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Walmart Overview Table
Headquarters: Bentonville, AR
Industry: General Merchandise & Superstores
Size: 10000+ Employees
Type: Company - Public (WMT)
Revenue: $10+ billion (USD)
CEO: Doug McMillon

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Order Filler (Former Employee)

4.11.2020, Job Location: Fontana, CA
There is no job security at walmart human resources ivonne and verna from the walmart in fontana are condescending and unprofessional. They are rude and are always looking to fire people so they can hire cheaper labor.

The managers themselves are all in kahoots with HR. No matter how hard you work if they feel some type a way they will start to stack points against you. The wrongfuly accused me of stealing time and refused to do a proper investigation like reviewing cameras and taking states from witnesses. I clocked out wrong by mistake. They tried saying I did it on purpose and that there was no record of me even trying to swipe my badge. I did my job I was top picker.

The one day I decided to go in for over time on a day I was not scheduled and hours I was not used to inputting I was fired for punching out 2 hours after my actual scheduled time off. Yvonne pulled me to the offer and accused me of stealing time. She was rude and had an attitude. I tried to fight it and 20 minutes later she had already processed the paperwork to fire me effective immediately for gross misconduct. This ruin my life.

I had to restart, find a new job. I was forced to claim unemployment because no jobs were paying as much as I was making. I went from 20 an hour to 16 an hour because Yvonne and Verna from Walmart distribion failed to do their job. While manager ronnie let it happen. I have never worked with such evil and difficult HR representatives in my life. There no job security here. You can get fired at any moment especially when your making more that 20 and hour.

Customer Service Specialist, bakery, cap team member (Former Employee)

27.10.2020, Job Location: Aberdeen, WA
While working there they took away our ability to use our sick pay for when our dependents got ill and we needed to take off, they made it very difficult to use pay we already accumulated. I was on maternity leave after 2 years of work, and they sent me a dismissal paper claiming I didn't have an approved application for leave after I was already approved.

I received it a day after delivering my son, they revoked it after I proved my approval and reinstated everything back to normal. The managers are mixed some are awesome and understanding while another threatened my job when I left work because my husband just had a heart attack. Another manager tried to force me to undermine ethics and morality to save a few cents.

Many who work there see their job as only what is in their description and won't work together to make their department shine. While some will work together and do what it takes, I believe this happens because the company treats you like you are easily replaceable. Working here you will most likely be cross trained and learn alot, the pay is better the longer you stay and that is why some stay.

I ultimately left due to unsanitary practices being forced on me and reported it many times....I resigned after the reports went no where, but not before reporting directly to the store manager. I will probably never work for Walmart again unless it's a position to keep practices healthy and safe.

Ecommerce Personal Shopper (Current Employee)

18.10.2020, Job Location: Ames, IA
Walmart tends to work well with your schedule for the most part. As a student I can lay out my availability according to my class schedule and they will typically stick to it. However, the attendance policy leaves much to be desired.

You are allowed 4.5 points/ call ins before you are fired and they drop off 6 months after the date. However there are things that come up more than just 8 times a year, not to mention getting sick. On top of that, you get a my share bonus, which depends on the amount of points you have, so you are punished for being sick or other priorities yet again.

You can accumulate Paid time off, but this is hard to do as a part time associate, as it is based off of the number of hours you work. Management is awful, my direct manager is nice and does a fantastic job, but she is constantly under stress and having to stay late, because upper management is always yelling at her. Those of us who can actually do our jobs correctly are always having to pick up the slack of those who do not, yet receive no recognition for our job well done.

Somehow Walmart has found a way to make a grocery store political. If you aren’t one of the “cool” kids you’re going to get treated differently than others. You can advance quickly through Walmart, but caution advancement is practically signing over your life and soul to Walmart. Overall, if you’re someone who likes to do your job and do it well, I caution you in accepting a job at Walmart unless you want it as a career, because they will take your work ethic and run you into the ground.

Ecommerce Personal Shopper (Current Employee)

7.10.2020, Job Location: Belton, TX | October 7, 2020
Favoritism is an ongoing problem, but that’s in almost every major corporation. There are 3 managers in the OGP department, and when they are needed you can never seem to find any of them. Walmart will deny any and all requests you take off for any reason from sick to funeral attendance.

You will get points for every informed a sense, tardy, etc. and they add up into an unlawful point system that you will constantly be threatened with. Overall, it is easy enough work. However, management does not utilize their resources efficiently. There is not enough equipment (TCs, printers, bags for the items, carts, etc.) for all of the employees to use. Management does not want to deal with customers and almost never assist with any situation or complaint from a customer.

Upper management coaches OGP management for mistakes they make, then OGP management will then turn around and blame the hard working associates for their mistakes. The safety violations in the back are too much to list, and when there are rushes of 8+ cars ready to receive their order, management will place 1 dispenser and have other co-workers helping an entirely different department stocking.

All management does is pick exceptions, meaning when you cannot an item while picking, they go back out and find something similar to it. That’s all they do. And they have 3 managers at a time doing it. They do not deserve to get paid for what they do when their employees are doing the hard labor. You will be paid $11.50/hr. which isn’t bad, but 80% of the time is not worth the bs you have to put up with.

Pharmacy Technician (Former Employee)

25.9.2020, Job Location: Crestwood, KY
Took me a MONTH to get hired, and after I got in the boss tried to get rid of me IMMEDIATELY, I got written up on my third day. If you don't instantly click with the other pharmacy techs on day one you are already out the door. The work Environment is the most toxic i have ever experienced in entire time in the work force.


If you are like any normal person on the planet who doesn't have a photographic memory and need to be shown something for than just a millisecond, and you ask questions they WILL be mad at you and they will fire you within your first few weeks for not understanding and there is little to no training, they just expect you to know it, even as a new pharmacy tech. They will talk about you behind your back and gossip will impact whether you keep your job or not.

The pharmacist intentionally and admittingly watched me on the cameras for hours to catch me slipping up and to get anything to use against me, that's how dedicated these people are to getting rid you of you. They set you up for failure.

TL;DR: There is literally 0 job security. $12.50 an hour is not worth the immense stress, pressure, and anxiety you are put through and that's the gospel truth.

This is literally the worst place to get your start in the pharmacy world you're better off working at pizza hut at least they treat you with some dignity.

Walmart employee (Current Employee)

15.9.2020, Job Location: Rapid City, SD
Work-life balance
The balance between work and your everyday life you try your hardest to just get through the week and get out of there as soon as possible

Pay & benefits
You dont get sick days you get ppto protected paid time off and you only get 48 hours of it for the year

Job security and advancement
You can get to almost any department but thats becaus3 we have such a high turn over rate not many people last because they keep people who dont do any work or leech off of what you do and basically make you quit out of frustration

Dont get me wrong there are some nice people in management but how they run things they dont care about the employees they do the minimum to keep the stire going so they're job is good they dont really care how they treat the other employees

Everyone is at each others throats because of high stress and the pressure from management to do an inhuman amount of work in a short time qith little to no help

I doubt all walmarts are like this but the store in rapid are aweful poor work environment poor management high stress and lack of motivation due to the fact we cant afford to loose anyone but there are people taking advantage of that and not doing anything and leeching off of other peoples work and management roles with it.

Stocker (Former Employee)

5.9.2020, Job Location: St. Robert, MO
I worked nightshift at St Robert Missouri. Nightshirt here is toxic. I used to sit in my car at breaks. One night, when the manager was off, I heard all the girls gossiping and making fun of someone with back problems. I find that unacceptable.

If a colleague has back problems, why laugh and joke about it? Is it funny if I laugh and joke about your problems? The assistant manager constantly micromanaged and harassed all night long. I worked in frozen and dairy. One night Courtney would tell us that it is ok to unload two pallets of frozen foods (over or around 6ft high pallets). It was ok to leave these frozen foods out of the freezer over our break. So, frozen foods, under Courtney's watch, could be left out for over 2 hours. The week later this would change.

Only dairy could be out for 15 minutes BUT if it was overstock (too much to place on the shelf) then it could stay out until break or lunch(about 2 hours). So food that is placed in the fridges must be placed in within 15 minutes, but excess can be left for hours? What kind of idiot? Yum , yum, yum. The constant harassment, bullying, and disregard to human respect was too much.

Plus, when you inform management of an availability change, don't expect that to last. I have university classes Monday and Tuesday. The change of schedule lasted 3 weeks. That helps no one. Stay away from nightshift St Robert. You're life will be made terrible by a bullying micromanager, and you will witness disgusting health and safety practices.

Asset Protection Specialist (Former Employee)

30.8.2020, Job Location: Barboursville, WV
The good - They allow you to purchase items with a twenty percent off discount once a year for Christmas. The pay is so low that this seems like adding salt to a wound. I really don't have much good to say about the company. Every four months, you might get a $100 bonus if the manager doesn't use the money to paint his office or buy new equipment for the store something.

The bad - Management hides in their offices all day. You never know who your boss is. Training is a joke. Some customers are very rude, and supervisors and management reward them for their behavior.

People who have worked there for years, even a decade or more, may find out that the new hires that they are training are being hired in at a higher starting wage than they worked so hard to build up.

Insurance sucked. I paid about a hundred dollars a month for it, and still had bills for hundreds-of-dollars any time I went to the doctor for routine visits. And remember that pay sucked too, so it was very difficult to pay these bills.

They find ways to make it seem like they are giving employees something, when they are actually taking away benefits.

Computers and devices often do not work right, and the customers get irate when you can't do your job to help them.

I could go on and on. We Live In Poverty So You Can Save Money and Live Better at Walmart. This Is That Place.

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee)

10.8.2020, Job Location: Shawano, WI
Where do I even start? Is it the constant rush from managers to finish your work, right before they walk off and do nothing for the rest of the day? Doesn't really matter now that I have addressed at least one issue. Management. If you want an Apples to Apples comparison just imagine prison guards at Guantanamo bay!

The HR lady was very nice but she reeked of carrots. I worked cap 1 sooooo, you get to work from 4am to 1pm. You will spend the first hour in a freezer pretty much. Your team will be very essential to getting your work done on time.

However expect no respect from other teams, cap 2, bakery, Apparel, etc. They will leave messes for you, or create them and then yell at you for moving all their trash over so you can complete your work. One day I was dropping which means I am the one who takes the pallet jack and picks up the loads and delivers them to the floor/isles. Bakery stacked all their boxes against one of my pallets and it all spilt over and I got yelled at!

PS: ALL THE BAKERY ASSOCIATES ARE BRAIN SURGENS! Otherwise you will have a very pleasant time dealing with rude customers who will interrupt you at all times, you can also enjoy getting no days off because they hate you and your families. One more thing, you will not receive any benefits until you have survived that sh*twhole for at least 6 months. Peace out dawg!

Overnight Stock Associate (Former Employee)

2.8.2020, Job Location: Miami, OK | August 2, 2020
Nothing about working at Walmart is difficult. The work is easy to learn and do. The problem is management and the culture of sycophancy that they cultivate on purpose. Coworkers throw each other under the bus just to make themselves look good or avoid trouble from management.

Management will harass you about your speed at performing your tasks. They’ll stare you down, speak to you rudely, play favoritism with others while treating you like you don’t work, spy on you from around corners or from a distance and think you don’t notice and hold grudges against you if you stand up for yourself. It’s a very toxic work environment only for the cutthroat or very determined to endure.

The work itself is fine but it is labor intensive and you will hurt yourself if you listen to management and try to go at their speed. There are better jobs. In ten years I only got the equivalent of a 50 cent raise because new hires began to start at $11 while I was making $11.50 after ten years of breaking my back and being bullied by management.

I was moved to different departments and shifts against my will. I was harassed by a particular manager and tried to use the open door policy but the store manager just doesn’t care. Very poor management and a very disorganized place to work. Very toxic work environment and laughable compensation. Not worth your time, especially the Miami OK store.

Academy Trainer (Current Employee)

17.7.2020, Job Location: Clemmons, NC
Walmart is heavy on SOP, or in their language, One Best Way. They have every aspect of most jobs laid out for you. Everyday you will have an ordered list of tasks to do and times for how long those tasks should take.

The vast majority of the work is simple and even enjoyable on occasion. Problems will arise not from the actual work but from communication and relationships with coworkers and customers - both of which can often become tense, awkward or even confrontational.

Walmart has an abundance of management. You will have various salaried managers, leaders in various departments, and you'll get frequent visits from market and regional teams. Trying to juggle all the expectations and demands of the multitude of leaders (which can often conflict with one another or with One Best Way) can be both stressful and frustrating.

If you are willing to deal with the stress and perform through it, there are plenty of promotional opportunities.. Hard workers do get recognized. Workers who are reliable, available and productive typically are awarded full time status within a year or two of their hire date. There are also bonuses given out quarterly for stores hitting sales and customer service goals.

Overall Walmart is what you make of it. The pay is low for most positions and most associates are part time. That said you can promote. Supervisors can earn 30k-40k annually and those positions are numerous. The work is not difficult. It can be stressful. The hours vary tremendously based on position. I would highly recommend taking a position with a morning shift if available.

Sales Associate (Former Employee)

3.7.2020, Job Location: Ottawa, OH
My typical day at Walmart is I come in clock in get my stuff that I need and put the rest in my locker they provide for me, then go to the computer and do some online work which is did that for a month while I started working there.

Then when I was done with them I go to the area I applied for which was the Fabric and Craft are seen my trainer done some training for an hour or so then do some stocking till lunch and then did the same after when I was done just did some zoning which is to organize areas the are out of place or pull items from the back or fine products that don't belong there/in that area and put them in there right place. I do all that the rest of the time of my shift till leave to go home.

What was hard about the job was the shipment schedule's whenever the trucks come in I never know when they normally would go back to get the stuff to put out on the stock or when there's stuff over stocked in shelves the sections I never know the right place to take them cause that item been moved out or they rearrange the stuff in the back.

Another thing that was hard was the scanners/the price maker I never knew much about them cause no one taught me before till like a month in a half working on the floor that some taught me when they were training in another area of the store. Management people were nice though they were hardly there though when I needed help with somethings cause they'd be in their office or in some other part of the store.

Mod Team Associate (Former Employee)

29.6.2020, Job Location: Millville, NJ
First and foremost: before taking this job I had not left my house in over two months and was healthy. A week and a half after orientation I got so sick I was out of work for 3 weeks and had to be tested for covid. I was negative but could not return to work until I was symptom free. During orientation the HR manager continuously kept taking down and playing with her mask while we were in a small room with two other trainee's.

They don't take the virus seriously. My team manager was awesome, but other department leads were hit and miss. A lot of them were rude or spoke down to you. Upper management was a mess, during my time managers were actively quitting or walking off the job due to the store leader/store manager. The break room has a sign telling you to social distance but the HR leader consistently breaks the guidelines by having a huge group eat with her at lunch every day and thus putting everyone at risk. I was also accused of stealing when they hadn't even checked the case where equipment is stored before confronting me.

The machine was where it was supposed to be and the associate responsible for keeping tabs of that stuff was rude to me. They work you to the bone and there's chaos constantly. They pay you bare minimum while the hike calling you a "hero" over walmart radio all day. Don't waste your time.

Sales Associate (Former Employee)

10.6.2020, Job Location: Greenville, MI
I have worked in three different stores in Michigan, under 6 Store Managers. Only one felt having a clean receiving area was more important than having a clean sales floor. My Asst Manager supported this, and encouraged over stocking of displays and stuffing the shelves just to empty the back room.

Knowing that by doing so would create a messy sales floor. In the apparel department, this is a very bad idea, customers don't pick items up off the floor, they drive their carts over the top of it! Once marked, or damaged in any way, must be donated or tossed due to damage. THIS IS IRRESPONSIBLE management of company property! All Department Managers work 7 to 4 without question! Even if there was a need for management during later hours. As the closing Asst. Manager generally is not available when needed.

The employees form a close bond with one another for support, and better training that was not given from Department Management.

However, not all stores or managers are this way, do your research, ask questions of the employees before applying. Employees will tell you the way it is at their stores. The general consensus from many is, Walmart is a great place to work! And with the exception of one store, I would agree! Most of my time with Walmart was an excellent experience! My management was good, I was never left hanging with a ton of stuff to clean up after they had gone for the day. Job assignments were clearly stated, each sub-department was covered by another member of the department.

Overnight Stocker/ Customer Service (Current Employee)

4.6.2020, Job Location: Delmont, PA
From what I have noticed and heard from other associates, the owner of the store has no clue how to be a manager. The associates can be quite rude and not care about their jobs. 2nd shift has no sort of management and they leave a mess for overnight associates and maintenance to clean up and fix. For overnight, the managers and supervisors do not show any appreciation for their associates.

They take their work stress out on the associates by pushing them more to where they cannot work any better than they are doing, and our work never seems to be enough for them. I have worked my butt off every day and still get treated like I did not do anything or like the associates that actually did nothing all shift while I picked up their slack. The overnight managers also love to keep people that do not work or break rules just because ""it is a body"" to have around, and they love putting those people in dairy (mainly) because there are multiple people working there already, so there are people to accommodate for their lack of work. People push themselves too much for the amount of work and lack of appreciation that this store has.

I understand the stress that goes on in running a store and managing it, but the way they deal with it is not the proper way. It stresses out everyone too much to the point where no one wants to work there anymore.

I do feel appreciated with the coworkers in my shift which keeps me going.

Shelf Stocker (Current Employee)

19.5.2020, Job Location: Whitinsville, MA
While this is a great company to get you started out on your carrer, you will quickly realize that there is alot wrong with it. Number one being the almost complete lack of communication; 3/10 days they will have a schedule on the wall telling you what to do (admittedly, they've been getting better at this), but, for those other 7 days you have to randomly guess what you're supposed to stock and stock those items until a manager comes and gives you a talking to because you're wasting shift time on a job you weren't supposed to be doing that day. It's been especially apparent with Covid-19, where they don't report the number of people infected in a store unless you are in that position, thus making it difficult to know how dangerous working there actually is.

Number two is unrealistic expectations; every retailer is guilty of expecting too much out of an employee, as a 16 year-old, they expect me to be able to take down a 9-foot tall pallet mainly consisting of: pasta sauce, mac and cheese, and peanut butter (Which all go in different aisles, by the way) in a grand total of 45 minutes to an hour, which is near impossible to do in a team, never mind when you're by yourself. If you don't mind those things like I do, though, this is the perfect job for you.

Cashier/Self-Checkout Host (Current Employee)

14.5.2020, Job Location: Nampa, ID
They change their policy many times, to fit their needs and customers needs only. They company and managers do not value employees unless that employee follows everything to a T. The customer service manages or "team Leaders" do not trust employees at all, and on occasion the mangers, if problems arise with customers.

They let customers verbally abuse and almost physical abuse to the employees. You must work weekends and be available to work nights. You must give three weeks in advance to get days off, and that's not a guarantee either. Must work Thanksgiving day and black Friday events that happen on Thanksgiving night and on Friday as well, to get their coupon of 15% along with your normal discount of %10. The bonuses use to be based on shrinkage and little on attendance.

But now its based on attendance and if you have 4 points, you don't get anything. I find that its unfair on how they treat employees. They say they are family friendly, but when they put customers over employees, especially during confrontations, they aren't.

Truck Driver (OTR) (Former Employee)

2.5.2020, Job Location: Red Bluff, CA
I was a truck driver for Walmart and they could not care less about their drivers. They are pro-actively looking for ways to fire their drivers. They watch you on camera 24/7 from inside your truck and they monitor the outdoor cameras at every DC and store you stop at. The "safety managers" have every camera set up from their computers and they are watching you, contacting you with stupid nit picking complaints CONSTANTLY.

It is a hostile good ol' boys environment running rampant with racism. The pay is great but the disrespect and the police tactics is unbelievably stressful. No talking on your phone while driving for more than 10 minutes on each call. You get a total of 6 calls per day.

Automatic termination if you go over and yes, they are watching you on camera. They force you to hand over your phone so they can check your phone call times AND text messages. Even ONE text message during drive time and your instantly fired. They fire 2 people per week nationwide over phone call violations.

These people are like a police state. Very sad place to work.

Customer Service Desk Associate (Current Employee)

17.4.2020, Job Location: Monroe, GA
Working for Walmart is not for everyone. I admit that I took the job more out of desperation than I did actually wanting to continue working in retail. If you like working with the public on a daily basis and don't mind customers that can sometimes be rude and condescending, then you should be okay with a job at Walmart.

While managers usually have your back when it comes to the decisions you make, especially when dealing with customers who want to make returns or exchanges that are outside the return policy, that doesn't mean that they will enforce the policy. More often than not, they are more concerned with keeping customers happy than anything else, but this varies depending on the manager. If you're someone who appreciates consistency when it comes to decision making and following policies, I don't recommend this position.

Also, be aware that working at the customer service desk doesn't mean that your only responsibilities will be to help customers with returns, exchanges, and keeping the service area tidy. Even though most stores have separate Money Services counters, Service Desk associates are asked daily to help with these services, such as money orders, and MoneyGram transactions. You may also be asked to be a cashier or stock the shelves at the registers.

Apperal Associate (Former Employee)

11.4.2020, Job Location: Tucson, AZ | April 11, 2020
Walmart has a systemic flaw of upper management not only being unqualified but miserablly condescending to line staff. They have set up a system that keeps the iow end staff down and having unrealiistic goals for it linee staff through the practice of understaffing, ecpecting performances for demeaning paymment for work done.

The system works for upper mgmt by cutting staff hours, doubling, offen ttripling the load on the teams. This is done so that mgmt gets exorbitant bonuses based on screwing it's line staff. They also promote an environment of distrust and customer service policies which caters to haters andd nasty people.They are rewarded w gift certificates when they have behaved intolerably and staff is always the one punished by ghetto behavior by its customers.

Dogs walk freely through the aisles often urinating on clothing and lower level shelves. The corp. screws line staff out of their well earned bonuses through a system of the most petty offenses and w/o telling staff that they are keeping tabs covertly with it's point system. Tthere is no merit g iven no matter how good or hard one works keepingg only recorddings of minor infringements. no place at Walmartt for merit, not in salary nor treatment of it's employees..particularly its line staff.They are an evil empire...with its corporate by keeping them mistreateed, overworked and profitable.

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee)

1.4.2020, Job Location: Mesquite, TX | April 1, 2020
This being my first job, I kept my standards fair. That being said, working at Walmart was a bit of a disorganized mess that mostly hinged on employees who appeared to genuinely not want to be there. At first, I thought this was just because everyone had something else on their mind. Everyone's got something to worry about every now and then. But the further I went on in working, the more it started to dawn on me how the work ethic was like.

Despite how they present themselves as, Walmart employees were the most depressed and struggling workers I have ever seen. Most testimonies I've heard were about people who had high energy and gave 110% when they first started, only to discover that the establishment does not actually reward that. In some cases, you are even chastised for it.

What mattered was the quota. It did not matter how you completed it, just as long as you completed it, and that nothing broke. That sounds simple enough. However, no matter how well you performed your work, you could still get accused slowing down or being lazy.

That being said, I did not dislike the Managers or Assistant Managers. For all I know, they would be going through the same thing. But there was a disconnect between them and Customer Service. They would occasionally punish you for something that was outside of your control. The worst was when harsh criticism was used as a substitute for telling someone "good work today."

Overnight Stocker/Sales Associate (Former Employee)

27.3.2020, Job Location: East Peoria, IL
Worked at the EP, IL store for more than six months.

From the first week I was ridiculed and verbally abused by fellow employees and immediate supervision as well as non-essential personnel - including common use of profanity.

There is no work-life balance, you are expected to work all holidays no questions asked.

Job security is non-existent unless you learn and learn to a manipulate corporate policy, even then you're not safe.

When I complained to store manager about the bullying from supervision, supervision started watching my every move on the in-store cameras. They continue to do this until my termination sometime later.

I could not say a word to a fellow employee without supervision come around the corner to tell me to get back to work.

If I went to find something for purchase during my lunch, I was followed by supervision.

It was not uncommon for supervision to come correct some conjured up detail of what I was doing just as a reminder they were watching.

During my exiting interview I complained once again to the store manager in front of the store assistant manager with no response from either.

After I left, I called a corporate number and complained about the situation only to be told that District Marketing instructed them to tell me there was nothing they could do.

My recommendation is that if you're looking for a job, look elsewhere.

Cashier/Self-Checkout Attendant (Former Employee)

7.3.2020, Job Location: Sarasota, FL
I lost my job at Walmart because I was in the hospital with a severe Kidney infection. I had a note from the Hospital ordering me not to work AND the Doctor who oversaw my treatment at the hospital. I spoke to the HR department at Walmart and told them and was told it was no problem as long as I had a note and just get better.

But when I returned with my TWO notes, I was taken off the schedule completely and when I went to the HR dept to see what was going on, I wa as told that a Drs note "was not the same as a hospital note", and that my documentation was unacceptable. Even though I had two notes. They will NOT work with you availability wise and if you cannot work the schedule they give you, they just fire you.

Even if it's because you're in college and need to alter your hours to fit your school schedule or because you have a child, I saw many employees either have to quit, got fired, or were forced to miss classes because the managers would not work with them. Also, the managers are extremely lazy, cliquey and unprofessional.

All around, their attendance policy is way over the top, over extreme, and ends up being the main reason that they're always short staffed! Employees BEWARE!

Cashier (Former Employee)

3.3.2020, Job Location: Tampa, FL
I worked at a Walmart in Tampa, FL in 2017. I worked there for two months before I left. My coworkers were amazing and my CSM's were okay. My main CSM once yelled for not doing something, she never told me to do and I seen other cashiers not do. Another CSM refused to give change one night meaning I couldn't the customer correct change and he got mad when I kept asking for change. I was never allowed to go back and complete my computer training, which you have a deadline of 90 days to complete. One day, a cashier came in sick and halfway through her shift, she lost her voice and the CSM didn't let her go home. Lastly, the management people made everyone, who didn't open availability, change their availability to open. I remember an older cashier complaining about that.

The only thing I liked about working was the people. They were like a one, big, happy family. I have a few anxiety attacks and my coworkers were always there to help. My anxiety attacks were my main reason for leaving.

I don't think will ever work for Walmart, again. I have some of my worst anxiety attacks working there (one lasted for 2 days and I couldn't calm down). When I left, I was felt light and relieved.

Hard Currency Exchange Technician (Former Employee)

26.2.2020, Job Location: Pasco, WA
I had the singular privilege of working at Walmart as they transitioned emphasis to and Site to Store. They worked so hard to compete online with Amazon, a company that itself could never compete with Walmart's brick and mortar presence, that they essentially threw the entire company under the bus.

Now, their policies are geared more than I've ever seen towards working people as hard as they can, while paying them as little as they can. Every employee is now expected to have two jobs, a primary and a secondary, but of course only be paid for one wage. Mid and lower level management positions are being removed, and then "new" positions with the same responsibilities are being offered for less pay.

Management is doing what they can to stack additional tasks on employees, first as a "hey can you this for me?" and then as an expectation. Once you become acclimated to that, "hey can you also do this for me?" I also had the pleasure of being there when their promotion system was removed. It used to be that you were given a raise in accordance with your job performance.

Good performance meant a higher annual raise. Now, all employees, regardless of their skill and performance, are given a raise roughly equivalent to the earlier "poor performance" raise. All in all, my experience at Walmart was poor. But it did give me the incentive I needed to go back to school, get a degree, and find a much better job!
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Average Hourly Rate for Walmart Employees
$13.11 / hour Avg. Base Hourly Rate (USD)
$90k / yearAvg. Base Salary (USD)

Walmart Employees Salary Compare Table

Walmart Salary Compare
# Job Title Range Average
1Cashier$10 - $14$12
2Sales Associate$10 - $15$12
3Stocker$10 - $15$12
4Personal Shopper$11 - $15$12
5Pharmacy Technician$12 - $19$15
6Overnight Stocker$10 - $17$13
7Retail Sales Associate$10 - $17$12
8Department Manager, Retail Store$12 - $19$15
9Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPHT)$13 - $20$16
10Order Filler$13 - $24$18
11Customer Service Manager$12 - $20$16
12Asset Protection Associate$11 - $18$14
13Deli Associate$11 - $15$13
14Customer Service Associate$9 - $17$13
15Cake Decorator$10 - $17$13
16Maintenance Technician$12 - $32$19
17Automotive Service Technician / Mechanic$9 - $18$13
18Customer Service Representative (CSR)$9 - $17$13
19Retail Associate$11 - $18$13
20Deli Clerk$10 - $15$12
21Warehouse Associate$12 - $21$16
22Unloader$12 - $25$17
23Forklift Operator$12 - $20$15
24Customer Service Cashier$9 - $16$12
25Staff Pharmacist$44 - $68$56
26Fresh Produce Processor$10 - $18$13
27Night Stocker$10 - $17$13
28Retail Department Manager$11 - $19$14
29Optician$11 - $22$16
30Produce Associate$9 - $17$12
31Production Supervisor$12 - $23$16
32Pharmacy Technician, Lead$15 - $25$19
33Customer Service Supervisor$11 - $21$15
34Food Service Worker$10 - $18$13
35Customer Service Team Leader$12 - $24$17
36Loader$14 - $25$18
37Produce Stocker (Grocery)$10 - $19$13
38Baker$9 - $17$12
39Warehouse Supervisor$12 - $23$17
40Janitor$9 - $18$12
41Retail Supervisor$12 - $25$16
42Retail Store Manager$12 - $23$16
43Picker$11 - $19$14
44Produce Department Manager (Grocery)$11 - $21$15
45Front End Developer / Engineer$23 - $74$42
46Quality Assurance (QA) Associate$13 - $26$18
47Warehouse Worker$11 - $20$15
48Customer Service Specialist$9 - $18$13
49Automotive Service Technician$9 - $23$14
50Cart Collector$10 - $15$12
51Host/Hostess$8 - $15$11
52Forklift Driver$14 - $24$18
53Certified Optician$11 - $23$16
54Grocery Stocker$10 - $20$13
55Package Handler$11 - $18$14
56Retail Cashier$9 - $16$12
57Retail Store Assistant Manager$10 - $20$14
58Service Writer$9 - $16$12
59Assembler$9 - $22$13
60Maintenance Supervisor$11 - $23$16
61Team Leader, General$12 - $27$18
62Pharmacist$46 - $66$56
63Meat Cutter$10 - $20$14
64Checkout Operator$9 - $15$12
65Maintenance Associate$9 - $18$13
66Member Service Representative$9 - $19$13
67Produce Clerk (Grocery)$9 - $19$12
68Dairy Stocker$9 - $14$11
69Building Maintenance Worker$10 - $22$15
70Production Associate$10 - $21$14
71Assistant Manager$12 - $26$17
72Sales Team Leader, Retail$11 - $21$16
73Supermarket Department Manager, Dairy & Frozen Foods$9 - $17$13
74Tire Technician$11 - $18$14
75Pharmacy Manager$39 - $68$56
76Customer Support Manager$11 - $20$15
77Cart Attendant$9 - $13$11
78Grocery Associate$10 - $16$12
79Operations Supervisor$13 - $26$18
80Operations Support Manager$11 - $24$16
81Gas Station Attendant$11 - $19$14
82Packer$11 - $20$15
83Pharmacy Assistant$10 - $18$14
84Customer Service Sales Associate$9 - $19$13
85Retail Manager$10 - $22$15
86Retail Store Manager, Sporting Goods$11 - $25$17
87Sales Clerk$9 - $16$11
88Merchandiser$10 - $18$14
89Security Guard$10 - $17$13
90Stock Clerk$7 - $14$10
91Department Manager, Hardware Store$12 - $20$16
92Supermarket Department Manager, Meat$11 - $22$16
93Team Lead, Operations$13 - $26$18
94Deli Manager$12 - $19$15
95Technical Services Manager$13 - $37$22
96Customer Service Trainer, Call Center$8 - $18$12
97Administrative Associate$12 - $23$17
98Warehouse Material Handler$13 - $22$17
99Software Engineer$24 - $71$42
100Quality Assurance Analyst$15 - $35$23
101Accounts Payable Specialist$14 - $22$18
102Human Resources (HR) Assistant$12 - $21$15
103Lube Technician$9 - $17$12
104Licensed Optician$16 - $32$22
105Inventory Associate$11 - $18$14
106Inventory Specialist$12 - $20$15
107Loader And Unloader$10 - $21$14
108Laborer, Freight, Stock, Material Mover, Hand$10 - $22$14
109Human Resources (HR) Manager$13 - $29$20
110Grocery Clerk$9 - $15$12
111Senior Graphic Designer$20 - $43$28
112Senior Quality Assurance (QA) / Test Automation Engineer$32 - $81$54
113Dockhand/Driver$11 - $23$16
114Service Manager$17 - $31$23
115Shipper, Receiver, Packer$12 - $23$16
116Shipping & Receiving Lead$12 - $21$16
117Shipping & Receiving Supervisor$14 - $24$18
118Shipping / Receiving / Traffic Clerk$11 - $18$14
119Senior Software Engineer$44 - $104$70
120Senior Customer Service Representative (CSR)$13 - $26$18
121Senior Account Manager$16 - $31$21
122Senior Business Analyst$37 - $106$65
123Inventory Control Specialist$8 - $15$11
124Security Analyst$16 - $34$23
125Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist$32 - $1k$87
126Scanner Operator$12 - $21$16
127Salesperson, Fashion/Apparel/Clothing$9 - $17$12
128Electrical Apprentice$12 - $21$16
129Sales Support Manager$12 - $20$16
130Sales Consultant$9 - $17$12
131Asset Protection Specialist$10 - $15$13
132Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Officer$17 - $26$21
133Inventory Supervisor$11 - $18$14
134Assistant Store Manager$13 - $25$18
135Senior Certified Pharmacy Technician$13 - $18$15
136Shipping and Receiving Clerk$14 - $24$18
137Social Media Specialist$14 - $23$18
138Shop Assistant$9 - $18$13
139Warehouse Manager$12 - $19$15
140Warehouse Laborer$11 - $22$15
141Administration Clerk$13 - $22$17
142Visual Merchandising Specialist$14 - $27$19
143Vision Center Manager$16 - $26$20
144UX Researcher$47 - $102$71
145Human Resources (HR) Clerk$13 - $21$16
146Transportation Coordinator$13 - $26$18
147Training Coordinator$11 - $19$15
148Traffic Coordinator$11 - $18$14
149Ticket Agent$12 - $22$16
150Human Resources (HR) Officer$14 - $25$19
151Shipping Packer$14 - $24$18
152Human Resources (HR) Specialist$14 - $23$18
153HVAC Service Technician$19 - $35$26
154Information Management Specialist$10 - $20$14
155Supermarket Department Manager, Dairy$12 - $19$15
156Supermarket Department Manager, Bakery & Delicatessen (Deli)$16 - $25$20
157Store Team Leader$14 - $24$18
158Art Director$22 - $80$38
159Stock Clerk or Order Filler$10 - $20$14
160Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist$17 - $29$22
161Dishwasher$9 - $14$11
162Staff Engineer$29 - $83$46
163Software Engineering Intern$16 - $41$26
164Software Developer$14 - $43$25
165HVAC Refrigeration Technician$24 - $42$31
166Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Specialist$14 - $26$19
167Automobile Service Writer$8 - $16$11
168Retail Pharmacist$45 - $66$57
169Crew Leader$9 - $27$15
170Personnel Manager$16 - $35$24
171Front End Manager$12 - $20$16
172Personal Assistant$10 - $19$13
173Painter, Construction and Maintenance$8 - $16$12
174Painter$9 - $15$11
175Licensed Dispensing Optician$20 - $35$27
176Fuel Attendant$10 - $15$12
177Claims Processor/Billing$10 - $18$13
178Optometrist Assistant$8 - $12$10
179Optician, Retail Store Manager$19 - $28$23
180Community Health Worker$13 - $23$17
181Operations Team Leader$18 - $39$26
182Control / Automation Technician$18 - $31$24
183Office Manager$21 - $44$30
184Content Analyst$21 - $44$30
185Module Lead$9 - $18$12
186Logistics Coordinator$14 - $24$18
187Membership Associate$8 - $17$12
188General Maintenance Worker$10 - $20$14
189Graphic Designer$19 - $44$28
190Meat Clerk$10 - $17$13
191Material Handler$12 - $21$16
192Marketing Communications Specialist$18 - $37$26
193Content Strategist$42 - $89$60
194Loss Prevention Officer$10 - $15$12
195Maintenance Manager$11 - $24$16
196Pharmacist in Charge$40 - $70$59
197Retail Shift Supervisor$11 - $18$14
198Learning and Development Specialist$20 - $42$30
199Cash Manager$11 - $25$17
200Cook, Restaurant$11 - $17$14
201Retail Department Supervisor$12 - $23$17
202Equipment Operator$12 - $20$15
203Event Manager$24 - $147$45
204Automotive Technician$7 - $17$11
205Retail Assistant Manager$11 - $21$15
206Registered Medical Assistant (RMA)$14 - $19$16
207Receiving Worker$10 - $17$13
208Receiving Manager$13 - $22$17
209Radiologic Technologist$22 - $34$27
210Grocery Store Manager$12 - $22$16
211Avionics Technician$22 - $38$30
212Quality Assurance (QA) / Quality Control (QC) Inspector$14 - $24$18
213Quality Analyst$11 - $21$15
214Production Worker$11 - $23$15
215Bakery Clerk$10 - $17$13
216Field Service Technician$19 - $38$27
217Product Owner$17 - $53$30
218Produce Team Leader$12 - $26$18
219Food Server$6 - $13$9
220Business Support Manager$11 - $26$17
221Produce Department Clerk (Grocery)$9 - $14$11
222Food Service Supervisor$13 - $23$17
223Call Center Representative$10 - $16$13
224Principal Software Engineer$52 - $101$72
225Photographer, Commercial$15 - $37$22
226Customer Service Agent$11 - $22$16
227Custodian$8 - $14$11
228Housekeeping Supervisor$10 - $17$13

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About Walmart

Walmart is a multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. The company was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton, and it is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world, and it employs over 2 million people globally.

Working at Walmart

Working at Walmart can be a challenging but rewarding experience. As one of the largest retailers in the world, the company offers a wide range of job opportunities, including entry-level positions, management roles, and corporate positions. Walmart is known for its competitive compensation and benefits packages, which include healthcare, retirement plans, and paid time off.


  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Positive work-life balance
  • Supportive and inclusive culture
  • Access to training and development programs


  • Fast-paced and demanding work environment
  • High-stress levels
  • Limited opportunities for growth in certain positions
  • Limited flexibility in scheduling

Training and Support

Walmart provides its employees with extensive training and support to help them succeed in their roles. The company offers various training programs, including on-the-job training, online training, and classroom-based training. Additionally, Walmart provides employees with ongoing support through mentoring, coaching, and development opportunities.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

The job duties and responsibilities of Walmart employees vary depending on the position. Entry-level positions, such as cashiers and sales associates, may be responsible for customer service, stocking shelves, and operating cash registers. Management roles, such as department managers, are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of their department, managing staff, and ensuring that sales and customer service goals are met. Corporate positions, such as those in finance or human resources, may be responsible for strategic planning, financial analysis, and compliance.

Overall Information

In conclusion, working at Walmart can be a challenging but rewarding experience. The company offers competitive compensation and benefits, opportunities for advancement, and a supportive and inclusive culture. However, the work environment can be fast-paced and demanding, and the company may not provide the same level of growth opportunities for all positions. Walmart provides its employees with extensive training and support to help them succeed in their roles. The job duties and responsibilities of Walmart employees vary depending on the position. If you're looking for a company with a positive work-life balance and great benefits, Walmart could be a great fit for you.