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Wegmans Food Markets Overview Table
Headquarters: 1500 Brooks Ave. Rochester, NY, United States 14624
Industry: Retail & Wholesale
Size: 10,000
Type: Private
Revenue: $12.2B
CEO: Colleen Wegman

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Overnight Stocker (Former Employee)

22.9.2021, Job Location: Frederick, MD
I worked overnight grocery which is extremely difficult on the body and spirit. My team did a great job of uplifting each other and keeping each other motivated throughout the night.

We frequently felt appreciated and heard. Everyone there was open and listened how they could make the work or environment better. I was always a fan as a customer and love the store even more as an employee. My only wish is the company structure not to rely so much on students or retirees.

The average adult with dependents needs a non-traditional set-up or side gig to make ends meet if you choose Wegmans as your employer…but the benefits, nice environment and flexibility they give you in return is making me think twice about having left!

There are opportunities to advance with nice pay increases; however because people like it there, those positions rarely vacate. If you have time, patience, and stamina (especially on the night shift) to wait someone out, a better paying job path is viable.

Team Leader (Former Employee)

21.7.2021, Job Location: Bethlehem, PA
I worked here for six years in a multitude of positions, the company does a fantastic job of creating a sense of belonging and it truly does feel like a family and they take care of their people.

But upper management absolutely is horrendous, it’s like they never worked a day in the job, they constantly have pow wows in front of departments just sipping coffee and chatting for hours, if you ask for help either they get annoyed or they tell you they can’t help and just move the POW wow to the back of the store. Upper management is also unpredictable sometimes they are pleasant other days they’ll take out a whole month of frustration on you. HR doesn’t help at all.

No one here is ever held accountable, you can call out for days at a time and don’t even get a slap on the wrist. Upper management takes no involvement in its employees development, one of my managers after working there for 7 years still didn’t know my name.

But you are able to take time off any time, they offer a decent amount of paid time off, the benefits are great. I’ve worked many jobs since Wegmans but it truly was like no other with team bonding, I’ve never been so close with co workers, we all worked so well together and there was quite a few teams I was apart of over the years.

The only reason I left was because upward mobility is very slow here, but I was upset when I left because I did really like working there and loved the people I worked with.

Pay is very low for entry level management-may have changed since I worked there.

Sub Shop Customer Service (Former Employee)

17.5.2021, Job Location: Ithaca, NY
First, the hours sucked. My shifts were all over the place. One day I'd work 5am to 2pm and the next day was 1pm to 10pm. You are hired as a part timer and have to wait 6 months before you can APPLY for full time.

Wegmans has cult like rules. Half of the people who work here are absolutely miserable and the customer base is rude and entitled. This was the worst place I ever worked.

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee)

26.4.2021, Job Location: Cherry Hill, NJ
Just like any other job the managers push employees over the max by bribing and saying "you're doing a great job." Management that is there delegate to other people who delegate to other people. They don't care about your health as long as you can work. Let me be clear it's usually not the Team Leads. It's department managers.

As far as a promotion? You'll get it depending on who you know, your ethnic background, and what store you're located at. Cause about 60% of wegmans management needs to be fired and replaced. It really shouldn't matter about how great you can talk your way out of an interview. It's about how well you get a long with your team under you, beside you, and above you. And what you see in that person that possess leadership skills and how quickly they can adapt.

You don't get fired unless you steal or hit someone other than that they build a report on you for years you didn't even know about.

Wegmans as a whole has really gone down hill since I first started there, a greedy company at this point. They don't care about their values anymore.

But the plus is great benefits if you're full-time, schedule flexibility, scholarship money, cross-training, and the team you work with that makes people stay.

It's like well wouldn't that make wegmans great. Yeah, but what you do with a person's morale is different. And bad management makes it worse.

Cashier (Former Employee)

11.9.2020, Job Location: New York State
I have a medical condition that I didn’t know about until I became a cashier. I would randomly get tunnel vision, dizzy, sweaty, etc and then I would pass out unconscious. After it happened a couple of times I could tell when it was going to happen but I didn’t have a lot of time to react.

One day while cashiering I felt it coming on. I switched on my light for management. When she came over I let her know what was happening and that I needed to leave my register immediately. She started arguing with me at which point I finally walked away bc I knew if I didn’t I was going to be on the floor within seconds.

I made it to the bench in front of the store, sat there a minute and thought that I was ok enough to try and make it to the bathroom so I was away from everyone. I ended up passing out in the small hallway leading to the bathrooms. I woke up with a customer standing over me asking if I was ok.

I had a SEVERE headache and abdominal pain. I basically crawled into the bathroom where I got sick. When I finally was ok enough to go back out to speak to my manager and let her know I needed to go to the hospital, she informed me that if I left I would be fired. I accepted that and said I was leaving and going to the ER.

I left, drove to my mothers 15 minutes away and had her take me to the ER. They never called my emergency contact, they allowed me to leave after being unconscious and telling them I needed to go to the hospital and they were completely out of line.

At that time I still hadn’t had a proper diagnosis so I wasn’t sure what was causing them, they should have called an ambulance or my emergency contact person.

Overnight Stocker (Former Employee)

8.9.2020, Job Location: Woodbridge, VA
I have noticed that from 2012-2020 there are almost NO black employees!What did you do to them where they are literally fleeing your corporation!?

In your management positions are very dangerous individuals that take pleasure in sexually harassing employees, making male employees scared to work and a toxic culture that gives rewards for good black employees being fired(you call it removing "dead fish" usually).

I've even heard managers gloating about constantly changing an employee's schedule to cause them to be late! If you expect a majority of the Hispanic community or black community to continue shopping here you need to deal with your HR and upper management abuse issues.

Team Lead (Current Employee)

8.9.2020, Job Location: Natick, MA
I imagine this to be a decent PT job. As a Team leader you're just going to be treated like garbage the entire time for about a buck more an hour than a FT employee. Not worth the stress.

Also, being In a slower store, some managers are bored. So, they fill their days by finding fault with employees. Most of which are their own creation. But, you can't talk to them about it or you're a problem. You could go to HR. But, then they just go and give their version of what you said to your boss and once again, you're a problem. So, best thing is to aim at being a nobody here. You will find out real fast otherwise in this job. Managers are never wrong. Never!

Also, if you go for a FT spot. Do yourself a favor and stay there. Don't go for TL. In this position, you can make miracles happen all day long and some of us do. But, you'll never get anything from anyone up above about it. They'll only make sure you're aware of what you didn't get to or the thing you forgot.

You'll never hear of the 61 things you did do right while covering for the numerous call outs you yourself had to deal with. Nope! Never a good job or a thanks for going above and beyond. Meanwhile the managers that are rarely if ever on the floor get to pat themselves on the back for better sales, better shrink numbers or whatever number went in the right direction due to what's gone right on the sales floor they haven't work 8.5 of their 9 hour shift.

High expectations for the lowest paid and no expectations for the highest paid.

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee)

6.6.2020, Job Location: Cherry Hill, NJ
I have been working for the company for over 5 years now. I have been within the same department, where there have been several management changes.

For the most part, the people that are hired reflect similar characteristics and values such as compassion towards others and hard work.

I've been involved in several issues of harassment and bullying that took years of documentation to remove the few employees that created these issues, there are times where employees feel that they do not have any credibility or are heard when they make these reports.

However, the work place is majority peaceful and harmonic, where other employees work well together and care about one another. Managers often actively listen and care about their employees. The benefits are great, especially for full time employees. It is difficult to move up in the organization but they tend promote from within!

Among benefits and its programs like the College Scholarship ($1,500 a year/4 years) has been incredibly beneficial to me! I believe that the pay should be more competitive, but it is the people and benefits that make working here worthwhile!

Bakery Associate (Current Employee)

12.1.2020, Job Location: Cherry Hill, NJ
I love my co-workers but the management is poor. Though very accommodating with sudden life changes, your scheduled hours can change suddenly.

I had an extremely difficult time getting the team leader and manager to understand that I was only available to work a specific amount of time per week and was often scheduled more days than I was able and they would get irritated with me because I informed them of the issues multiple times.

I finally had to take it up with the lead manager of fresh and prepared foods after the stress from having to deal with them not listening to me was affecting my health.

Culinary Area Manager (Former Employee)

22.11.2019, Job Location: Corporate
The company has changed in the last ten years. Job posting are not as fair as they make out to be, they will still post a job if they have someone in mind, but this way it makes it look like they are being fair.

A white male doesn't stand a chance and is always the first to go. Promises by management are not kept, and when it is brought to their attention, they use the excuse that they don't remember such conversations!!!

Not all the awards that they win are fair, most of them are bias. And when they send out the best place to work survey it is to selected employees and only a very small percentage of the work force!!!
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Average Hourly Rate for Wegmans Food Markets Employees
$14.35 / hour Avg. Base Hourly Rate (USD)
$65k / yearAvg. Base Salary (USD)

Wegmans Food Markets Employees Salary Compare Table

Whole Foods Salary Compare
# Job Title Range Average
1Cashier$9 - $17$12
2Customer Service Representative (CSR)$10 - $19$13
3Pharmacy Technician$11 - $19$14
4Customer Service Associate$9 - $20$14
5Service Team Leader$12 - $31$18
6Front End Supervisor$11 - $24$16
7Sr. Test / Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer, (Computer Software)$31 - $63$43
8Deli Associate$10 - $16$13
9Stock Clerk, Grocery Store$11 - $19$13
10Customer Service Sales Associate$10 - $21$14
11Customer Service Coordinator$8 - $17$12
12Customer Service Cashier$9 - $15$11
13Barista$9 - $15$11
14Security Officer$14 - $24$18
15Customer Service Team Leader$11 - $25$17
16Sales Coordinator$11 - $17$14
17Sales Team Leader, Retail$12 - $23$17
18Retail Store Assistant Manager$13 - $22$17
19Retail Sales Associate$10 - $21$14
20Asset Protection Specialist$12 - $18$15
21Production Worker$12 - $22$16
22Stocker$10 - $16$13
23Strategic Sourcing Specialist$15 - $36$23
24Supermarket Department Manager, Bakery & Delicatessen (Deli)$13 - $23$17
25Team Leader, General$13 - $24$18
26Shipper, Receiver, Packer$13 - $23$17
27Production Supervisor$13 - $24$18
28Order Selector$10 - $18$13
29Produce Manager (Grocery)$17 - $28$22
30Assistant Manager, Customer Service$13 - $27$18
31Baker$12 - $19$15
32Baker Helper$10 - $16$12
33Cake Decorator$14 - $22$17
34Customer Service Specialist$14 - $27$19
35Front End Clerk$8 - $16$11
36Produce Stocker (Grocery)$11 - $17$13
37Graphic Designer$18 - $35$24
38Janitor or Cleaner (but not Maid or Housekeeping Cleaner)$11 - $19$14
39Meat Cutter$12 - $21$16
40Merchandiser$11 - $18$14
41Transportation Planner$18 - $35$25
42Prep Cook$13 - $20$16
43Produce Clerk (Grocery)$10 - $17$13
44Health/Wellness Coordinator$13 - $23$17
45Welder$20 - $36$27

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About Wegmans Food Markets

Wegmans Food Markets is a regional supermarket chain with stores primarily in the northeastern United States. Founded in 1916, the company is family-owned and operated, and is known for its wide selection of products, high-quality fresh produce, and exceptional customer service.

Working at Wegmans Food Markets

Wegmans is known for its strong culture and commitment to its employees. The company offers a variety of benefits, including flexible scheduling, paid time off, and health insurance. Additionally, Wegmans is committed to providing its employees with ongoing training and development opportunities to help them advance in their careers.


  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • Strong culture and sense of community
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Focus on employee development
  • Positive work-life balance


  • Can be physically demanding
  • Can be busy during peak hours

Training and Support

Wegmans provides its employees with comprehensive training programs to help them succeed in their roles. This includes on-the-job training, as well as access to online training resources. The company also encourages employee development by providing tuition reimbursement and other educational opportunities.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Job duties at Wegmans can vary depending on the position, but may include stocking shelves, assisting customers, providing customer service, and operating cash registers. Additionally, employees may be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the store and adhering to food safety guidelines.


Overall, working at Wegmans Food Markets is a great opportunity for those who are looking for a challenging and rewarding job in the retail industry. The company's focus on employee development and positive work-life balance make it a great place to build a career.

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