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Target Overview Table
Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Industry: Retail & Wholesale
Size: 10000+ Employees
Type: Company - Public (WMT)
Revenue: $10+ billion (USD)
CEO: Brian Cornell

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Dairy Frozen Associate (Former Employee)

2.12.2022, Job Location: Minnesota
I started as a cashier/cart pusher. I did that for about two years and then moved to the Frozen/Dairy area to stock and unload trucks.

I didn't mind working at Target. The work is pretty straight forward. 1-2 great managers, most mediocre, and the rest just downright terrible. At my store, calling out sick definitely put a literal target on your head. Guilt-tripped and written up immediately. I called out maybe 2-3 times a year for illness and was treated the same every time. This is all back between 2016-2019 but I highly doubt it's changed now.

Management is constantly stressed about everything and it trickles all the way down to your employees and creates a negative environment where nobody can really thrive. The direction of the store is really set by your STL or Store Director. In my experience, a bad store director trickles down the entire pyramid of hierarchy.

Management is also being replaced/fired every few years. They're hiring ETLs straight from business school who have no experience and have to learn EVERYTHING and end up, ultimately, not cutting it. Some employees want to promote but most wouldn't. I'm not sure if they'd get picked regardless.

The most enjoyable part of the job at the end of the day were my co-workers and lower-level leadership. We were a work family and were in it together. Most were friendly and fair to everyone. Between stocking and cashiering, the job was always pretty straight forward and easy to do. I worked every single shift besides an overnight shift and helped out in other areas. Target is a good first job, you definitely learn how to work and get along with people in the workplace. It was a decent foundation that lead me to better retail opportunities outside of Target and even into the manufacturing industry.

Cashier (Former Employee)

22.11.2022, Job Location: Waterloo, IA
What is the best part of working at the company?
The guests that came into the store shopping and having an idea in mind but not sure what to get. So my creative thinking I would show a guest to items I thought one might like or closest to item looking for.

What is the most stressful part about working at the company?
Each day’s goals may have been varies but how our team members encourage one another.

What is the work environment and culture like at the company?
Positive contribution to the community and team work appreciation cards we wrote out to each other.

What is a typical day like for you at the company?
A typical day for me starts off with an assignment goal. Being flexible on any tasks to always put customers first. Responding as a cashier to help our guests have a great check out experience.

Target Team Member (Former Employee)

17.11.2022, Job Location: Mansfield, TX
This was my first job and was seasonal, during the 2017 remodel. I was micromanaged (managers would follow me around and intervene when they didn't like my work process), treated poorly (I was often put in charge of over half the store- home, toys, books, seasonal, electronics, sporting goods, baby and dollar spot all by myself), unrealistic expectations (I would be told to do things I had never learned, then scolded for doing things incorrectly).

If you can handle this job, you're built different.

Warehouse Worker

10.11.2022, Job Location: Suffolk, VA
Great place to work meaning pay and work wise. Manager wise its crazy how obsessed they are with threats to terminate team members i mean its buried deep into this company’s DNA to keep employees on edge with threats of termination this is my only issue working here. How can a young family start a life, buy a home, descent car ect with the thought that they could be fire at any time for any reason.

The very 1st thing i was told by manger in my 1st day of orientation was i will walk you out of here and I’ve heard the same from every manager i have encountered since i started here. No since of respect for the people that work under them. Idk how long i ill stay here but this is very disappointing as a new employee with a new company with decent work environment great pay and benefits but extremely poor leadership and camaraderie and i know this is the reason for such a high employee turnover rate.

That needs to be addressed immediately

Fulfillment Associate (Current Employee)

9.11.2022, Job Location: Sugar Land, TX
So far it's been two weeks and I feel very iffy on my role it seems the leads don't really care about you and blame you for everything even when it's out of your control. I also wasn't properly trained on anything besides how to read the schematics and how to get stuff in the backroom which is very easy but that was literally all the training was about. There's so much that I've realized they didn't train me on like where to get the frozen stuff that's not stocked in the freezer or fridges or that I have to look into the just received boxes and loads and how to look through those oh and how the grocery backroom works I pretty much learned more from the people who aren't in my department which is kinda sad. And after all that "training" they just threw me into the lions den and were like yep you're ready.

So far for these two weeks it's honestly been the worst experience I've ever had dealing with leads from any workplace. They make it you're responsibility if an item you are looking for is not in stock or in the back, they constantly waste your time and don't help when you need it and if they do tell you to cancel an item they still hold you accountable for something completely out of your control and boy oh boy when items are not in stock or it doesn't show another location they also hold you accountable even though that's not your job or your fault that it's in a completely different area.

The amount of times I've been talked to because of all those reasons in just the 2 weeks is insane and the leads will embarrass you on the radio about it then talk to you afterwards about it too. So far it seems they are more concerned about getting as much orders done as possible then you actually getting the proper training and will just throw you in with full expectations with your 2 days of following someone around training. I wouldn't recommend working here if you're thinking about doing fulfillment it has been the worst decision of my life I am already thinking about leaving if only the leads and training were better.

Warehouse Worker (Current Employee)

7.11.2022, Job Location: Rialto, CA
The only thing I like is the pay. Otherwise, it’s hard to make any progress unless you brown nose the managers like some employees. Management lies a lot and they take revenge if you take a sick day. I don’t think the work is hard at all but what sucks is that if they know you’re a hard worker, they try to squeeze the most juice out of you while the people who don’t work get put in roles where they chill all day because they “don’t know where to put them”. All meanwhile, you’re both getting paid the same. So it ends up feeling like the slackers get rewarded and the hard workers get punished with more work, bad loads, and tighter deadlines. If you’re a hard worker and you feel like you’re having an off day at work, you get coached and reprimanded for not “trying” lolz.

There also seems to be this “battle” between between the shifts especially from day shift vs all the other shifts where they feel like they’re the best and are really entitled. They think they know the absolute most since they been there so long. Truthfully, they are knowledgeable in a sense. But target has changed so many practices and rules over the years. The people with seniority are stubborn and stuck in their ways, where they don’t accept new rules/procedures and they become very aggressive and vocal about it. If you’re not 10 year+ with the company, they do not respect you and will try to tell you what to do. The work culture in the day is extremely frustrating.

Additionally, there is the most management during day shift and they micro manage you 150%. So not only do you have to deal with your coworkers breathing down your neck about literally anything, the mangers are also watching you like hawks. You will get coached for not picking up a small piece of trash if you walk by it and don’t pick it up. All in all, the pay and benefits are good. PS the night work culture is slightly similar but not nearly as bad as day shift. PSS they pay for school and they recently started accommodating schedules. Interestingly enough they never announced they would accommodate for school. I found out by word of mouth and by asking HR

General Merchandise Expert (Former Employee)

6.11.2022, Job Location: Clearwater, FL
When I first started working at Target, things seemed great. I was hired as a cashier, and was moved to Guest Services because my management at the time saw potential in me.

Throughout the span of almost 9 years, I worked cashier, guest services, at one point even pharmacy backup (before the full CVS switch), before moving into sales floor (toys), and ultimately ending in fulfillment.

I would bounce around from department throughout my career here due to lack of hours and desire to do more. I was often told it was due to me switching departments was why I wasn't getting hours.

I would eventually lose my benefits because instead of being scheduled for 30 hours (the average that was required to keep them), I averaged 29 hours.

You're given yearly reviews, and are given a $0.10 raise as if its a privilege. We only finally got to $15 because of the pandemic.

The work culture is hollow. Sales and the customer trumps everything else. If you were wise, you wouldn't try for promotions because it was akin to signing away your soul.

HR would be replaced nearly every year. What actually led to me leaving was the new HR due to how cold she was towards me personally.

It used to be a better than average place to work as far as retail goes. It's been going downhill fast.

Fullfilment Associate (Current Employee)

5.11.2022, Job Location: Waterloo, IA
I have been at Target for five years now. A typical day at work involves time management, communication, and reaching a goal for each task at hand. I have learned how to work with a team, voice concerns, train employees, customer service, solving problems, and spreading positivity in a motivational way. Management is good. Most of our managers care for us as a worker and person and will help in any way they can while handling their responsibilities. The workplace culture can be stressful at times.

There are days where we are overfilled with orders and understaffed to get them done in time. There are plenty of times where weeks are understaffed due to cut hours. The hardest part of the job is for the days where we are understaffed and it creates a very stressful environment for times the store and orders are busy. The most enjoyable part of the job is when stress is minimal and the team as a whole spreads positive feed back and when we can complete orders in a timely fashion.

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee)

4.11.2022, Job Location: Janesville, W
Team was great but Revolving Door of Managers and Executives was frustrating.

You always had to do the job of more people and never were compensated for it just expected to do it. The Culture sends the message that we want to promote from within but they hire so many Managers and Executives from the outside because everyone is burned out before being promoted. I saw such talent in my time there leave and it was all burn out and wanting a better buy in from Managers and day to day work and work life balance. I am glad I left and especially this location.

Team Member (Current Employee)

3.11.2022, Job Location: Tennessee
It hasn't even been a month so take it with grains of salt but the people I've come across so far seem really cool. The front end people and leads are down to earth, a little goofy in a good way, and so far aren't expecting perfect and don't mind me asking questions. Guest have been understanding so far when I have a minor issue and call for help, especially when I say I haven't been here long.

I applied for a seasonal role and during the application process on computer they ask what areas you prefer. I definitely did not say front end or cashier, but unfortunately that's where I've been so far and will be for most of my next two weeks. It's not that bad. Operating the cash register is actually pretty easy so it's easy money, but standing in one place all day for 7 hours is boring. Talking to absolutely everyone is also not my cup of tea. Meanwhile the department I really want to be in which is far less talking and more moving is constantly on the walkies looking for help or being questioned because they're behind.

They cross train everyone, but while cross training is helpful for backup I think Target should consider hiring more people primarily for specific roles too. If someone is more passionate about or has fun in their role then they're more likely to show up for that role and give it their all. That's less call outs and less walk outs, and they get a lot of those. They want everyone to do it all so if you enjoy doing it all you'll likely like it here. If you just want to be in a limited number of areas or one area, don't count on it. I'd rather be in order pick up or general merch than on the register. Standing still all day is surely fun to someone but it's not to me

Team Leader (Former Employee)

3.11.2022, Job Location: Warrenville, IL
It all starts with support and commitment. Warrenville completely dropped the ball in this category and many others. Many leaders took long lunches and breaks and forced Team leaders to miss lunches and over work themselves to support the needs of the business. The Store director was clueless to many things that went on in the store but continued to leave unannounced and allow her store to fall significantly below company standards as well as lose control of freight. Many leaders within this store led by emotion rather creating a safe comfortable space to grow and develop.

All executive leaders in that building need courses on diversity and inclusion, as well as significant training on team development and culture. This store has so much potential but leadership continues to make their 2 hour lunches a priority rather than supporting their team and coming up with actual solutions to support the needs of the business. There were good days as well, not many leaders understood what culture and support was but I do remember a Team leader a young man from Dairy or Frozen who left the company in early summer.

He showed me the potential target had within their leadership. Was a great support system to the store and always showed up when needed.

Logistics, Merchandising

3.11.2022, Job Location: East Liberty, PA
Worked during back to school seasonal and it was very chaotic as expected but management didn't account for workflow fluctuation during that time. Trying to work with carts full of product blocking aisles and customers shoving their way in made it almost impossible to get work done.

Work environment was decent though, everyone got along and just wanted to go about their day.

Style Consultant

2.11.2022, Job Location: Tampa, FL
Worked for target for 4 years in the soft lines department (apparel and accessories). Really liked it the first 4 months of me working there and then started to hate it, but stayed because I didn’t have many options. I would not recommend anyone to work here, it’s honestly a mess. Management is nasty, customers are nasty. Target expects one person to do the job of 5 people for pay that’s not even considered competitive anymore. Many nights I came home crying from stress because of that place. Target has completely changed my personality.

I used to enjoy life and was very optimistic, now I absolutely hate everything. Sleep schedule messed up. I get annoyed quickly. I have been working retail longer than Target, so yes I’m burnt out but Target by far is the worst job that I’ve had. Do yourself a favor and don’t bother applying if you want to save yourself. Your mental health will suffer here.

Style Consultant

2.11.2022, Job Location: Las Vegas, NV
The process I went through before getting hired:
- Submitted my application
- About a week later I got an email saying that I got accepted to move onto the video interview
- Recorded myself answering the questions they had for the video interview & sent it in
- A week after that I get a call from HR at the store telling me that I got the job, what position I’d have, & if I was available to come in for orientation on a certain date

The process after getting hired:
- Go into the store for my scheduled orientation where they have you fill out forms, watch onboarding videos, ask you questions, you can ask them question, you get your training schedule/first few regular shifts, get your work login number, & have to do some trainings on the computer/zebra device.
- Your first 2 days are your designated “training” days where you will be tagging along with someone for your entire shift. It will be overwhelming & you’ll get a lot of info given to you. You probably won’t remember everything & that’s okay. The more you get used to things the easier it will get to process/remember stuff.
- After those 2 training days you’re “on your own” basically in a sense that someone won’t be with you the entire time. But if you ever need help or are confused (which you most likely will be) you can always ask other team members for help or ask them questions.

It is retail, so alot of the time it’s going to be hard & overwhelming & frustrating & stressful & all that. However, the more you get used to things, the easier it’ll be. Once you get a routine down, it’ll be easier to manage your responsibilities. Some people will say it will take 1 month, but honestly I think it’ll take 2-3 until you’re REALLY comfortable & got a routine down. If you have good coworkers it definitely helps with having a good time at Target. Also if you have good management/leads too. Target partners with DailyPay so you can get your money before your actual pay day if you are in a pinch & need it. One thing I can say about working at Target, they are very flexible with people’s schedules/availability & it’s a decent stable job. If you wanna cross-train to learn other departments within the store there’s opportunities for that too. If you’re looking for a stable job that can work around your schedule, Target could be a match for you.
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Average Hourly Rate for Target Employees
$15.47 / hour Avg. Base Hourly Rate (USD)
$76k / yearAvg. Base Salary (USD)

Target Employees Salary Compare Table

Target Salary Compare
# Job Title Range Average
1Cashier$10 - $16$13
2Sales Associate$10 - $17$13
3Retail Sales Associate$12 - $18$14
4Team Leader, General$14 - $25$19
5Sales Team Leader, Retail$13 - $24$18
6Visual Merchandiser$14 - $22$18
7Warehouse Worker$14 - $24$18
8Customer Service Team Leader$14 - $24$18
9Stocker$11 - $18$14
10Barista$11 - $17$14
11Asset Protection Specialist$12 - $22$17
12Beauty Consultant$11 - $19$14
13Guest Service Associate$10 - $17$13
14Retail Merchandiser$12 - $19$14
15Human Resources (HR) Assistant$11 - $19$14
16Sales Consultant$10 - $20$14
17Store Team Leader$13 - $26$18
18Customer Service Representative (CSR)$10 - $19$13
19Merchandiser$11 - $18$14
20Human Resources (HR) Team Leader$12 - $31$20
21Retail Manager$14 - $28$20
22Retail Associate$12 - $21$15
23Security Guard$12 - $20$15
24Shipper/Receiver$12 - $22$17
25Food And Beverage Attendant$10 - $18$14
26Merchandise Presentation Specialist$10 - $19$14
27Sr. Administrative Assistant$17 - $34$24
28Visual Merchandising Manager$15 - $27$20
29Service Team Leader$12 - $27$17
30Member Service Representative$10 - $19$14
31Security Officer$11 - $19$14
32Food Service Worker$10 - $20$14
33Customer Service Specialist$12 - $23$16
34Packer$13 - $22$17
35Team Lead, Operations$13 - $30$20
36Property Manager$14 - $30$20
37Asset Protection Manager$14 - $24$18
38General Merchandise Manager$14 - $26$19
39Retail Cashier$10 - $17$12
40Maintenance Technician$13 - $33$21
41Sales Specialist$11 - $22$15
42Operations Team Leader$12 - $26$18
43Human Resources (HR) Specialist$15 - $31$21
44Loss Prevention Officer$11 - $20$15
45Retail Store Assistant Manager$14 - $27$20
46Guest Service Team Leader$13 - $20$16
47Grocery Stocker$10 - $19$13
48Deli Clerk$11 - $18$14
49Warehouse Associate$14 - $23$18
50Department Manager, Retail Store$14 - $25$18
51Beauty Advisor$10 - $18$13
52Customer Service Associate$8 - $17$12
53Electronics Technician$10 - $20$14
54Loss Prevention Manager$16 - $26$20
55Deli Associate$10 - $15$12
56Sales Clerk, Retail Store$9 - $17$12
57Sales Consultant, Retail$10 - $17$13
58Logistics Specialist$11 - $21$15
59Unloader$9 - $17$12
60Trainer, Employee / Human Resources (HR)$9 - $24$15
61Maintenance Mechanic$22 - $42$30
62Cake Decorator$11 - $21$15
63Sales Team Leader, Services$10 - $24$15
64Operations Manager$12 - $30$19
65Cart Attendant$9 - $14$12
66Human Resources (HR) Manager$11 - $27$18
67Closing Coordinator$12 - $21$16
68Checkout Operator$10 - $17$13
69Service Desk Analyst$10 - $22$15
70Forklift Operator$12 - $23$17
71Front End Clerk$10 - $18$13
72Warehouse Lead$16 - $28$21
73Asset Protection Associate$10 - $16$13
74Retail Shift Supervisor$10 - $15$12
75Retail Department Manager$13 - $24$18
76Grocery Clerk$10 - $18$14
77Guest Services Agent$10 - $21$13
78Digital Designer$17 - $31$22
79Human Resources (HR) Associate$13 - $19$15
80Utility Clerk$10 - $19$14
81Sales Manager$12 - $24$17
82Retail Store Manager$18 - $43$27
83Sales Clerk/Cashier$9 - $14$11
84Sales Support Associate$11 - $19$14
85Warehouse Clerk$10 - $17$13
86Warehouse Material Handler$11 - $20$15
87Warehouse Supervisor$14 - $26$19
88Retail Store Assistant$11 - $18$14
89Retail Store Manager, Grocery$14 - $26$18
90Shipping and Receiving Manager$11 - $18$14
91Survey Party Chief$18 - $27$22
92Shipping and Receiving Clerk$11 - $17$14
93Shipping and Receiving Assistant$12 - $18$15
94Shipping / Receiving / Traffic Clerk$12 - $21$16
95Shipping & Receiving Lead$13 - $21$16
96Sr. Marketing Specialist$18 - $32$24
97Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer$37 - $79$54
98Service Desk Manager$12 - $25$17
99Staffing Specialist$16 - $32$22
100Senior Human Resources (HR) Generalist$18 - $28$22
101System Support Analyst$19 - $34$25
102Senior Customer Service Representative (CSR)$15 - $30$21
103Stock Clerk, Retail$8 - $22$13
104Security Manager$14 - $26$19
105Stylist$9 - $17$12
106Security Analyst$17 - $37$25
107Salesperson, Fashion/Apparel/Clothing$8 - $14$11
108Salesperson, Computer Hardware & Services$10 - $15$12
109Social Worker$6 - $18$12
110Sales Trainer$10 - $19$14
111Surveillance Technician$18 - $28$22
112Security Officer Armed$12 - $23$16
113Administrative Assistant$16 - $31$22
114Merchandise Manager$14 - $25$19
115Receptionist / Telephone Operator$10 - $19$14
116Fresh Produce Processor$9 - $18$12
117Fraud Analyst$18 - $27$22
118Forklift Driver$11 - $19$14
119Food Service Manager$12 - $22$16
120Food And Beverage Supervisor$14 - $21$17
121Floor Sales Representative$9 - $15$12
122Digital Press Operator$12 - $22$16
123Delivery Driver$14 - $37$23
124Data Entry Specialist$15 - $28$20
125Customer Service Supervisor$10 - $19$14
126Customer Service Sales Associate$8 - $21$13
127Customer Service Manager$12 - $24$17
128Customer Experience Manager$12 - $20$16
129Customer Advocacy Specialist$11 - $18$14
130Computer Security Specialist$19 - $48$30
131Call Center Representative$12 - $21$16
132Cafe Manager$10 - $18$14
133Business Process / Management Consultant$9 - $28$16
134Brand Specialist$8 - $19$12
135Bike Mechanic$9 - $18$13
136Baker$10 - $17$13
137Assistant Merchandiser$13 - $21$17
138Assistant Manager$17 - $33$23
139Assistant Guest Services Manager$10 - $17$13
140Art Director$27 - $61$39
141Area Sales Regional Manager$13 - $29$19
142Area Sales Manager$11 - $28$17
143Front End Supervisor$11 - $19$14
144Reporting Analyst$18 - $38$26
145General / Operations Manager$12 - $27$18
146Guest Services Representative$11 - $17$14
147Receiving Worker$10 - $20$14
148Quality Control (QC) Specialist$16 - $26$20
149Quality Assurance Analyst$18 - $37$25
150Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General)$21 - $47$31
151Product Subject Matter Expert$12 - $32$19
152Produce Team Leader$11 - $28$18
153Produce Stocker (Grocery)$10 - $16$13
154Produce Clerk (Grocery)$9 - $16$12
155Price Marker$13 - $18$15
156Pharmacy Technician$10 - $18$13
157Pharmacist$59 - $75$67
158Personnel Security Specialist$10 - $18$14
159Overnight Stocker$11 - $18$14
160Medical Records Clerk$12 - $19$15
161Market Manager$11 - $24$18
162Loss Prevention Supervisor$16 - $24$20
163Loss Prevention Investigator$13 - $23$17
164Loss Prevention Agent$12 - $20$15
165Logistics Flow Planner$10 - $18$13
166Logistics Clerk$10 - $17$13
167Lead Cashier$10 - $14$12
168Janitor$11 - $18$14
169Inventory Specialist$13 - $21$16
170Human Resources (HR) Generalist$19 - $32$25
171Human Resources (HR) Director$10 - $23$15
172Human Resources (HR) Coordinator$10 - $18$14
173Head Cashier$11 - $17$13
174Guest Services Manager$19 - $30$24
175Web Producer$21 - $44$30