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Walmart Overview Table
Headquarters: Bentonville, AR
Industry: General Merchandise & Superstores
Size: 10000+ Employees
Type: Company - Public (WMT)
Revenue: $10+ billion (USD)
CEO: Doug McMillon

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Customer Service Manager (Former Employee)

16.1.2012, Job Location: Carrollton, TX
Walmart is a stable company, and can provide job security for a good employee. However, the work-life balance with this company is not desirable, as you must be available for any shift, which is subject to change week to week, and weekends are required. Additionally, all holidays other than Christmas day are required, and blackout dates for vacation apply.

They do give their employees more breaks than most employers, and promotion into lower supervisory positions is pretty easy to obtain. Walmart is a company that will require you to work in any other given position at any time. This can be both good and bad, as the experience in another position can help you become a more well-rounded employee, but the constant removal from your own duties causes you to be unable to complete work on time.

No consistency between policy and enforcement of said policy by management.

stocker (Former Employee)

11.1.2012, Job Location: Marshall, Tx. and Del Rio, Tx.
Great company to work for, the benefits and great for when u have a family as well and the management are great people to work for and so many opportunities to grow with the company as management...

The only reason i Quit was because i was pregnant and moved... if not i have to say i would still be there... i enjoyed working for them, i have friends and family that have worked for them for 6 years or more...

And there have overnight for if u can’t work during the day... I worked both... As a stocker and at the cosmetics...

Assistant Manager (Former Employee)

23.12.2011, Job Location: Bashford Manor Louisville
3 days on 3 days off for thirteen hours is a terrible schedule. No home life, off with wife 2 times a month. No communication with other assistant that worked your three days off.

Bad Comanger in store tried to be dominate male. Other Comanager or myself build as feature, then he comes in a wastes time moving it. He was never happy with 40 pallets ran during day.

Associates forced to work on freight during day and did not treat customers with respect. How could they, if they got in trouble for not stocking frieght fast enough. Customer service was "go away it is over there, leave me alone, I have to stock shelves". They had 100 Letter to the Presidents in one month I was there. I left a Neighborhood Market because I could not move up.

They would not hire or promote out of small format stores. I only worked for Bash for 1 month and am now unemployed. I told them I had Fibromyalgia and they did not care if I did or not. I worked 4 days and 53 hours and had my first day off. I was called to hours from 8 P.M. to work thirds and jerk would not take no for an answer. I could not work thirds with no sleep and Fibromyalgia. They would have to call an ambulance for me that night to take me to hospital.

This was a high shrink store also, they would just push cart loads out to the Neighborhood around the store. I guy got a gun shoved in his face, duct taped, kidnapped, car jacked and thrown out into the street by two thugs four days after I left. No one cared about me.

ICS Team (Former Employee)

17.12.2011, Job Location: West Burlington, IA
I am sorry that I cannot give a great review for this company. I went into it, thinking that it would be a great place to work and be a fulfilling place to work. I worked very hard to the point of having panic attacks and almost blacking-out on several occasions.

The harder I worked, the more they wanted. Also, it was a rule that we were to get every fourth weekend off, but that rarely happened. Finally, I got burned-out. I had to quit. That night, I tried to call the store several times, with no answer, so I ended up being a "no call, no show."

I am a people-person that tries very hard to please others. But the more I tried to please my employer, the more they wanted.

Cashier (Former Employee)

12.12.2011, Job Location: White House ,Tn
Some people get treated better than others, some get promotions after only weeks of starting, for others it takes months to get a transfer to another department, then they look for anything to get you in trouble. The open-door policy says no reproductions, bull you get treated even worse.

They want you to do the work of three people, when you are out it takes two or three people to do your job and make a mess, then you get yelled at to clean up the mess. The front-end managers take so long to get to the registers to help the customers that the customer takes it out on you.

You do right by them and they call in and get you in trouble for something you did not do. a very un-fair company.

Assistant Manager (Former Employee)

13.11.2011, Job Location: Plano Texas
I enjoyed working at Wal-Mart. Typically, there management style is more structured than some that I may have encountered previously, but I enjoyed being in that environment.

Wal-Mart was excellent about communication from the Home Office regarding events, season events, changes, features, new merchandising....about every knowledge-based tool was available to you and -most often - likewise the processes required to a successful completition. Follow-through and accountabilty were crucial and, though this seems like a "no-brainer", you may be surprised that you rate less-than-amazing inn that regard until you've worked in the Wal-Mart management structure. I for one found this performance-based, accountabilty-based style very useful and I know I left the company a much better manager and supervisor than when I came onboard.

Typically, bad store visit or good store visit, you could never tell it from my Store Manager's mood, which is great.

Sam's Club Optical Department (Former Employee)

9.11.2011, Job Location: Licensed Dispensing Optician
I loved the friendliness of the people working at Sam's Club. There were always pleasant people to spend break times with and the company was always providing some type of benefit for us.

Many times, there would be free lunch and supper in the break room. They also provided a birthday cake once a month for those employees who had a birthday that month. I was given financial incentives I didn't even know about until I received my paycheck.

There were programs where the employees voted for such things as employee of the month. My favorite manager was voted department manager of the year by his peers. We did have problems within the optical department; such as, the Texas/Mexico laboratories were not efficient. We had many remakes coming directly from the laboratories that we could not pass.

I believe this to be one of the main reasons Sam's Club has problems keeping their managers and opticians. The manager's bonus is based on keeping a low remake level. Apparently, this is impossible under the current laboratories' proficiency levels.

Sales Associate (Former Employee)

9.10.2011, Job Location: Alamogordo, NM
I have seen the allot of people in the Area of the store, and allot have to wait forever for someone to help them an no one does, because they are doing what their boss ask them to do, then get mad and ask to talk to Managers, and the Managers talk to the Associate, but then the associate does more an more times.

Some stand around an do nothing an play around teaching the other Kong-fu martial Arts, and Managers say nothing.

i walked by an saw a movie laying on the ground, to say they should have been zoning not playing around at their job.

And i have worked at this company an i have to say, People that work there are not really nice, and talk behind your back, an try getting you fired.

Electronics Assosiate (Former Employee)

27.9.2011, Job Location: Seekonk, MA
Walmart in Seekonk, MA I have to say is horrible. They are always trying to catch you doing something wrong. Some of the management is nice, to a point and other are just mean or crazy.

Example, I worked in the Electronics portion of Walmart. We had to arrange the Video games in plastic cases a certain way. The manager showed us how to do it "Exactly how they wanted it to be done" So it was done to there standards. Same manager comes by the next day and starts complaining that it wasn't done right and rips the video games off the shelf and tell us to do it over again.

Another example same manager. Some one had left a box of swiffer on the counter and in front of a customer also interrupting the employee helping the customer, the manager start yelling that the table need to always be cleaned and flings the box on to the floor and walks away. The employee apologized to the customer. The customer replied its ok, I feel sorry for you.

That's just two examples.

TLE Tech (Former Employee)

23.8.2011, Job Location: Rolla, Mo
The management team at this place posesses a friendly atmosphere but when it comes to advancement they already pick the individual. I know this because I was among the individuals that was picked because they have to pick three, I was informed that I was not selected for the position and that they have to inform everyone that was interviewed. I asked then "where is my interview?"

They had hired a guy that was a CSM's boyfriend from outside the company when by policy it states that individuals have to be there for at least 6 months for advancement. I was there for three. Right then I knew what was going on and no one cared to listen.

The Individual that was hired made staff do illegal things according to DOT policy, threatened our jobs and I recieved a D-Day because I refused to perform any Illegal act directed by this individual. I confronted the individual and other management and got nowhere. Then, I had made a full report with several members of staff signitaures including pictures of illegal activity that was directed by this support manager.

As a result, for my troubble I was asked to leave as if I had resigned and later learned that the individual was terminated for foul play and caused the company to get sued.

I have got Rehired only to be dismissed 60 days later.

Overnight Maintenance and Stocker, Support Manager (Former Employee)

25.2.2011, Job Location: Baldwin Park
I am an honest and dedicated person. I cannot say the same for the rest of my co-workers and managers.

Here's a list of things I witness:
-Someone smoking crack
-Manager sleeping on top of old Lay Away counter
-Co-Workers drunk with stolen store beers
-Tagging in restroom stalls by co-workers

The day I gave my two week notice is the day I got Conveniently Terminated. Although, I told I was terminated, my records show I was not. This so called termination was just a rowdy mislead by an miserable assistant manager. After a year, I attempted to come back to work at Wal Mart, but was not able to, because I supposedly threaten to kill my manager.

I never did such a thing, and in fact, she was terminated for stealing company money.

I just want to work a honest job in peace!
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Average Hourly Rate for Walmart Employees
$13.11 / hour Avg. Base Hourly Rate (USD)
$90k / yearAvg. Base Salary (USD)

Walmart Employees Salary Compare Table

Walmart Salary Compare
# Job Title Range Average
1Cashier$10 - $14$12
2Sales Associate$10 - $15$12
3Stocker$10 - $15$12
4Personal Shopper$11 - $15$12
5Pharmacy Technician$12 - $19$15
6Overnight Stocker$10 - $17$13
7Retail Sales Associate$10 - $17$12
8Department Manager, Retail Store$12 - $19$15
9Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPHT)$13 - $20$16
10Order Filler$13 - $24$18
11Customer Service Manager$12 - $20$16
12Asset Protection Associate$11 - $18$14
13Deli Associate$11 - $15$13
14Customer Service Associate$9 - $17$13
15Cake Decorator$10 - $17$13
16Maintenance Technician$12 - $32$19
17Automotive Service Technician / Mechanic$9 - $18$13
18Customer Service Representative (CSR)$9 - $17$13
19Retail Associate$11 - $18$13
20Deli Clerk$10 - $15$12
21Warehouse Associate$12 - $21$16
22Unloader$12 - $25$17
23Forklift Operator$12 - $20$15
24Customer Service Cashier$9 - $16$12
25Staff Pharmacist$44 - $68$56
26Fresh Produce Processor$10 - $18$13
27Night Stocker$10 - $17$13
28Retail Department Manager$11 - $19$14
29Optician$11 - $22$16
30Produce Associate$9 - $17$12
31Production Supervisor$12 - $23$16
32Pharmacy Technician, Lead$15 - $25$19
33Customer Service Supervisor$11 - $21$15
34Food Service Worker$10 - $18$13
35Customer Service Team Leader$12 - $24$17
36Loader$14 - $25$18
37Produce Stocker (Grocery)$10 - $19$13
38Baker$9 - $17$12
39Warehouse Supervisor$12 - $23$17
40Janitor$9 - $18$12
41Retail Supervisor$12 - $25$16
42Retail Store Manager$12 - $23$16
43Picker$11 - $19$14
44Produce Department Manager (Grocery)$11 - $21$15
45Front End Developer / Engineer$23 - $74$42
46Quality Assurance (QA) Associate$13 - $26$18
47Warehouse Worker$11 - $20$15
48Customer Service Specialist$9 - $18$13
49Automotive Service Technician$9 - $23$14
50Cart Collector$10 - $15$12
51Host/Hostess$8 - $15$11
52Forklift Driver$14 - $24$18
53Certified Optician$11 - $23$16
54Grocery Stocker$10 - $20$13
55Package Handler$11 - $18$14
56Retail Cashier$9 - $16$12
57Retail Store Assistant Manager$10 - $20$14
58Service Writer$9 - $16$12
59Assembler$9 - $22$13
60Maintenance Supervisor$11 - $23$16
61Team Leader, General$12 - $27$18
62Pharmacist$46 - $66$56
63Meat Cutter$10 - $20$14
64Checkout Operator$9 - $15$12
65Maintenance Associate$9 - $18$13
66Member Service Representative$9 - $19$13
67Produce Clerk (Grocery)$9 - $19$12
68Dairy Stocker$9 - $14$11
69Building Maintenance Worker$10 - $22$15
70Production Associate$10 - $21$14
71Assistant Manager$12 - $26$17
72Sales Team Leader, Retail$11 - $21$16
73Supermarket Department Manager, Dairy & Frozen Foods$9 - $17$13
74Tire Technician$11 - $18$14
75Pharmacy Manager$39 - $68$56
76Customer Support Manager$11 - $20$15
77Cart Attendant$9 - $13$11
78Grocery Associate$10 - $16$12
79Operations Supervisor$13 - $26$18
80Operations Support Manager$11 - $24$16
81Gas Station Attendant$11 - $19$14
82Packer$11 - $20$15
83Pharmacy Assistant$10 - $18$14
84Customer Service Sales Associate$9 - $19$13
85Retail Manager$10 - $22$15
86Retail Store Manager, Sporting Goods$11 - $25$17
87Sales Clerk$9 - $16$11
88Merchandiser$10 - $18$14
89Security Guard$10 - $17$13
90Stock Clerk$7 - $14$10
91Department Manager, Hardware Store$12 - $20$16
92Supermarket Department Manager, Meat$11 - $22$16
93Team Lead, Operations$13 - $26$18
94Deli Manager$12 - $19$15
95Technical Services Manager$13 - $37$22
96Customer Service Trainer, Call Center$8 - $18$12
97Administrative Associate$12 - $23$17
98Warehouse Material Handler$13 - $22$17
99Software Engineer$24 - $71$42
100Quality Assurance Analyst$15 - $35$23
101Accounts Payable Specialist$14 - $22$18
102Human Resources (HR) Assistant$12 - $21$15
103Lube Technician$9 - $17$12
104Licensed Optician$16 - $32$22
105Inventory Associate$11 - $18$14
106Inventory Specialist$12 - $20$15
107Loader And Unloader$10 - $21$14
108Laborer, Freight, Stock, Material Mover, Hand$10 - $22$14
109Human Resources (HR) Manager$13 - $29$20
110Grocery Clerk$9 - $15$12
111Senior Graphic Designer$20 - $43$28
112Senior Quality Assurance (QA) / Test Automation Engineer$32 - $81$54
113Dockhand/Driver$11 - $23$16
114Service Manager$17 - $31$23
115Shipper, Receiver, Packer$12 - $23$16
116Shipping & Receiving Lead$12 - $21$16
117Shipping & Receiving Supervisor$14 - $24$18
118Shipping / Receiving / Traffic Clerk$11 - $18$14
119Senior Software Engineer$44 - $104$70
120Senior Customer Service Representative (CSR)$13 - $26$18
121Senior Account Manager$16 - $31$21
122Senior Business Analyst$37 - $106$65
123Inventory Control Specialist$8 - $15$11
124Security Analyst$16 - $34$23
125Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist$32 - $1k$87
126Scanner Operator$12 - $21$16
127Salesperson, Fashion/Apparel/Clothing$9 - $17$12
128Electrical Apprentice$12 - $21$16
129Sales Support Manager$12 - $20$16
130Sales Consultant$9 - $17$12
131Asset Protection Specialist$10 - $15$13
132Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Officer$17 - $26$21
133Inventory Supervisor$11 - $18$14
134Assistant Store Manager$13 - $25$18
135Senior Certified Pharmacy Technician$13 - $18$15
136Shipping and Receiving Clerk$14 - $24$18
137Social Media Specialist$14 - $23$18
138Shop Assistant$9 - $18$13
139Warehouse Manager$12 - $19$15
140Warehouse Laborer$11 - $22$15
141Administration Clerk$13 - $22$17
142Visual Merchandising Specialist$14 - $27$19
143Vision Center Manager$16 - $26$20
144UX Researcher$47 - $102$71
145Human Resources (HR) Clerk$13 - $21$16
146Transportation Coordinator$13 - $26$18
147Training Coordinator$11 - $19$15
148Traffic Coordinator$11 - $18$14
149Ticket Agent$12 - $22$16
150Human Resources (HR) Officer$14 - $25$19
151Shipping Packer$14 - $24$18
152Human Resources (HR) Specialist$14 - $23$18
153HVAC Service Technician$19 - $35$26
154Information Management Specialist$10 - $20$14
155Supermarket Department Manager, Dairy$12 - $19$15
156Supermarket Department Manager, Bakery & Delicatessen (Deli)$16 - $25$20
157Store Team Leader$14 - $24$18
158Art Director$22 - $80$38
159Stock Clerk or Order Filler$10 - $20$14
160Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist$17 - $29$22
161Dishwasher$9 - $14$11
162Staff Engineer$29 - $83$46
163Software Engineering Intern$16 - $41$26
164Software Developer$14 - $43$25
165HVAC Refrigeration Technician$24 - $42$31
166Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Specialist$14 - $26$19
167Automobile Service Writer$8 - $16$11
168Retail Pharmacist$45 - $66$57
169Crew Leader$9 - $27$15
170Personnel Manager$16 - $35$24
171Front End Manager$12 - $20$16
172Personal Assistant$10 - $19$13
173Painter, Construction and Maintenance$8 - $16$12
174Painter$9 - $15$11
175Licensed Dispensing Optician$20 - $35$27
176Fuel Attendant$10 - $15$12
177Claims Processor/Billing$10 - $18$13
178Optometrist Assistant$8 - $12$10
179Optician, Retail Store Manager$19 - $28$23
180Community Health Worker$13 - $23$17
181Operations Team Leader$18 - $39$26
182Control / Automation Technician$18 - $31$24
183Office Manager$21 - $44$30
184Content Analyst$21 - $44$30
185Module Lead$9 - $18$12
186Logistics Coordinator$14 - $24$18
187Membership Associate$8 - $17$12
188General Maintenance Worker$10 - $20$14
189Graphic Designer$19 - $44$28
190Meat Clerk$10 - $17$13
191Material Handler$12 - $21$16
192Marketing Communications Specialist$18 - $37$26
193Content Strategist$42 - $89$60
194Loss Prevention Officer$10 - $15$12
195Maintenance Manager$11 - $24$16
196Pharmacist in Charge$40 - $70$59
197Retail Shift Supervisor$11 - $18$14
198Learning and Development Specialist$20 - $42$30
199Cash Manager$11 - $25$17
200Cook, Restaurant$11 - $17$14
201Retail Department Supervisor$12 - $23$17
202Equipment Operator$12 - $20$15
203Event Manager$24 - $147$45
204Automotive Technician$7 - $17$11
205Retail Assistant Manager$11 - $21$15
206Registered Medical Assistant (RMA)$14 - $19$16
207Receiving Worker$10 - $17$13
208Receiving Manager$13 - $22$17
209Radiologic Technologist$22 - $34$27
210Grocery Store Manager$12 - $22$16
211Avionics Technician$22 - $38$30
212Quality Assurance (QA) / Quality Control (QC) Inspector$14 - $24$18
213Quality Analyst$11 - $21$15
214Production Worker$11 - $23$15
215Bakery Clerk$10 - $17$13
216Field Service Technician$19 - $38$27
217Product Owner$17 - $53$30
218Produce Team Leader$12 - $26$18
219Food Server$6 - $13$9
220Business Support Manager$11 - $26$17
221Produce Department Clerk (Grocery)$9 - $14$11
222Food Service Supervisor$13 - $23$17
223Call Center Representative$10 - $16$13
224Principal Software Engineer$52 - $101$72
225Photographer, Commercial$15 - $37$22
226Customer Service Agent$11 - $22$16
227Custodian$8 - $14$11
228Housekeeping Supervisor$10 - $17$13

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