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Wegmans Food Markets Overview Table
Headquarters: 1500 Brooks Ave. Rochester, NY, United States 14624
Industry: Retail & Wholesale
Size: 10,000
Type: Private
Revenue: $12.2B
CEO: Colleen Wegman

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Store Operations Intern (Former Employee)

10.3.2023, Job Location: Wegmans
Job Work/Life balance: The stores close on Christmas Day and close early on Thanksgiving. Other than that it’s a grocery store, holidays or weekends off are very rare depending on your department.

Compensation/Benefits: The pay is decent for a grocery store. A lot of free food made by very talented chefs. Never used the health insurance, but heard it was good.

Job Security/Advancement: Wegmans is all about giving second chances, so job security is strong. They also try to promote within, and give people a lot of opportunities to grow in the company.

Management: Like any other retail business. Very cliquey, controlling, and undemocratic. Not all of management was like this from my experience, but the majority of them were.

Job Culture: Definitely the most fun grocery store to work for. A lot of free food and lunches. A good sense of community and family. The store manager is very approachable no matter what position you’re in.

I started working at Wegmans while in college and eventually became an intern. I personally could never go back to this type of work (retail), but if you want to work retail this place is great.

Wegmans is still my favorite grocery store, no competition.

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee)

1.3.2023, Job Location: Brooklyn, NY
I loved working at this company all things were in order and there were room for growth where needed once you had flexible availability. This is a great start in the customer service field take it and you will not regret it nice family company.

Produce Customer Service (Former Employee)

22.2.2023, Job Location: Erie, PA
I worked here all throughout high school and college. I enjoyed working here. You get raises every 6 months and they work with your school schedule. Holidays suck but it’s retail! I loved the scholarship they have to students in school. We went through a lot of managers/team leads some were amazing some were not that great. Overall good place to work.

Pharmacy Technician (Current Employee)

17.2.2023, Job Location: Newark, NY
Wegmans is a family oriented environment that truly care about their employees.

They provide frequent events in the breakroom for the benefit of their employees such as holiday brunches, celebrate a diversity of events for all employees such as Black History month (February).

Grocery Stocker Customer Service Rep (Former Employee)

4.2.2023, Job Location: Woodbridge, NJ
A lot favoritism they used have podium if had comments or complaints but not longer there.

People that been there working there more 15yr or more they try make you quit they fired you at point you make to good salary so don't come pocket for benefits. Or pay unemployment!

They tell the reason why they don't believe in union is because pay weekly to union portion of your check and they all hard work people do quote that's not right and they won't save your job too!

Front end coordinator (Former Employee)

3.2.2023, Job Location: Transit Rd
At first it seemed like a decent job and room for opportunity, the situation ended up being spurious.

Upper management gives broken promises to many of their employees about promotions and likes to put you on the back burner. Nepotism is constantly in the air wherever you go. They fail to take care of the people that have been at the company for 20+ years.

Leaving in unhappy positions in the company.

Service Desk Associate (Current Employee)

26.1.2023, Job Location: Manalapan, NJ
Working at Wegmans has turned my life around. I've met tons of people that have helped advance my growth, believed in me, and taught me so much information. This company is one of the best to work for.

They do their best to prioritize YOUR needs and work with it, they are very flexible and always communicate and reward their employees.

Cashier/Customer Service/Barista (Current Employee)

21.1.2023, Job Location: Depew, NY
Good company for people with no experience, gives you room to grow, you get to meet and work with some genuinely good people, pretty fast-paced environment, hardest part of the job is adapting to changes in department scheduling and issues with staffing, most enjoyable part of the job is getting to make the most out of your interactions with customers.

Front end employee (Former Employee)

22.12.2022, Job Location: Frederick, MD
The management at the Frederick Wegmans acts like a clique that is not interested in what’s best for their employees.

Management never has their employees backs if a customer is berating them, so the employee has to just take it. Many managers do not make it a point to let employees get out at their scheduled time. This specific location does not take employee safety seriously, especially for the younger woman in the store.

The coworkers are wonderful and very welcoming though!

Bakery (Current Employee)

11.10.2022, Job Location: Princeton, NJ
Been here since 2017 and honestly I'd recommed you go somewhere else. Did 4 years as part-time and currently doing full-time. The main issues are that unless you are someone's favorite or know to to suck up you won't advance at all.

Constantly understaffed and you will be expected to learn task outside your position because to them its easier then hiring new people. I've recommended multiple people for spots but all of them have been denied in less then 2 hours but the store Constantly post job listing all over the store but no one is being hired.

The few people they hire are mostly high schoolers who end up quitting after a month or two due to how mangement and HR give little to no concern about its staff. The money is decent and it does rise after a little bit but it's an unlivable wage and most employees who work here have 2nd or 3rd jobs.

You get benefits but they really only apply if you plan on making this place you main career path. The workload is tiring and you expected to work harder and longer then most if you show any form of initiative.

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee)

23.8.2022, Job Location: Crofton, MD
Don't drink the Kool-Aid. Though mysteriously rated as one of the best places to work in popular magazines, prospective employees should beware.

Wegmans behaves as every other corporate retail operation behaves. Work standards are set by algorithms and databases which dehumanize and demoralize the workforce. The relentless cheerfulness expected of staff exacts an additional emotional toll.

Almost all employees are part-time by corporate design. Full-time work is only available to a handful of people per store and these individuals must be available to work 24/7 365 days a year for less than a living wage.

Order Selector (Current Employee)

18.7.2022, Job Location: Rochester, NY
This is the highest-paying, most strenuous job I've ever had. You WILL be working 6 days a week 90% of the time. They WILL add 2 extra hours to the end of your shift at least 3 times a week.

They pay you well, but this is not a job for the faint of heart. If money means more to you than anything else, this job is for you. If you have small children, expect not to be able to spend much time with them as you'll be working 10 hour shifts most days.

Cashier (Former Employee)

29.6.2022, Job Location: Chantilly, VA
I worked here during college and it offered so much flexibility.

On top of that, they also give out scholarships that are easy to apply for. I met great people working here. I quit because the new manager they had really sucked, however I wont let that bad experience get in the way of my overall experience at Wegmans because I don't believe that manager was an accurate representation of what Wegmans stands for.

This is a great company to work for. I've seen some workers be unsuccessful at their job and instead of firing them, Wegmans will work with them. They'll transfer them to a different department/position and they end up succeeding, this is something I truly respect about the company.

Overall, great place to work with regular raises every 6 months.

Food Prep (Current Employee)

27.5.2022, Job Location: Ocean County, NJ
Worked ten years for company. Loved it in the beginning, now it is just not the same.

For Wegmans... These days its their bottom line! No training,no management support...

Staff shortage puts an impossible work load on the poor people unfortunate to have to accomplish an impossible productivity requirement per day!!!

Little kids are managers that just move around from department to department because they could or would not function in any real job outside of the store. Upper management is a common circus freak show. The customers in Ocean are horrendous.

Entitled morons that cry like a baby just to receive a gift card! Because Wegmans hates bad press.

A shame...

Pizza Department Team Member (Current Employee)

25.5.2022, Job Location: Virginia
I’ve worked at Wegmans for close to 5 years now and have worked at several stores. I’ve had both positive and negative experiences. However, in recent years they’ve been negative.

Due to the management structure, one bad manager in the chain completely ruins the job for everyone below them. There’s no avoiding it even if the majority of lower management agrees. Unfortunately, I’ve learned that nothing will change unless their profits are impacted.

Additionally, there’s no punitive measures for bad employees that choose not to work and take advantage of the hard workers. This includes the pay scale in which employees that are universally known to be lazy or incompetent making more money that employees that work extremely hard.

Wegmans as a company has unfortunately gone downhill very rapidly which has resulted in a cycle of good employees leaving or considering leaving.

Front End Associate (Former Employee)

25.5.2022, Job Location: Concordville, PA
After 4 years of employment with the company (2017 - 2020), I must admit that Wegmans is truly an above average employer. While I had my own personal gripes with management (which eventually led to my voluntary departure from the company), Wegmans commitment to structure, culture, and organizational practices are among the traits that cement it as an industry leader.

Objectively, one would be hard pressed to find a better employer than Wegmans. With that said, I found it rather disheartening and upsetting when I was lied to and ignored by management for the last 2 years of my employment. As I fervently filled out transfer paperwork on a monthly basis for the better part of 2 years, my efforts were met with false promises and blatant lies from management.

Although I was frustrated, I stuck around until August of 2020 when I was set to finally transfer departments. I was extremely excited, however, on the date I was supposed to begin my new job, I was told that this job opportunity never existed and that perhaps I should try filling out transfer paperwork.

It was at that point, after 2 long years of patience, that I realized I was in a grueling cycle of despair fueled by lies, false hope, and miscommunication. After that day I never worked another day at Wegmans.

Stock Associate (Current Employee)

19.4.2022, Job Location: Allentown, PA
I haven't been with Wegmans long, but I would say so far that the company is very fair, and offers more opportunities than any other employers I've worked for so far. I have also not been working very long (22 y/o working since I was 14) but I have worked in a variety of different companies doing generally the same thing (retail and stocking).

Wegmans has definitely paid the fairest and given the most benefits. As a PT employee you can receive medical insurance, dental, (vision, I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure FT people get all of it) 401k, scholarship opportunities, etc. As PT, you also get 1 hour PTO for every 30 hours worked. It sounds pathetic on its face, but to be completely fair, I've never even had the opportunity to earn PTO as a PT employee at any company.

Never been given it, never had the chance to earn it. So the chance to earn it is really, really nice. If you work max PT hours (30/week) every week, you would earn 4 hours PTO per month. If you're a student, that's anywhere from 34-40 hours by summertime that you could have PTO.

If you have a strong work ethic, good morals, and no direction in life, Wegmans is a great place for you to work. They're very flexible and offer a plethora of training opportunities. You can shadow different departments, try you hand for a few days or a week or so in another department, relocate, or if you wanted to change departments but nothing is available at your store, you could apply to another store with an opening.

I highly recommend Wegmans if you have no idea what you want to do with your life. Especially if you want to go somewhere in food service. Wegmans offers their own training programs in areas like food service. I do not work in food service, but I did go to a technical school for culinary arts, and I was very fortunate to do so (for free because it was in high school) and I was able to get serv-safe certified, as well as 3 years' experience.

Wegmans offers programs similar to that, and reminds me of the same experience. I don't know that you're able to get serv-safe certified officially, but I know they offer things similar to that, and I think that could be a great opportunity for some people that want to go into food service with no direction or those that don't want to go to school for food service.

There's plenty of opportunities at Wegmans, and I think it could be a great opportunity to give someone direction if they need it! Also, very open and safe for trans* people. I was a little worried about that as I am with any new jobs, but Wegmans was really good about it. I have not changed my name legally and I have not had an issue yet (to my knowledge) that my coworkers or boss know anything of my legal name.

I used to work at Giant, and I used to have to cross out my legal name on the schedule so that it wasn't posted for all to see, but I don't have to worry about that at Wegmans.

Part time Sub shop customer service (Former Employee)

16.4.2022, Job Location: Raleigh-Durham, NC
No weekends off especially Sundays the work/life balance they promoted is a joke, you going to be carrying a whole work shift solo like 99% no matter what department your in. chefs and some mangers were super lazy, toxic and openly showed favoritism they took advantage of the people that worked hard and worked them till they were burnt out and if your person of color expect to be treated different.

Also they don’t believe in giving people raises based off performance so some that was super lazy would’ve have made more money than the person that did everything.

Overnight Stocker (Former Employee)

15.4.2022, Job Location: Amherst, NY
Ridiculously high expectations with slightly above average pay. This company and others rave they are such a good company to work for, its the exact opposite.

Little communication and no assistance when my workload is clearly double what other people are expected to do overnight. Blatant unfair workload based on depts. I 100% regret taking this job.

It has been a complete waste of my time. I wont even shop here anymore after I see how poorly the employees are treated. This is what happens when you give the reigns of a wonderful local company to fools.

Prepared Foods Team Member (Former Employee)

1.2.2022, Job Location: New York, NY
The management seem to be in a trance , lost and confused all the time. Majority of them don't know what they are doing and it's rare you'll find a manager who will genuinely help you and make sure you're properly trained.

They claim to be diverse but I've witnessed so much racial discrimination directed toward my coworkers and said behind their backs. Don't apply here if you're a person of color in a predominantly white store you will get treated like trash, overworked and disrespected no matter how much they try to organize diversity seminars. It's all for show. It's fake. Don't believe the hype!!

And most of all, don't break your body down trying to please this company because in the end, they won't care. There are some workers who have been there for awhile only to support themselves and their families and have no choice but to stay because they feel stuck... If you want to join this company to be harassed, discriminated against, talked down to , then by all means apply here.

This company is no better than any other grocery store in this day and age.. it's drastically going down hill and they need to stop acting so holier than thou... There's a lot of workers feeling this way but unfortunately they can't afford to leave...

Customer Service (Former Employee)

26.1.2022, Job Location: Buffalo, NY
The work itself is not difficult. There's some specific food knowledge that one should pick up along the way, to help customers, but there is usually someone on shift that can help if you don't know the answer. Job includes stocking, quality control, inventory, and occasional food prep depending on your position.

The co-workers 9 times out of 10 are really hardworking and dedicated. We had fun while getting the job done. They were the reason that I stayed as long as I did. We worked as a team to get things done and had each other's backs.

Hardest part of the job was the schedule. They were flexible, but if you gave them lots/open availability, they took advantage of it and basically abused that to write ridiculous schedules (read "closing to an opening shift back-to-back"). However, if you had a family issue (death, in home care, etc) that came up, Wegmans was really good about giving you the time you needed.

You can move up in the company, but you basically have to "drink the kool-aid", which is tainted, in my opinion. Chasing numbers can be held higher than team morale/reasonable quotas.

I ultimately ended up leaving due to poor management. They had unreasonable expectations of what was possible; promised help and never gave it; and did a lot of delegating without actually doing a lot of work themselves.

It could have just been the department I was in but be wary.

Front End Cashier (Former Employee)

24.11.2021, Job Location: State College, PA
They are constantly understaffed and overworking their young employees. There were several times when there was a lack of adults on register or in the store in general.

They do not appreciate the hard work of their employees. When working helping hands managers would constantly pull workers inside to register because they are incapable of scheduling the correct amount of workers.

Until I put in my 2 weeks management made no effort to show that they cared about anything that I did.

Cashier (Current Employee)

20.10.2021, Job Location: Depew, NY
I’ve been at Wegmans for years. I make the same as a newly hire. They will purposely schedule you 30 minutes less, just because they don’t want to pay for you to have a 15 minute break.

The customers are awful. The most ignorant people I’ve ever met. Extremely stressful. If you have family obligations on a Saturday, you don’t anymore. They refuse to let you have Saturday’s off.

They either schedule you 5 days in a row, or 1 day a week. There is no in between. Customers complain about EVERYTHING.

Their card got declined? Your fault. It’s busy? Your fault. No plastic bags? Your fault. It’s loud in the store? Your fault. Awful. Do not recommend to anyone. The job isn’t worth your mental health deterioration.

Overnight Associate (Current Employee)

19.10.2021, Job Location: Brockport, NY
Everyone I asked said Wegmans is a great company to work for and that still might be the case. One huge issue I have is that when you apply for a different position in the company, you don’t know what store you’ll be placed in. They maybe in the same district but some are 50 miles apart.

I was offered a full time overnight position but it would have added 20 minutes to my already 30 minute commute. In hindsight I’m glad I didn’t take the job. The current state of the Overnight Grocery department is a disaster. My store has been without an assistant manager for 3 months and will be another 4 months until we get one.

On top of that you’re average shift is 11-7:30 but the truck could show up at 12 or it could show up at 4. By the time it’s unloaded it could be 5AM and you still have 600 pieces to throw. I would describe it as being set up for failure.

You have to wear khakis and half the job is kneeling on the dirty floor.

Deli Clerk/Deli Customer Service (Former Employee)

27.9.2021, Job Location: Bel Air, MD
A typical day at work, they say you come in to learn a specific role for that day during training but low and behold you show up they put you on a completely different project.

This lasts the full six weeks of training than they seem amazed you didn't learn a specific role they put on the schedule for you but constantly diverted you from. Next the customers, no matter how wrong they are, no matter how abusive they are, you have to remember your still trash and they are right.

Wegmans won't back you up no matter what is said or done to you, you're a measly pleb who is beneath them. Don't like it? Go get employed else where, oh wait you can't? Sucks to be you. That's their attitude.
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Average Hourly Rate for Wegmans Food Markets Employees
$14.35 / hour Avg. Base Hourly Rate (USD)
$65k / yearAvg. Base Salary (USD)

Wegmans Food Markets Employees Salary Compare Table

Whole Foods Salary Compare
# Job Title Range Average
1Cashier$9 - $17$12
2Customer Service Representative (CSR)$10 - $19$13
3Pharmacy Technician$11 - $19$14
4Customer Service Associate$9 - $20$14
5Service Team Leader$12 - $31$18
6Front End Supervisor$11 - $24$16
7Sr. Test / Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer, (Computer Software)$31 - $63$43
8Deli Associate$10 - $16$13
9Stock Clerk, Grocery Store$11 - $19$13
10Customer Service Sales Associate$10 - $21$14
11Customer Service Coordinator$8 - $17$12
12Customer Service Cashier$9 - $15$11
13Barista$9 - $15$11
14Security Officer$14 - $24$18
15Customer Service Team Leader$11 - $25$17
16Sales Coordinator$11 - $17$14
17Sales Team Leader, Retail$12 - $23$17
18Retail Store Assistant Manager$13 - $22$17
19Retail Sales Associate$10 - $21$14
20Asset Protection Specialist$12 - $18$15
21Production Worker$12 - $22$16
22Stocker$10 - $16$13
23Strategic Sourcing Specialist$15 - $36$23
24Supermarket Department Manager, Bakery & Delicatessen (Deli)$13 - $23$17
25Team Leader, General$13 - $24$18
26Shipper, Receiver, Packer$13 - $23$17
27Production Supervisor$13 - $24$18
28Order Selector$10 - $18$13
29Produce Manager (Grocery)$17 - $28$22
30Assistant Manager, Customer Service$13 - $27$18
31Baker$12 - $19$15
32Baker Helper$10 - $16$12
33Cake Decorator$14 - $22$17
34Customer Service Specialist$14 - $27$19
35Front End Clerk$8 - $16$11
36Produce Stocker (Grocery)$11 - $17$13
37Graphic Designer$18 - $35$24
38Janitor or Cleaner (but not Maid or Housekeeping Cleaner)$11 - $19$14
39Meat Cutter$12 - $21$16
40Merchandiser$11 - $18$14
41Transportation Planner$18 - $35$25
42Prep Cook$13 - $20$16
43Produce Clerk (Grocery)$10 - $17$13
44Health/Wellness Coordinator$13 - $23$17
45Welder$20 - $36$27

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About Wegmans Food Markets

Wegmans Food Markets is a regional supermarket chain with stores primarily in the northeastern United States. Founded in 1916, the company is family-owned and operated, and is known for its wide selection of products, high-quality fresh produce, and exceptional customer service.

Working at Wegmans Food Markets

Wegmans is known for its strong culture and commitment to its employees. The company offers a variety of benefits, including flexible scheduling, paid time off, and health insurance. Additionally, Wegmans is committed to providing its employees with ongoing training and development opportunities to help them advance in their careers.


  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • Strong culture and sense of community
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Focus on employee development
  • Positive work-life balance


  • Can be physically demanding
  • Can be busy during peak hours

Training and Support

Wegmans provides its employees with comprehensive training programs to help them succeed in their roles. This includes on-the-job training, as well as access to online training resources. The company also encourages employee development by providing tuition reimbursement and other educational opportunities.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Job duties at Wegmans can vary depending on the position, but may include stocking shelves, assisting customers, providing customer service, and operating cash registers. Additionally, employees may be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the store and adhering to food safety guidelines.


Overall, working at Wegmans Food Markets is a great opportunity for those who are looking for a challenging and rewarding job in the retail industry. The company's focus on employee development and positive work-life balance make it a great place to build a career.

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