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Whole Foods Overview Table
Headquarters: Austin, TX
Industry: Retail & Wholesale
Size: 91,000 +
Type: holding company
Revenue: $16.0B
CEO: Jason Buechel

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Team Leader (Current Employee)

22.1.2023, Job Location: Miami, FL
Flexible schedules, good benefits, good leadership, multiple opportunities to grow. Pay is good. Positive work environment. Only wish reviews were every 6 months not every year.

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee)

21.1.2023, Job Location: Katy, TX
I was so looking forward to working here. Sadly, the FRONT END supervisors and leads ruined it. They were nothing more than bullies. High school mentality and cliques. Snakes in the grass and nothing more.

I really enjoyed my job but the staff made it awful to work there.

Grocery Team Member (Former Employee)

20.1.2023, Job Location: Albany, NY
It was a great place to work, awesome team members, good managers. Pay was decent, but expectations are too high, and they do not hire enough staff. I worked in grocery, for about 5 months as a full-time team member, and I was let go for apparently not meeting expectations, granted I was still learning.

I loved the people that I worked with, but the company, not so much. As much as it pains me to say it, but Walmart or target are better companies to work for.

Store Support Supervisor (Former Employee)

11.1.2023, Job Location: Destin, FL
What is the best part of working at the company?
In my position I interacted quite a bit with all of the departments so I got to know most of team members for the entire store. I really enjoyed the social side to my job and it sort of felt like I was part of a big family. It was a mostly positive environment there, especially among the team members. To me, that was the best part and I really missed having all those social interactions throughout my day when I started at my new job. I felt so lonely.

What is the most stressful part about working at the company?
Not having enough help when we needed it. Usually the store rallies and the team members go to the department that is struggling and helps them out. But sometimes we were just short staffed as an entire store rather than just in one department. Trying to deal with an extremely busy store with a team that is stretched too thin can gets really ugly really fast.

What is the work environment and culture like at the company?
Whole Foods culture is really cool and its history is really interesting and you get to learn all about it during your orientation and your first week of computer training. One of the best things about working for Wholefoods is the company culture and history. Unfortunately, though, Amazon has really sucked the heart right out of Wholefoods and its culture has been steadily eroding as well. I saw that store change so much after Amazon took over. It's really sad.

What is a typical day like for you at the company?
There is no such thing as a typical day at Wholefoods. You basically just clock in and head for your department like a surfer paddling out into the ocean, By the time you make it over there you will already know the surf conditions and what size wave to expect. Then you just give it your best shot, catch a wave, try not to fall down, and enjoy yourself.

Team Member (Former Employee)

10.1.2023, Job Location: Austin, TX
One of wfm core values is team members growth and happiness. This is just fancy talk that dose not exist in reality.

The Policies you learn in the hiring procedures and orientation have nothing to do with the
actual job/team.You need and I quote "thick skin" to work at wholefoods.

Let me tell you my story. Leadership at wfm aproves that if a team leader is stressed, to put their stress out on you as an employee and treat you unjustly displaying infront of a long line of customers.

Instead of actully serving the customers you become the focus of attention for 1.5 hours. In that time the whole store Leadership is working together to correct you, the employee who just clocked in following all the information provided in training.

Then during their attempt to make you wrong they read their own policy and discover that you actually were following it and that the policy was not written correctly.

If you are okay with getting bullied by management and can handle a toxic environment where you are disciplined for their lack of training and information this is the place for you!

Order Writer (Current Employee)

7.12.2022, Job Location: Bedford, NH
Before covid, My day started at 4am and i would start placing my order since they were due at 8am. Since covid, for my store, order deadline was moved to 11am. A big reason for that was because our warehouse and our positions were understaffed making the overnight load carry into the morning for the order writers/team members to stock.

We would stock anywhere from 2 hours to our entire shift. This work is grueling and exhausting when you do it every day on top of your original order writing requirements. With staffing, it does get better but i know a lot of stores that continue to struggle. I’m grateful that my department (grocery) is like a family and we all get along so there are no issues.

My department leadership do a great job but the store leadership are kinda useless watching us struggle and not help. Or they only care about specific departments and leave others to drown. Overall, WFM is a good company with good benefits and pay. It can be mentally and physically exhausting depending on your location and job title.

I have made lifetime friendships here which is the main reason why i continue to stay because i know it’s very difficult to find a work culture as good as the one i’m currently in.

Team Member – Various Roles (Current Employee)

27.11.2022, Job Location: Friendship Heights, MD
I have worked at WF for a long time, and for much of that time I genuinely looked forward to coming in to work, but at this point I can comfortably say that most of the changes implemented under Amazon ownership have been for the worse. Under the current regime, primary emphasis is on meeting metrics and having good optics, rather than on "satisfy[ing] and delight[ing] our customers" (taken directly from WF's Core Values) who are actually coming in to shop.

IMO, good customer service is one of the most important parts of retaining a customer base for any retail/food service establishment. The other major issue is that it often takes a long time (weeks or even months, in some cases) to source additional back-of-house supplies or repairs in all but the most critical cases. I am sure this is an issue in many workplaces, but it is frustrating to not have the tools I need to do my job to the best of my abilities, especially since Amazon's logistics expertise was a significant selling point when they purchased Whole Foods.

If you are the type of person who is capable of following instructions without questioning how things could be improved, I do think Whole Foods can be a great place to work. I have learned a number of skills there and have forged many lasting friendships with coworkers and customers alike. But as someone who can't see something broken without wanting to fix it, going to work these days is an endless exercise in frustration.

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee)

16.11.2022, Job Location: Jacksonville, FL
This was the first job in awhile that I looked forward to waking up and going to they have a great floor staff for the most part and I didn't mind the bagging the thing that gets me is the way management makes it a point to rub in your face that they are management.

I was pulled off the floor in the middle of ringing up customers to discuss and sign a probation letter about showing up as if I am in high school instead of waiting for my break that was literally 30 minutes later smh by a person who didn't even know my name and it's sad really that is the atmosphere that they give to new employees when you have some who takes hour lunches come when they want and don't even smile or interact with customers.

I am not in school with wholefoods nor am I a child and shouldn't be treated as such I've had real life happenings and they come at me with a tardy tract while I'm in the middle of doing my job that could have waited for my break which was in 30 minutes or the end of my shift.

You don't pull someone off the floor while they have customers to "throw your weight around" that clearly could have waited and not something you do such as making a person feel talked down upon and expect them to just go back out on the floor in a good head space to deal with customers.

As customer service you should display courtesy and understanding to your employees as well because no one should have to deal with loudly being called away on something in front of customers for something that could have waited on my break or end of shift ya know when I have time to process or not dealing with customers. To me it seemed like a power trip and I don't have time for those nor do they have a place in a professional setting while dealing with others.

I drive 30 miles 60 including the ride to my home not to be reprimanded and talked down upon but to do my job.

Store Support Supervisor (Front End Supervisor) (Current Employee)

5.10.2022, Job Location: Bellingham, WA
If you’re looking to go into leadership the environment changes significantly. The expectations on you will be high but the reward will be minimal, you will be under a lot of stress when your Team Members need time off or you are facing staffing shortages (or both), and you will probably still be struggling to pay your rent at the same time.

Team leadership makes entry level positions great, you are supported and even to an extent coddled within the company guidelines, you will have folks who are interested in your growth and progression because they need good people to take some of the extensive load off of their shoulders, you will learn a lot and gain many mentors, and it is extremely difficult to get terminated.

Stay for the slow pace, leave for the advancement. Leadership positions are likely the worst compensated positions within the company when it comes to the workload.

Team Member (Former Employee)

8.9.2022, Job Location: Tennessee
A job at Whole Foods is a job at Whole Foods - the actual work is fine and it's an overall good company. However, having worked at multiple Whole Foods stores, this one in particular is mismanaged. They refuse to give you a regular weekly schedule, and there's really no excuse for that - the reason is because it's apparently too hard for the people in charge to balance so many employees, although many large stores can handle this just fine.

You will start at 5PM one day and 5AM the next, they don't care. There are far too many supervisors in this store, each gives different instructions and directions and they don't communicate with eachother. Team meetings were not allowed because of the pandemic, which probably was not the best choice for a store to run smoothly. Low pressure job though, cool coworkers and not entirely unpleasant.

Team Member/Cashier (Former Employee)

3.8.2022, Job Location: South Hills, PA
When I first started working for Whole Foods, I really enjoyed the job. Management and other team members were always supportive and helpful, and you never had to worry about being left to your own devices to complete a task or address a problem you weren't equipped to handle. Training was thorough and extensive.

Unfortunately, the work environment has been on a gradual decline to the point where many of my coworkers, and eventually myself, had to quit due to stressful working conditions and unfair treatment which took a toll on my mental health. Turnover rates kept going up and up. Constantly understaffed and overworked, constant drama between coworkers and team members, favoritism, and any and all concerns voiced to management fell on deaf ears. The break system was modified to minimize pay and actual length of breaks. We were monitored down to the minute and micromanaged to such an absurd extreme. I watched my normally happy and friendly coworkers all become miserable and tired every single day, counting the minutes until closing time.

The presence of Amazon and their online grocery ordering system made things so much worse. It was barely managed or monitored, with constant technical errors, and problems related to Amazon were constantly pushed onto front end management to handle when it wasn't their responsibility. Front end management is stretched so thin between grocery orders and constant Amazon package returns that they barely have time to address their own department's needs.

I recently had a conversation with a former co-worker who informed me things have gotten so bad that they're allowing employees to work 80 hour weeks and pick up shifts in any department because they are so horribly understaffed.

With the state of things now, stay far away from Whole Foods. The decent pay and benefits may be enticing, but it's not at all worth the stress and a horribly draining work environment .

Customer Service Supervisor (Former Employee)

13.7.2022, Job Location: Metuchen, NJ
It's a grocery store. If you can handle customer service then it is as any other in the field. That said, the company culture for internal advancement is very good. I started as a janitor and within two years received two promotions until I settled on my Supervisor role before leaving the company.

tl;dr As with any retail job it is brutal. If its something you can handle then they offer good advancement pathways.

Cashier and Specialty Team Member (Former Employee)

27.6.2022, Job Location: Wayne, NJ
This company is extremely numbers based and doesn’t respect its employees, many managers in ATL and above positions don’t do any work.

By far one of the most toxic work environments i’ve unfortunately had to work in. Management and coworkers will talk harshly & negatively about you to other employees above or below. Hr doesn’t step in, issues were handled on a store level with no real or lasting results.

No respect to availability or consideration in scheduling, there were many times I closed at 9:30 pm and was expected to be at work at 6:45-7:45 am the following day, along with being scheduled 6-7 days in a row.

The company is extremely strict on call outs and attendance, with long periods of time required to pass in order to clear your record of write ups and infractions.

Write ups are written for the stupidest reasons, there is a MULTIPLE page sheet of everything you can be written up for within the handbook. Discrimination and serious favoritism from higher ups.

Customers are not any better, very pretentious and impatient. Pay is not worth the work, and your mental health.

Cook/Prep (Former Employee)

12.6.2022, Job Location: Streeterville, IL
What is the best part of working at the company?
Your coworkers and that it can be an easy job

What is the most stressful part about working at the company?
Management. Very unprofessional, most of my department was constantly talked down to, mocked, treated like children, laughed at, etc. all by supervisors/management. The department manager knew this was going on and did absolutely nothing about it.

What is the work environment and culture like at the company?
Toxic and hostile. It's easy to find some team members that are really awesome people and who can make your shifts fun, but also easy to find some of the worst most hateful careless management you've ever seen.

What is a typical day like for you at the company?
Clock in and make a list of what you need to do that day based on how the department looks. Do your job while picking up the slack from other lazy team members that don't do their work. While doing that, have your bosses literally bully you for no reason. Clock out, do it again tomorrow.

Prepared Foods Department (Current Employee)

1.6.2022, Job Location: Massachusetts
The company prides itself on being a more egalitarian style of leadership, referred to as "conscious leadership". If you are coming from a company with a traditional management style, you would do well to study this style of leadership before deciding if the company is for you.

This is especially true if you come in to a middle management position. There is no longer any specific training for outside candidates for these positions so you are thrown into a double learning curve.

With AMAZON having acquired the company several years ago, things have not improved to say the least. Stores have lost all their autonomy, and ability to make creative decisions in order to satisfy their specific customer base.

Employee morale is at an all time low. Team members are over worked and under paid yet are expected to maintain an extreme stoic loyalty to leadership and the company. Add to equation the unique ability for your employees to "vote you out" with in the first 90 days and it is a recipe for failure if you come from outside.

Various Positions (Former Employee)

8.5.2022, Job Location: Longmont, CO
I worked at Whole Foods for six months as a cashier, but also had duties in the cash office. I had the opportunity to be promoted, but unfortunately at the 5 month mark, as I was moving next month I couldn’t continue with that opportunity.

You definitely end up doing more work and tasks that aren’t disclosed when you’re hired so sometimes I felt overworked, but it wasn’t terrible. Weekdays tended to be slow when working as a cashier so at least you had some side work to do.

When you have a closing shift, the store closes at nine and even if you get everything you need to be done quickly, you’re not allowed to clock out until 10pm or you’ll be written up. Managers and supervisors were very supportive but they were short staffed to they tended to extend my hours per week more than i would’ve liked. I would work 9-10 hour shifts and still only get 2 15 min breaks and 30 mins UNPAID for my lunch.

Overall, it’s not a terrible place to work. They’re just typically understaffed because a lot of cashiers are just there veryyyy part time as a job while in college.

Whole Body Team Member (Former Employee)

12.4.2022, Job Location: Oregon
Once upon a time this may have been an okay place to work. Now, with Amazon ownership, this is a temporary spot for those looking for "real" jobs elsewhere. I would never encourage anyone to plant roots here or attempt to have an actual career here.

You may be valued by your coworkers, but you will never be valued by "Corporate." People's positions at WFM are regularily eliminated with little to no warning. I was employed there for six years. There were several employees I met who had invested years there, and when their positions were eliminated (because corporate profit and efficiency are the only actual values) were told they could stay on as cashiers, or take large pay cuts at other entry level positions.

Managers ("Team Leaders) are given impossible workloads. There are ridiculous pay discrepencies caused by the pay rate in place at the time you were hired. In other words, a brand new, inexperienced employee could be earning more than someone who has been with the company for years. This place should be avoided by anyone except those seeking a temporary job.

The Amazon philosophy is that human employees are disposable.

In-Store Shopper (Former Employee)

13.2.2022, Job Location: Alpharetta, GA
When they say they’re flexible they’re lying.

Schedules are posted 2 weeks in advance and are strict and pretty impossible to change. Working at Whole Foods was a terrible experience, I had no social life because I was working pretty much every day for 8 hours when I was only supposed to be part time, yet another downfall of their strict schedule.

Not only that but employees (specifically the Avalon location) are too comfortable being unprofessional especially to young women like me. Breaks are also very short and scheduled for you. I only lasted 3 months at the job because it was so demanding and I rarely had time off, when I did I was doing school.

Another thing is some people are payed significantly higher for no said reason for doing the exact same job. They also micromanage and track basically your every move so if you like everything I listed the job would be great for you!

Full-time Dishwasher (PM) (Former Employee)

25.1.2022, Job Location: San Diego, C
At first it was a nice job, with lots of positive feedback from the team and fringe benefits for employees, especially the free food.

Very soon into my employment, I started getting duties that were never mentioned in the ads and interviews dropped on me (especially the rotisserie machine), staff and management started being replaced in droves, and the work environment became hostile and oppressive.

The work became stressful and exhausting for all the wrong reasons (poor organization, lack of help, poor quality equipment, etc.), support from the rest of the team was virtually non-existent, policies would change on a near-daily basis, equipment was breaking down CONSTANTLY, and the schedules ensured that any time not spent at work was spent preparing for work.

For a company with as respectable a reputation as this, I am sorry to say it was a lousy experience that I would not repeat given the chance.

Front End Store Support Sanitation Maintenance Worker (Former Employee)

31.12.2021, Job Location: Honolulu, HI
I worked at the Queens WFM location in Honolulu as a housekeeping TM. To work in WFM you gotta be fast leg and reliable or dependable. Employees will have point systems for late/tardy, call outs or NCNS.

As Maintenace worker I help everyone in every department also to offer help whenever I know they need help or if they ask me even if it's not in my job description because Its nice to help people and everyone who works at WFM are awesome (we all help each other).

Managers are nice but they expect too much in my opinion like I have 2 legs 2 hands there will always be problems that slow you down and managers expects you to finish the daily cleaning and gleason log for every hour so I bustass the downfall is when I worked too fast and hard and somehow got injured that caused me to quit the job.

This is a great job and I highly encourage job seekers to apply because its $15 an hour and you work with good people but keep in mind you gotta be able to work fast even if your body is in pain.

Buyer (Former Employee)

30.10.2021, Job Location: Westwood, CA
The company as a whole is awesome. I can’t find another company that will pay as much as they do without a degree. In the three years I was with the company I met only 3 leaders who led by example. I’ve seen people get let go for not wearing PPE while others got a corrective counseling for sleeping on the job.

It just all depends on whether store leadership likes you or not. This company does not reward based on merit and they do not operate ethically.

Prep Foods Team Member (Current Employee)

4.10.2021, Job Location: Columbus, OH
At Easton Whole foods I work in the prepped foods department. The Leadership is uninspiring/lazy/unintelligent and come to get a check and leave. They don't micromanage but they do not care about you in the least.

I got written up when they changed my schedule without me knowing when the schedule was already posted, not good practice. I've had worse jobs but If you like a job where you feel some what important or have a fun group of people to work for stay away. People here do not like their job but they go everyday and never make a change.

Complacent people who are older and no fun to work with.

Bakery Team Member (Former Employee)

16.9.2021, Job Location: Jacksonville, FL
There was a list of tasks to be distributed among team members of my department and done every day, which was satisfying to check off as I went along.

Assisting customers and other employees from inside and outside of my department spaced these tasks out, and that was basically Groundhog Day. Management organized things very well, and made a little effort to be "caring" on a surface level, but only to the extent that it kept the cogs of the bigger machine working.

Physical and mental health were not always acknowledged as being important unless it was a blatant "no-no" such as handling food while sick with the flu.

The tasks were all menial, and customers were typically easy to help and respond to, so the hardest part of working there was simply the aforementioned "Groundhog Day" of it all. It's a job for robots, and aside from missing a handful of coworkers, I'm glad that I no longer work there.

Grocery Team Member (Current Employee)

26.8.2021, Job Location: Beaverton, OR
The only down side to the company is the medical insurance. It's not the worst, but not the greatest. Most people that I have worked with are friendly.

Management is better and more fair than most places. I have personally never seen any favoritism at either location that I have worked at. Overall I would definitely recommend this company to anyone that enjoys working grocery retail.

Store management (leadership), is very caring and understanding about your personal life and wants to make sure you come to work as your best self everyday. The company has great programs for helping people with, mental health, financial advice and so much more.

After telling them about my problems outside of work that was also affecting my work, they told me about my options as a teammember and I got myself on the right track. Most companies claim that they are this way, but really they just want to find the weakest link and get them to quit rather than help them.

Front End Supervisor (Former Employee)

10.8.2021, Job Location: St. San Francisco, CA
Whole foods late 80's, houston tx. (Shepherd store) w. Alabama ave. Started out in the sweet dream dept. Then became a 'meathead'(butcher) learned how to cut meat.Learned the trade of butchering.

Then moved to front-end cashiering dept. Whre I studiex the art of customer service. Whole foods gave me the power to make split decisions on making a guests experience better if within my means to do so. Embodied with this company taking a chance on me and my imagination allowed the art of sincerity to balance my confidence within myself and the company I grew to believe in. Touch, taste, sound and smells are the key stones to whole foods success.

The capture all your known senses the moment you step onto the glazed floor to the thoughtful less invasive lighting throughout the dwelling. The attention to detail noticed right away with the organization of the every orange, apple, cucumber. ... In produce.

That detailing taught me how important such significance may one feel while shopping there. The detail may guest feel the importance was done for them which transfered to the importance of the specialized care given to all products allowed on to the shelves. Had to pass strict guidelines in order to be healthy enough for our guest.

One thing in life I know for sure. The love of my family and I know the essence of giving sincere service to guest/customers. Willingly.

That's what made whole foods family, I willingly found my comfort in serving others. Whole foods not only taught me that but, gave plenty of examples why it was so confortable to be at work feeling like I was home instead of work. And for those notions, I am forever grateful and will continue to pass those lessons on in every job I take to task.
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Average Hourly Rate for Whole Foods Employees
$17.70 / hour Avg. Base Hourly Rate (USD)
$79k / yearAvg. Base Salary (USD)

Whole Foods Employees Salary Compare Table

Whole Foods Salary Compare
# Job Title Range Average
1Cashier$12 - $20$16
2Meat Cutter$14 - $26$19
3Buyer$13 - $26$19
4Produce Clerk (Grocery)$12 - $22$16
5Team Leader, General$16 - $38$24
6Cake Decorator$13 - $23$17
7Customer Service Supervisor$12 - $23$17
8Grocery Stocker$11 - $22$15
9Overnight Stocker$12 - $23$17
10Grocery Clerk$12 - $25$16
11Grocery Associate$12 - $27$17
12Butcher$11 - $27$18
13Retail Buyer$13 - $26$18
14Prep Cook$12 - $19$15
15Assistant Department Manager$14 - $30$20
16Meat Clerk$13 - $20$16
17Retail Sales Associate$13 - $23$16
18Sales Team Leader, Retail$14 - $28$20
19Dishwasher$11 - $19$14
20Produce Manager (Grocery)$15 - $30$21
21Retail Supervisor$13 - $29$18
22Production Supervisor$12 - $25$17
23Barista$12 - $20$15
24Customer Service Representative (CSR)$9 - $19$13
25Bakery Clerk$12 - $20$15
26Personal Shopper$13 - $18$15
27Food Service Worker$12 - $23$16
28Food Service Supervisor$13 - $26$18
29Deli Clerk$13 - $19$15
30Baker$11 - $20$15
31Retail Store Assistant Manager$13 - $25$18
32Bakery Manager$13 - $27$19
33Grocer$11 - $19$15
34Grocery Store Manager$18 - $36$26
35Cook, Institution and Cafeteria$11 - $20$15
36Order Processor$13 - $24$18
37Order Filler$11 - $23$16
38Stocker$12 - $21$15
39Butcher / Meat Cutter$11 - $24$16
40Sales Associate$10 - $22$14
41Human Resources (HR) Generalist$16 - $28$21
42Trainer, Employee / Human Resources (HR)$11 - $27$17
43Produce Team Leader$12 - $31$19
44Produce Stocker (Grocery)$12 - $20$15
45Customer Service Team Leader$15 - $30$22
46Data Analyst$17 - $37$26
47Produce Department Manager (Grocery)$13 - $28$19
48Customer Service Associate$9 - $21$14
49Operations Supervisor$11 - $25$16
50eCommerce Manager$11 - $23$16
51Produce Buyer (Grocery)$13 - $24$18
52Scanning Coordinator$12 - $21$16
53Porter$11 - $19$15
54Production Team leader$15 - $30$22
55Receptionist$11 - $24$16
56Receiving Manager$18 - $38$26
57Project Manager, Information Technology (IT)$11 - $46$25
58Retail Cashier$12 - $23$16
59Production Worker$13 - $26$18
60Service Team Leader$16 - $30$22
61Team Lead, Operations$15 - $33$23
62Shipping & Receiving Lead$15 - $24$19
63Senior Systems Engineer$37 - $75$53
64Senior Financial Analyst$24 - $50$35
65Seafood Specialist$10 - $20$14
66Seafood Manager$22 - $38$29
67Seafood Assistant$12 - $18$14
68Sanitation Worker$12 - $23$16
69Sales Trainer$18 - $41$26
70Sales Support Supervisor$13 - $26$18
71Sales Specialist$11 - $19$15
72Sommelier$10 - $30$18
73Sr. Network Engineer$36 - $74$51
74Stock Clerk, Grocery Store$13 - $20$16
75Sales Advisor$10 - $17$13
76Retail Store Manager$13 - $24$18
77Retail Shift Supervisor$13 - $21$16
78Store Supervisor$11 - $21$15
79Retail Department Manager$19 - $34$25
80Assistant Buyer$16 - $26$20
81Office Coordinator$13 - $22$17
82Produce Department Assistant Manager (Grocery)$13 - $23$17
83Food And Beverage Supervisor$12 - $21$16
84Floral Manager$14 - $23$18
85Floral Designer$15 - $28$20
86Executive Chef$19 - $37$27
87Desktop Support Technician$14 - $24$18
88Department Manager, Retail Store$16 - $28$21
89Customer Service Sales Associate$10 - $24$15
90Customer Service Cashier$10 - $23$14
91Crew Leader$13 - $28$19
92Courtesy Clerk$10 - $18$13
93Corporate Trainer$14 - $36$22
94Cook Supervisor$12 - $19$16
95Chef de Partie$15 - $32$22
96Cash Manager$9 - $25$15
97Cash Management Specialist$12 - $26$18
98Food Safety Manager$12 - $56$25
99Product Specialist, (Unspecified Type)$14 - $30$21
100Food Safety Specialist$18 - $46$26
101Front End Supervisor$13 - $28$19
102Pizza Cook / Chef / Maker$10 - $21$14
103Pastry Cook$12 - $20$15
104Paralegal$17 - $34$24
105Order Selector$11 - $21$15
106Operations/Data Analyst$16 - $28$21
107Operations Team Leader$18 - $42$27
108Meat Manager$16 - $29$22
109Marketing Specialist$13 - $28$19
110Line Cook$12 - $19$15
111Lead Cashier$13 - $23$17
112Kitchen Manager$11 - $18$14
113Human Resources (HR) Administrator$15 - $23$18
114Help Desk Technician$15 - $26$20
115Grocery Store Supervisor$13 - $28$19
116Graphic Designer$15 - $28$21
117Forklift Operator$14 - $29$20
118Van Driver$10 - $24$15

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About Whole Foods

Whole Foods is an American grocery store chain that specializes in natural and organic food products. Founded in 1980, the company has grown to become the world's largest retailer of natural and organic food products. Whole Foods operates over 500 stores in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The company is known for its commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing of ingredients.

Working at Whole Foods

Working at Whole Foods can be a rewarding experience. Employees are well-trained in the company's commitment to providing high-quality natural and organic products. There is also a strong focus on customer service, and employees are expected to be friendly and helpful to customers. The company offers competitive wages, benefits, and employee development opportunities.


Whole Foods is a great place to work for those who are interested in natural and organic foods. Employees have access to a wide variety of products and are given the opportunity to learn about the industry. The company also offers competitive wages and benefits.


While working at Whole Foods can be rewarding, there are some drawbacks. Employees must be willing to work long hours, and the workload can be intense. Additionally, the company has a strict policy on dress code and customer service, which can be difficult to adhere to.

Training and Support

Whole Foods provides extensive training and support to its employees. The company offers on-the-job training and regular workshops to help employees stay up-to-date on the latest trends in organic and natural foods. Additionally, Whole Foods provides an employee assistance program which offers resources to help employees with personal or professional issues.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

The job duties and responsibilities of a Whole Foods employee vary depending on their position. Store clerks are responsible for stocking shelves, assisting customers, and operating cash registers. Department managers oversee the daily operations of their department and ensure that customer requests are met. Team leaders are responsible for providing training and support to store clerks and department managers.

Overall Information

Overall, working at Whole Foods can be a great experience for those interested in natural and organic foods. Employees receive comprehensive training and support, and the company offers competitive wages and benefits. Whole Foods is committed to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service.

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