task and how to do it. A different will give the same task with different specifications that will conflict with the first manager's. I learned that you have to tell the second, third and even forth manager each task given to cover yourself otherwise you can face being reprimanded. I also learned to identify the quality of management and how to respond to different qualities of management.

When a good manager moves to a different store or leaves the company and is replaced by another manager to 'increase efficiency' it is wise to consider moving to a different store or seeking employment elsewhere. Walmart has a very high turn-over rate. The pay is good but I would not expect to keep the job for very long. Expect for your managers to be looking for a reason to let you go the moment you are hired.

Cashier (Former Employee)

24.4.2018, Job Location: Fairfield, CA
Yes, the staff and management is very laid-back and nice. Yes, you are working at a store that gives you access to everything you need and yes, you do get a little bit of change in your pocket.

However, this job doesn't pay nearly enough for the things you have to put up with. This job doesn't care that you're a college student with classes; they will schedule you during your school hours even though you followed the necessary steps to avoid that scheduling conflict. This job is stressful; you're dealing with customers from all walks of life which can put your life in danger if you work the late shift.

This job is exploitation of its workers and doesn't care about their health nor is it looking out for their best intentions. You have cashiers with bad health that can't stand on their feet, stand on their feet for 8-9 hour shifts. You can't even get a discount at this job. You get paid close to peanuts for all the stress and unnecessary labor you have to put up with; management is so disorganized you have to do their job for them.

This job doesn't care about you. They only care about that money and you can tell every time you clock in.

Do. Not. Work. Here.

Orderfiller (Former Employee)

16.4.2018, Job Location: Red Bluff, CA
Your training is computer based and if you do it wrong they will let you know but hard to get real help from management, you don't get much praise otherwise really on if you exceeded your sales for the day do it for the week and then well do it for the month now (so don't expect much) your expected to "network" your job essential resources because they are constantly lost i.e. hand held devices you have to have to do your job.

You have many managers and they all require and/or want something different, so you will redo and move product consistently just because of whose working that day. Management will throw you under the bus to save themselves so you have to constantly cover your own self. Atmosphere with fellow associates is very much like high school, clingy and drama, not the most professional.

Sales Associate (Current Employee)

4.4.2018, Job Location: Winfield, AL
A typical day on my job includes downstacking freight (fruit, vegetables, potatoes), filling the display areas with merchandise, cleaning, and culling the areas (searching for damaged fruits and vegetables). I mark some merchandise at a discount for possible sale, and create documentation for food being sent to Feeding America, a food donation organization.

I have learned that people can be petty, cut throat, and disrespectful. I have also learned that there are people who are willing to go the extra mile to help you in times of need. I have learned how to treat people with kindness, even when they are not being kind to me.

The hardest part of my job is completing the freight work before lunch. When I open the department, I am to cull and clean the entire department before downstacking the freight. I am then supposed to fill the ""wet wall"" by 7am before I can start to work the freight. This leaves very little time to work 4 to 8 pallets of merchandise before 9 am.

The most enjoyable part of my job are the customers. There are many customers who just make me smile, and are happy to see me when they are shopping. I like being able to make a difference in their day, and lives, by giving them a smile and conversation.

My management team has been very helpful in recent months. I have experienced hardships that caused me to be absent a number of days, and they worked with me to get help overcoming some of the obstacles I was facing.

3rd Shft Stocker (Former Employee)

23.3.2018, Job Location: Indianapolis, IN
A typical work day arriving from another pm employer, clocked in 10:00 pm, went to break room for Management employee briefing of work site and receive assigned job duties in store areas for staff by management. Retrieved stock carts or palates in store room for job assigned area, and sorted boxes for shelving by numeric barcode system until stock carts were emptied. Signed in and out on computerized job duty system after finishing each stocked area. Retrieved merchandise in area from other store areas in shopping cart to front of store. Help customers find store items in store until closing at 12:00 am.

Help stocked merchandise in other store areas when finished with assigned area as needed by Management. 5:00 am, Zoned (organized) shelves when stocking was complete as time permitted in assigned area or other store area. (I was not always able to complete assignments because of severe pain with physical illness and limitations often to ill to drive home after worked shift. I tried to get medical leave did not have enough accrued time for sick leave, and my Medical Provider would not cooperate with Walmart Store policy.) Breaks: 2-15 min and 1 hour lunch. Clocked out by 7:00 am.

Replaced Medical Provider in 2015, and had surgery in 2016 after a long and stressful ordeal to get medical help during and after my employment at Walmart Store.

I learned team to be a team player and to encourage good employee work ethic and work relations.

Enjoyed employee multi-cultural work relations on and off Walmart Store property.

Certified Pharmacy Technician (Former Employee)

13.3.2018, Job Location: USA
Initially was a great learning experience with promising prospects, however over time conditions gradually deteriorated.

Upper level management kept creating and imposing many unnecessary rules that made daily working conditions hazardous while setting increasingly higher expectations and quotas to be met. The pharmacy would get overwhelming busy on a daily basis and there were simply not enough techs to get everything done. This resulted in mistakes that would have not been made if properly staffed in the first place.

We would only get a half hour lunch break for the entire day. Customers were for the most part rude and unappreciative and would blame techs as scape goats for things beyond their control. Things such as high co-pays and late shipment of drugs from Walmart suppliers.

Schedules would change with little notice in advance and were inaccessible most of the time on the buggy Walmart one app. Compensation was horrible and was little more than the door greeter with much less responsibility.

OTR Truck Driver (Current Employee)

5.3.2018, Job Location: Sealy, TX
Been at Wal-Mart Transportation Sealy Tx going on 3 yrs. .45 to start. Now at .55. 5-2 5-3 program slip seat,2 trucks. Now I have a full time tractor (2018 Pete) 5-2 ,6 am Friday out. Miles are there4 me its 2500-3000 avg week.

Paid for activity and always have work. Never seen a check less than 2400 after taxes every 2 weeks. Mngt is great and dispatches are equal. Pto at 3 yrs in is 28 days if worked all year. Avg daily pay depends on how you run, $285- $445+is what a pto is paid. 87 k on a avg yr but few 2yr drivers making 100 k+ if they are working hard. No touch get all drop n hook.

Paid wait time after 45 min and breakdown too. $14 an hr. 8.50 drop n hook $17 ttl. $42 layover. 1/4 safety bonuses, store discount and much more. Central dispatch on people net. Normally in Texas market but get runs to miss, la, ark,ok, fl,ga. Tenn. Kansas, if you get out of Tx to another DC they move you around and get you back home easily. Well that my spin on wally world hope it was helpfully.

Be safe out there and God bless those on the road. P.s all D.C. s have VERY NICE huge showers for drivers and if they sign up family for the trip for them too.

Former Employee

25.2.2018, Job Location: Lancaster, PA
Working for Walmart for nearly a year, I saw many different things. There were a large amount of people who enjoyed their work and the people with whom they worked, and then there were those who were actively trying to make it unbearable to be there. The store manager seemed to be a genuine person, but all of managers (assistants included) were relatively new.

Only one associate in the back was licensed to use power equipment, and was not there every day. The place was great to be in and I would go back in an instant. However, even with passing supervisory tests and continually proving my capability to perform the tasks of a supervisor or a lead elsewhere in the building, there were never any interviews for the positions to my knowledge (several positions for a significant pay increase were open for several months without being filled). I forced my attendance points to go over the limit to see if it would prompt action in either a positive or negative way, and then negatively I got a response.

I come back a few months later just to do some shopping and run into a few old coworkers, and through them I find out that the positions STILL were not filled. (This is about 5 months after the initial posting of the position, now) This assured me that the faith I had lost in the company was well deserved to have been lost. If change could be guaranteed on their part, I could guarantee a change on mine.

It was an awesome place, but the managers didn't allow advancement or training despite saying they wanted to train every single associate on power jacks.

Customer Service Manager (Former Employee)

15.2.2018, Job Location: Clanton, AL
A typical day at work was always fast paced. Breaks had to be on time all the time, even if I had to give the breaks myself. Covering the front end when we were short handed was always very difficult, leaving customers unhappy.

I learned about large money transactions, proper stocking procedures to insure good inventory control, I learned a lot about time management.

Workplace culture was difficult to handle sometimes. As a customer service manager, the front end was my responsibility along with at least 2 other customer service managers. Getting support from upper management was very difficult.

The hardest part of my job was when I would have a disgruntled customer and would have to call upper management to assist with the problem. While that rarely happened, it was upon the request of the customer to speak to upper management. There were some assistant managers that were always supportive of the decisions I made to attempt to satisfy the customer. I loved the fast paced work environment, and the opportunities I had.

Stocker / Cashier (Former Employee)

5.2.2018, Job Location: The corner of Russell Cave and New Circle Rd
When the store first opened it was a wonderful place to work because everyone worked together but as time went on it stopped being fun and was the same every day until the holidays came up then it was to fast moving and when problems came up not to many managers wanted to handle it.

Management acted like they were afraid to use initiative,but we did have a few who were real good managers.

There were shoplifters all the time but they really got bad during the Holidays, but they really had a very good profit and lost team!

I learned mostly by doing, and trial and error.........those that helped you along the way were mostly really good people but there were a few that were out for themselves instead of for teamwork when things needed doing.

Workplace culture was OK.

The hardest part of the job was working by yourself during the Holidays with customers buying almost as fast as you could get it on the shelf.

The most enjoyable part of the job was the ""Associate of the Month"".You would get a plaque, a pen for how many years you worked there, and you would be in the company magazine.

And the other thing that was enjoyable is when we got a bonus , our first one was a thousand dollars but after that we never got more than $15 to 25 dollars or we got a coupon for a turkey or ham.
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Ask about situations and how you would solve them, do you know math, are you good with people.

Store level interviews are normally short, mostly under thirty minutes. Assistant manager level and above are a significantly longer process.

About 2 weeks, sometimes sooner.

Be honest and straightforward with the interview process.


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3Stocker$10 - $15$12
4Personal Shopper$11 - $15$12
5Pharmacy Technician$12 - $19$15
6Overnight Stocker$10 - $17$13
7Retail Sales Associate$10 - $17$12
8Department Manager, Retail Store$12 - $19$15
9Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPHT)$13 - $20$16
10Order Filler$13 - $24$18
11Customer Service Manager$12 - $20$16
12Asset Protection Associate$11 - $18$14
13Deli Associate$11 - $15$13
14Customer Service Associate$9 - $17$13
15Cake Decorator$10 - $17$13
16Maintenance Technician$12 - $32$19
17Automotive Service Technician / Mechanic$9 - $18$13
18Customer Service Representative (CSR)$9 - $17$13
19Retail Associate$11 - $18$13
20Deli Clerk$10 - $15$12
21Warehouse Associate$12 - $21$16
22Unloader$12 - $25$17
23Forklift Operator$12 - $20$15
24Customer Service Cashier$9 - $16$12
25Staff Pharmacist$44 - $68$56
26Fresh Produce Processor$10 - $18$13
27Night Stocker$10 - $17$13
28Retail Department Manager$11 - $19$14
29Optician$11 - $22$16
30Produce Associate$9 - $17$12
31Production Supervisor$12 - $23$16
32Pharmacy Technician, Lead$15 - $25$19
33Customer Service Supervisor$11 - $21$15
34Food Service Worker$10 - $18$13
35Customer Service Team Leader$12 - $24$17
36Loader$14 - $25$18
37Produce Stocker (Grocery)$10 - $19$13
38Baker$9 - $17$12
39Warehouse Supervisor$12 - $23$17
40Janitor$9 - $18$12
41Retail Supervisor$12 - $25$16
42Retail Store Manager$12 - $23$16
43Picker$11 - $19$14
44Produce Department Manager (Grocery)$11 - $21$15
45Front End Developer / Engineer$23 - $74$42
46Quality Assurance (QA) Associate$13 - $26$18
47Warehouse Worker$11 - $20$15
48Customer Service Specialist$9 - $18$13
49Automotive Service Technician$9 - $23$14
50Cart Collector$10 - $15$12
51Host/Hostess$8 - $15$11
52Forklift Driver$14 - $24$18
53Certified Optician$11 - $23$16
54Grocery Stocker$10 - $20$13
55Package Handler$11 - $18$14
56Retail Cashier$9 - $16$12
57Retail Store Assistant Manager$10 - $20$14
58Service Writer$9 - $16$12
59Assembler$9 - $22$13
60Maintenance Supervisor$11 - $23$16
61Team Leader, General$12 - $27$18
62Pharmacist$46 - $66$56
63Meat Cutter$10 - $20$14
64Checkout Operator$9 - $15$12
65Maintenance Associate$9 - $18$13
66Member Service Representative$9 - $19$13
67Produce Clerk (Grocery)$9 - $19$12
68Dairy Stocker$9 - $14$11
69Building Maintenance Worker$10 - $22$15
70Production Associate$10 - $21$14
71Assistant Manager$12 - $26$17
72Sales Team Leader, Retail$11 - $21$16
73Supermarket Department Manager, Dairy & Frozen Foods$9 - $17$13
74Tire Technician$11 - $18$14
75Pharmacy Manager$39 - $68$56
76Customer Support Manager$11 - $20$15
77Cart Attendant$9 - $13$11
78Grocery Associate$10 - $16$12
79Operations Supervisor$13 - $26$18
80Operations Support Manager$11 - $24$16
81Gas Station Attendant$11 - $19$14
82Packer$11 - $20$15
83Pharmacy Assistant$10 - $18$14
84Customer Service Sales Associate$9 - $19$13
85Retail Manager$10 - $22$15
86Retail Store Manager, Sporting Goods$11 - $25$17
87Sales Clerk$9 - $16$11
88Merchandiser$10 - $18$14
89Security Guard$10 - $17$13
90Stock Clerk$7 - $14$10
91Department Manager, Hardware Store$12 - $20$16
92Supermarket Department Manager, Meat$11 - $22$16
93Team Lead, Operations$13 - $26$18
94Deli Manager$12 - $19$15
95Technical Services Manager$13 - $37$22
96Customer Service Trainer, Call Center$8 - $18$12
97Administrative Associate$12 - $23$17
98Warehouse Material Handler$13 - $22$17
99Software Engineer$24 - $71$42
100Quality Assurance Analyst$15 - $35$23
101Accounts Payable Specialist$14 - $22$18
102Human Resources (HR) Assistant$12 - $21$15
103Lube Technician$9 - $17$12
104Licensed Optician$16 - $32$22
105Inventory Associate$11 - $18$14
106Inventory Specialist$12 - $20$15
107Loader And Unloader$10 - $21$14
108Laborer, Freight, Stock, Material Mover, Hand$10 - $22$14
109Human Resources (HR) Manager$13 - $29$20
110Grocery Clerk$9 - $15$12
111Senior Graphic Designer$20 - $43$28
112Senior Quality Assurance (QA) / Test Automation Engineer$32 - $81$54
113Dockhand/Driver$11 - $23$16
114Service Manager$17 - $31$23
115Shipper, Receiver, Packer$12 - $23$16
116Shipping & Receiving Lead$12 - $21$16
117Shipping & Receiving Supervisor$14 - $24$18
118Shipping / Receiving / Traffic Clerk$11 - $18$14
119Senior Software Engineer$44 - $104$70
120Senior Customer Service Representative (CSR)$13 - $26$18
121Senior Account Manager$16 - $31$21
122Senior Business Analyst$37 - $106$65
123Inventory Control Specialist$8 - $15$11
124Security Analyst$16 - $34$23
125Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist$32 - $1k$87
126Scanner Operator$12 - $21$16
127Salesperson, Fashion/Apparel/Clothing$9 - $17$12
128Electrical Apprentice$12 - $21$16
129Sales Support Manager$12 - $20$16
130Sales Consultant$9 - $17$12
131Asset Protection Specialist$10 - $15$13
132Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Officer$17 - $26$21
133Inventory Supervisor$11 - $18$14
134Assistant Store Manager$13 - $25$18
135Senior Certified Pharmacy Technician$13 - $18$15
136Shipping and Receiving Clerk$14 - $24$18
137Social Media Specialist$14 - $23$18
138Shop Assistant$9 - $18$13
139Warehouse Manager$12 - $19$15
140Warehouse Laborer$11 - $22$15
141Administration Clerk$13 - $22$17
142Visual Merchandising Specialist$14 - $27$19
143Vision Center Manager$16 - $26$20
144UX Researcher$47 - $102$71
145Human Resources (HR) Clerk$13 - $21$16
146Transportation Coordinator$13 - $26$18
147Training Coordinator$11 - $19$15
148Traffic Coordinator$11 - $18$14
149Ticket Agent$12 - $22$16
150Human Resources (HR) Officer$14 - $25$19
151Shipping Packer$14 - $24$18
152Human Resources (HR) Specialist$14 - $23$18
153HVAC Service Technician$19 - $35$26
154Information Management Specialist$10 - $20$14
155Supermarket Department Manager, Dairy$12 - $19$15
156Supermarket Department Manager, Bakery & Delicatessen (Deli)$16 - $25$20
157Store Team Leader$14 - $24$18
158Art Director$22 - $80$38
159Stock Clerk or Order Filler$10 - $20$14
160Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist$17 - $29$22
161Dishwasher$9 - $14$11
162Staff Engineer$29 - $83$46
163Software Engineering Intern$16 - $41$26
164Software Developer$14 - $43$25
165HVAC Refrigeration Technician$24 - $42$31
166Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Specialist$14 - $26$19
167Automobile Service Writer$8 - $16$11
168Retail Pharmacist$45 - $66$57
169Crew Leader$9 - $27$15
170Personnel Manager$16 - $35$24
171Front End Manager$12 - $20$16
172Personal Assistant$10 - $19$13
173Painter, Construction and Maintenance$8 - $16$12
174Painter$9 - $15$11
175Licensed Dispensing Optician$20 - $35$27
176Fuel Attendant$10 - $15$12
177Claims Processor/Billing$10 - $18$13
178Optometrist Assistant$8 - $12$10
179Optician, Retail Store Manager$19 - $28$23
180Community Health Worker$13 - $23$17
181Operations Team Leader$18 - $39$26
182Control / Automation Technician$18 - $31$24
183Office Manager$21 - $44$30
184Content Analyst$21 - $44$30
185Module Lead$9 - $18$12
186Logistics Coordinator$14 - $24$18
187Membership Associate$8 - $17$12
188General Maintenance Worker$10 - $20$14
189Graphic Designer$19 - $44$28
190Meat Clerk$10 - $17$13
191Material Handler$12 - $21$16
192Marketing Communications Specialist$18 - $37$26
193Content Strategist$42 - $89$60
194Loss Prevention Officer$10 - $15$12
195Maintenance Manager$11 - $24$16
196Pharmacist in Charge$40 - $70$59
197Retail Shift Supervisor$11 - $18$14
198Learning and Development Specialist$20 - $42$30
199Cash Manager$11 - $25$17
200Cook, Restaurant$11 - $17$14
201Retail Department Supervisor$12 - $23$17
202Equipment Operator$12 - $20$15
203Event Manager$24 - $147$45
204Automotive Technician$7 - $17$11
205Retail Assistant Manager$11 - $21$15
206Registered Medical Assistant (RMA)$14 - $19$16
207Receiving Worker$10 - $17$13
208Receiving Manager$13 - $22$17
209Radiologic Technologist$22 - $34$27
210Grocery Store Manager$12 - $22$16
211Avionics Technician$22 - $38$30
212Quality Assurance (QA) / Quality Control (QC) Inspector$14 - $24$18
213Quality Analyst$11 - $21$15
214Production Worker$11 - $23$15
215Bakery Clerk$10 - $17$13
216Field Service Technician$19 - $38$27
217Product Owner$17 - $53$30
218Produce Team Leader$12 - $26$18
219Food Server$6 - $13$9
220Business Support Manager$11 - $26$17
221Produce Department Clerk (Grocery)$9 - $14$11
222Food Service Supervisor$13 - $23$17
223Call Center Representative$10 - $16$13
224Principal Software Engineer$52 - $101$72
225Photographer, Commercial$15 - $37$22
226Customer Service Agent$11 - $22$16
227Custodian$8 - $14$11
228Housekeeping Supervisor$10 - $17$13

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What started small, with a single discount store and the simple idea of selling more for less, has grown over the last 50 years into the largest retailer in the world. Each week, approximately 220 million customers and members visit approximately 10,500 stores and clubs under 48 banners in 24 countries and eCommerce websites.

With fiscal year 2021 revenue of $559 billion, Walmart employs over 2.3 million associates worldwide. Walmart continues to be a leader in sustainability, corporate philanthropy and employment opportunity. It’s all part of our unwavering commitment to creating opportunities and bringing value to customers and communities around the world.