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Walmart Overview Table
Headquarters: Bentonville, AR
Industry: General Merchandise & Superstores
Size: 10000+ Employees
Type: Company - Public (WMT)
Revenue: $10+ billion (USD)
CEO: Doug McMillon

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Food Sales Associate (Former Employee)

25.8.2019, Job Location: Tampa, FL
I got injured on the job and then they fired me because my PT took longer than 2 weeks to fill their paperwork out. I now have a chronic back problem because of Walmart and I’m not even 30.

3rd shift is full of mouth-breathing troglodytes that left frozen merchandise out on the floor or unlabeled in the back, saddling me with extra work.

Despite constantly asking to have a morning shift the same day my DM was off to prevent stock pile up I kept getting told there “weren’t enough shifts” so every Friday the freezer would get filled with items, not picked, and it would cause problems until Wednesday.

Department Manager positions were handed out to whoever kissed the ASM’s butt the most while I watched hard workers never get ahead.

Did I mention I got fired after a work related injury? Yeah, not cool Walmart. Sedgwick (the company that handles your injury cases) told me I was in the clear because a 3rd party was failing to deliver paperwork. I kept you updated on this the whole time and you still fired me after it was your pallet jacks that blew my back out so I couldn’t even walk for 3 months. Even 1 year later I still have trouble walking and cannot straighten my right leg due to nerve pain.

Thanks for saddling me with all those medical bills btw while I couldn’t care for myself. Not like I lost my house or anything because of it.

I will never step foot in another Walmart because of your atrocious behaviors.

Cap 1 supervisor, ZS, Trainer (Former Employee)

14.8.2019, Job Location: Plano, TX | August 14, 2019
Ineffective and inexperienced managers. Management does not stay on the company programs. This problem is companywide. There is a huge focus on minimum inventory levels to save money company wide. Because management does not adhere to programs the result is constant out of stocks and upset customers!!! The company culture knows the customer will be inconvenienced but believes they will learn to deal with it!!

Anyone trying to run the programs correctly is ridiculed--I was a trainer and experienced this first hand!! As a result , employee moral is always low. Daily pep talks are the norm. Compensation, --time off--insurance--sick time are near competitive but always changing. Usually the employee gets the short end of the stick when there is a change.

Bottom line===NO leadership at store levels, poor company culture,terrible customer service. If you are a " YES MAN" this is the job for you. I did meet many people from all walks of life. My daily interaction with them made the job tolerable. The most enjoyable part of my job was seeing people under my supervision get promoted!

I personally chose to be passed over for promotion on several occasions. My personal reviews were "ALWAYS" excelled in performance.

Fresh Cap 2 Associate (Current Employee)

2.8.2019, Job Location: Flowood, MS
Honestly Walmart has been my first job within my life time where as I started, a couple months after graduation. When I first started there were butterflies, but having those butterflies drove me to maintain, adapt, continue to keep going. I learned a lot from some of the best associates in my department and out, started off within produce, worked my way up to learning meat, after that even though inexperienced I learned how to cut meat in deli due to short staffing, serving as well.

Management you had some of the best, instead of seeing them just as your manager I saw them as family do to connection, you had a very strong bond with fellow associates. The most enjoyable part of the job I would say would be helping customers, sometimes you'll have customers who shop daily begin to build a customer / associate relationship meaning they can come in the store shop, and come speak to you enjoying conversations, as you help find items or provide any information that they seek.

The hardest part of the job honestly there's no hard part unless you personally make it hard for yourself, things can be a little frustrating at times but long as your self-motivated, guiding yourself, I guarantee you'll make your job easy.

Electronics, photolab, cashier (Former Employee)

29.7.2019, Job Location: Casper, WY (CY)
This job was so stressful I hated my life and went to the doctor for antidepressants and anxiety meds.

I worked at two different Walmarts and both were terrible in their own ways. They lack help in every single department and pull people from other departments to help out, leaving little to no one in that department. How does that make sense? NEWS FLASH, having ONE PERSON to run electronics, photo lab, OGP, and freight is not okay. Hire more people or get some robots to help out.

Customers were constantly talking down to me and yelling at me. This was an everyday occurrence. Management is a joke and will think you're lazy even when you work really hard. A customer tried to pull a fast one on me at the register one day and I had a mental breakdown. The CSM embarrassed me even more and told me it was all my fault and walked away while I was crying at the register. Co-workers were unfriendly and rarely said 'hi'. All they did was gossip about everyone behind their backs.

I could write a book on the horror stories I experienced while working here. I now work at a job with a positive work environment and managers that have your back when situations arise. Customers have a little more class and are easier to deal with because it is not Walmart.

As a side note, the managers at this particular store like to hide in the MO and play on their phones. I saw this on multiple occasions and especially when it was busy.

Multiple Positions (Former Employee)

20.7.2019, Job Location: Bonney Lake, WA
Every terrible thing you've heard about working for Walmart is probably true, honestly. The pay isn't good, they don't like to work with you on scheduling, and the associate benefits are nothing special. That, and the managers are almost all horrible, awful people. Seriously, like most of them are just terrible humans, though I think it's the Walmart culture that influences people that way.

It was incredibly unpleasant to work there more often than it wasn't. Managers will lie to you about advancement opportunities to keep you in grinding in the same position, while dangling fruitless promises in front of you. They are manipulative, passive-aggressive and outright verbally and mentally abusive in some instances... and they get away with it. And if you speak up or have the audacity to defend yourself, they will absolutely retaliate and find a way to punish you.

There is no form of associate recognition for your contributions and no one is there to support your development in the company. To quote the store manager "you're paid to execute, not to think." During the holiday season, they give you broken stuff that can't be sold anymore as your gift, because they're honestly that cheap (Largest retailer in the world: nothing says "we value you" like clearance bath care, mismatched candles or half a set of dishes. XD). AND! And, they don not take harassment claims seriously; it's disgraceful. Do not work there if you have any other prospects. Walmart just wants warm bodies; they don't care about you at all.

Sales Associate (Former Employee)

6.7.2019, Job Location: Butler, PA | July 6, 2019
Management seems to lack basic human empathy, treating employees as replaceable cogs rather than actual people. They care only about whatever junk corporate sends their way, such as whatever is detailed in Walmart's "one best way," though they often seem to disregard that for no apparent reason too.

You are never given enough time or people to get the jobs you are assigned done, be it as a regular associate or a manager, and you don't hear the end of it when you - to nobody's surprise but theirs - fail. You're also lucky if you even get to work in your own department, with the store loving to move everyone, manager and associate alike, around the store at seemingly random.

Even their supposed commitment to the customers seems like a sham, because they frequently make decisions regarding the associates/managers that directly affect the customers in a negative fashion. I genuinely wanted to help customers at my job, but I felt I never had the chance to properly do so. In one instance, I was so busy with customers that I couldn't 100% finish a task I'd been assigned by my support manager at the time, and I was reprimanded the next day for daring to ask my coworkers, and friends, to simply throw the resulting product in some boxes, label it, and put it in the bins.

Simply put, you cannot win at this store, not with the customers or with your managers. Nor, now that I think about it, with the pay. Sure, they increased it, but it's sad when people who've worked there for years wind up getting paid less than the new hires, as was the case when I was there.

Sales Associate (Current Employee)

24.6.2019, Job Location: Fort Worth, TX
From what i see at this establishment is budget is more important than customers and associates. A few managers know and how to do their jobs as well as listen and try to work with guests and associates but most of them do not or do not care enough.

Little to no people and hiring is very slow with more people getting fired or quitting there is not enough people to support those we lost.

Pay is good but not enough to the extent of what we have to do feeling more that we are getting paid less for the mount of work put in.

Rare communications on the sales floor the mentality i have seen at this establishment is that its my way or the highway with no ability to give constructive feedback without being punished or afraid of getting fired.

Little to no help from the department managers is another situation i also encounter when I, for example, work the register and also stock with my department manager they, that can also do the same things and much closer and has eye view of the customer, decides to call me instead of helping the customer themselves.

I have multiple times tried to voice my concerns about this establishment and yet im being unheard or that my advice is not good enough since im a sales associate no one should feel this way at a work place but many of us that work their do and the reason why they leave, purposely get fired, move to a different store, or find a new job that actually cares for the associate.

Apologies for some miss abbreviations and punctuation.

Wal-Mart Associate (Current Employee)

17.6.2019, Job Location: Salem, MO
Highly political, discouraging growth even when you show you are willing to go the extra mile. It will drain you. If you have any condition or injury, get documented immediately and have specialists cover all possible incidents that might come up. It doesn't matter if you are missing a foot, you will be given "productivity" coachings/discussions for not moving relatively fast enough.

Customer service is no longer priority despite what is loudly proclaimed, boxes are. They want you to find a way to move on if any customer takes more than a couple minutes. It's a policy that will be the downfall of the company, they will continue to lose technical-minded and creative thinkers. Asset Protection is turned on employees to create "productivity cases" when the employee is disliked by management for any reason. I have been accused of taking breaks too long on a day of the week I haven't worked in 3 years. I didn't believe the warnings of why people were quitting, now I have stayed long enough to see why.

After 4 raises, 3 have been negated by increased base pay, so it's the equivalent of having worked here a single year. Essentially, you work under siege for a pittance, slowly having your enthusiasm eaten away and replaced by bitterness til it's merely the connections you have made, pure stubbornness, and that subsequent employers wouldn't quite understand the nature of the job place if you just walked out.

So you stay, grit your teeth with pride, and fill out a resume to find a place to put your skills to use. That is growth at Walmart, realizing you shouldn't be there.

Asset Protection Associate (Current Employee)

28.5.2019, Job Location: Orlando, FL | May 28, 2019
I've been in asset protection for 4 years between working at Walmart, Target, Sears, and Ross. Walmart doesnt give you the proper training to do your job, luckily I have learned everything I need from other companies and adapted very well. As an asset protection associate you must be able to run your position like a business and not depend on anyone. You will have minimal oversight and management will expect you to complete your duties without them telling you to. If you can handle that you will be fine, if not you will be coached, demoted to customer host (door greeter), or fired. Asset Protection Associates (APA) in Florida make $15/hr and more if you have experience.

APA Job duties are:
• Detect internal/external theft, safely apprehend shoplifters; and investigate fraud, criminal activity, and violations of company policy.
• conduct daily, weekly, and monthly audits for safety, security, and merchandise protection.
• review key reports such as refund review , void transaction, scanning exception, associate discounts and then investigate discrepancies.
• Maintain high safety and OSHA standards, ensure security and safety practices are in place and being used.
• Complete all paperwork, logs, and documentation required for business functions and obtain evidence, take statements, write case reports, provide courtroom testimony, and partner with district asset protection managers, market asset protection managers, and law enforcement.

floor associate (Former Employee)

21.5.2019, Job Location: Seneca, SC
A typical work day was fairly easy you were told what to put out on the floor and when to get it all done.

While doing your job you had to stay alert to any customer needing help or any accidents that might occur. I learned how to work just about every department in the store and was always called on by other departments when they needed extra help.

Management was normally ok some of them would go out of their way to help you either at work or would listen to you if you had a personal issue and needed someone to talk to. However, sometimes management would pick favorites and that made it hard to move up in areas of the store. If you were their best worker and you wanted to move somewhere else, you had a 50% chance on whether or not they let you go. The workplace was ok but a lot of times it was like being in high school dealing with drama. The best thing to do was to limit who you talked to and what was said there.

Keep personal issues to yourself and away from the workplace. The hardest part of the job for me was every department would call on me at least 5 times a day every 10-15 minutes to help them while I would try to do my other jobs. This lead to more overtime for me and less time with my family. One of the most enjoyable parts of the job was I did make a handful of really good friends that I could count on, and most of the time the pay was good.

Cashier (Former Employee)

9.5.2019, Job Location: Hialeah, FL | May 9, 2019
For the first 2 1/2 years I worked at walmart as a cashier from (2014-2016) I enjoyed it, I had funny and cool coworkers along with some nice managers which made working there good regardless of some customers.

Then towards ending of 2016 to beginning 2017 when new management came everything went down hill, walmart started to change some of their policies from attendance, uniforms, cutting hours. But working where you don’t speak or understand spanish is difficult! They were rude and disrespectful and some of the managers had favoritism towards some of the employees.

Certain holidays or days they would feed us food, desserts and treats. Depending on the manager if you need to change your schedule or get days off you can. When it came to holidays is when you can take advantage of overtime or times when the store was pack with customers. Being a cashier was stressful at times when the lines was super long, customers would bring up things that didn’t have a price tag on it, customers card didn’t work, or saw a different price for an item which had to get approval from the csm.

When the lines were long was a hard tasks when you needed management where there were sometimes like 2 available and like 5 cashiers flashing their light. The occurrences for late or no show was I think 9 and they weren’t so hard on you. Fast paced but it helped time go by quick only if you had straight customers coming through your line.

Sometimes having a long line made you take your breaks or lunch a little late.

Cashier (Former Employee)

29.4.2019, Job Location: Norwalk, CA
A typical day at work i walk in clock in and go the front end and load my bags on my register and get my jur and count it. I learned with an Employee how to do the lbs/ amount and enter give you the right total of lbs when counting fruits or vegtables by lbs. The Management here is great there always there when you need them.

The work place is mostly cleaned all day and organized. The hardest part of the job is Customer Service you can not make all customers happy but you can always try withba Smile. My Enjoyable moment of the job for me is when my Customers ask for me by my name and if im not there they will leave and come back and say hi and ask how i am they made me feel like family and that is what made me come to work. I would work here if you have patiance to work with the public and others and can do Customer Service.

I did my job to the fulliest and got Rewarded by the Ceo of Walmart for all my hard work i did as a great Cashier for Walmart for 5 years i reccomened this job anytime. I also helped customers online to do orders sent to their home and got alot of buttons for my jacket at Walmart to show my apprication to help cuatomers at all times where evervi am in that store.

Just Remember when a customer needs help and so does another one at the same time help the first one and then tell the other customer nicely ill be right with you when im done with them okey Thank you for waiting. Just treat a customer like you would treat your family.

Sales Associate (Current Employee)

26.4.2019, Job Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Your basic a slave work horse. They fire people to save money then keep a few people to operate abs stock the entire store, it doesn't matter what Department you work in, you will pull freight to the floor and stock every department so they can save money by not hiring more help. So customers needing help in a specific department will wait longer just received that help because if you work in hardware you could be stocking groceries on the other side and when the customer calls for help they have to wait for you to take your freight back because you can not leave freight on the floor.

Before you can go help them. then you get yelled at for not having the stock put up fast enough then when you finish stocking on the grocery side then you have to go stock on the other side of the store.

Maybe 3-4 people stock the entire General Merchandise side of the store. Not to Mention constantly having to stop putting up freight to help Customers find an item that you have no idea where is but you are not allowed to tell the customer that you don't know you have to just walk around looking for the item which takes more time and we receive no education along the items but we are not allowed to tell the customer this the customers think we have been trained on the products we carry in the store.

We are basically told to lie to the customer to save face for Walmart.

Asset Protection Associate (Former Employee)

24.4.2019, Job Location: Montgomery, AL
Working for Walmart was an amazing experience especially working in the Loss Prevention field. However, management did have their favorites and I was not one of them for what ever reason. I was terminated from Walmart for reaching the threshold for points before you were terminated.

With this, I was sick, throwing up at work, and had to leave to go to the doctors. With excuse in hand putting me out of work for a period of 1 week, I came back to work and tried to hand them my doctors note. They did not accept it and would not remove the 7 points (1 point per day) from my record. After I came back from being sick, I worked one day, was off the next and I was terminated on my day off.

I went to work the following day thinking I had a job, but they did not bother to call me saying to not come to work. So after showing up, I found out I was terminated and had to turn right back around and drive 45 minutes home. Circling back to the point system, I know for a fact they could have taken those points off.

As asset protection, we get notified every time a change is made where points were taken off, or attendance times were adjusted. There were certain people that would constantly have their points removed and were able to keep their job but not me.

Wal-Mart Associate (Former Employee)

11.4.2019, Job Location: Kenai, AK | April 11, 2019
My typical day would be to go in and open the bakery, this consisted of turning on the industrial oven and breaking out the predetermined number of doughnuts from the freezer. I would then have to start warming the icing, by that time I could start cooking the doughnuts in the oven and running them through the glazing machine called a thermoglazer.

While the thermoglazer is running I would ice the non-glazed doughnuts by hand and set some of the finished doughnuts in the display case, and box the rest to be placed on the shelves on the bakery floor. Then I would start on the breads, taking out racks of them from the cooler prepping them, and then cooking them. While they are cooking I am taking old bread and doughnuts off the shelves. Once all the bread is done cooking I start bagging them and moving them onto the newly vacated shelves. After which cleanup begins, by which time my shift ends.

The hardest part of the job was the learning curve, mostly due to the fact I had to learn to open the entire bakery on my own in less than two days. After those two days I was tossed into the deep end, with help arriving about two hours after I start.

Front End Worker (Current Employee)

6.4.2019, Job Location: Hutchinson, MN
When I first started working here, I felt like management actually cared about our customers and their experience at our store. I still feel that way, but corporate is making that next to impossible for us as employees to follow.

Most days, we don’t even have enough people on the front end to have more than one register open at a time, leaving our customers upset and frustrated. I hear more and more customers saying things like “this is a joke” or “why do we still shop here?”. I have seen many instances where the people running the front end have to do that from a register, a door, or the service desk.

When those people call for help on the front end due to long lines, they rarely get a response, and when they do help doesn’t show up until ten to twenty minutes after the first call. Part of the reason is that we simply don’t have enough staff. Part of the reason is simply because there is no sense of urgency in this store to do what we need to do to make our customers happy.

We have 18 self checkouts and 14 regular registers and on most shifts (mostly at night) we rarely have more than 8 people on the front end to run these registers. These 8 people include the 2 door greeters, the person at the service desk, and the 2 people who are in charge of running the front end. This leave 3 cashiers. 1 for the grocery side self checkout, 1 for the general merchandise self checkout and 1 for the registers.

All because corporate is regulating labor instead of each individual store like we used to. So much for caring about our customers.

Cashier (Former Employee)

5.4.2019, Job Location: Mesa, AZ | April 5, 2019
I do not recommend working here if you are a person who hates doing the same thing every day. There is no change ever, every day is the same stuff different day. Walmart never has coverage ever and if your the type of person who shows up for work you're screwed.

Management expect you to have the best attitude and stay motivated but talk down to you and treat you like you're dumb. If you want to take holidays off , goodluck with that cause everyone has to work on holidays and goodluck just getting days off approved in general. No benefits besides the 10% discount that saves you a penny every purchase, yeah thanks walmart. This place is not the best work experience. When I started here I was very excited about work but the longer I stayed there the worst it got and I know it's not just one location cause I was transferred to different locations hoping it was different.

Overall you get no benefits, no over time, work holidays, management does not back you up, no training (it's a learn on your own type store), negative work environment and overall messed up store to waste your time on. There are way better companies to work for that actually value thier employees!

Lift operator (Current Employee)

25.2.2019, Job Location: Greenfield, IN
Was a good place at first been there for awhile now and have seen alot.2nd shift has had 3 different managers. The mangers dont care about you at all they just care about the number of trailers they can get unloaded. There is a 10 person crew they expect them to do the work of the other 2 shifts with around 20 to 30 people on the shift.

One manager is gone all the time and leaves when ever he wants and comes back when ever he wants. It can be 30min before end of shift and they will open a floor load that takes forever to do. Most people dont leave on time are at work till 3 or 4 am. The pay and benefits are great but upper management is clueless to what is going on you can tell them but nothing happens. Alot of people quit just after a few weeks because of the stress.

After talking to a few yard drivers the equipment is junk and falling appart. Thet will not fix the major problems with them. They just let them go and get worse. The people that work hard get flack all the time the ones that dont just get away with it. One yard driver backs in the trailers so hard he brakes stuff all the time and gets away with it. If you dont make nice with people in a certain group then you are shunned and no one in that group will talk to you or help you.

If management wasnt so concerned with hitting numbers and actually helping us succeed it would be better place to work. I did love this job but now have been thinking about leaving

Online Grocery Pickup (Former Employee)

12.2.2019, Job Location: Englewood, OH
I really enjoyed working here overall. Compared to my points it sounds like a bad place. The store I last worked at having worked at 3 Wal-marts was one of the worst. However they were also in a transition of management, and it was steadily improving. While I personally did not want to be a manager there were plenty of people who were that were unable to pass Wal-marts Standardized test and promoted.

This is bad because 1: Some of these people were not fit for the role. 2: This caused issues with people who were capable and could pass the test but were not liked by one member of management and so were looked over all together. Other than that the job is easy, pays well, gets plenty of benefits. I would recommend working for Wal-mart! Met wonderful people and customers there just don't let the environment bring you down it's not the best!

Place is a good paying job
Low work Motivation
Poor Management
Flexible Hours
PTO-Gained based on hrs worked
Good point system after probationary period(6 months)

Poor advancement opportunities. Will promote those who they want, even if they can't pass Wal-marts promotion test(like a standardized test). The ones who are capable in the store, who could do it they will pass up if they aren't a Assistant Managers lap dog."

Fresh Associate (Former Employee)

3.2.2019, Job Location: Gadsden, AL
Typical Fresh Associate duties would be: prepping bread for baking, baking cookies, making sure there is enough bread stocked in certain places of the store. Occasionally you'll alternate to the deli, but I primarily worked as a baker.

The managers weren't too sure what they wanted associates doing, and would spontaneously take you from what you were doing to switch you over to deli/bakery. It was very confusing, and I'd personally recommend they just stick to assigning jobs to associates, instead of trying to give a million things to do to every Fresh Associate.

Coworkers here range from sweet old ladies baking cakes, to typical drama high school students who think their job is time to be on their phone, and then blame the work they didn't do on another associate.

You get benefits after 90 days of working there full-time, and theres no overtime. You have to clock in right on time, and clock out not a minute after your 8th hour. If you do this too much they'll give you marks.

You get a 1 hour break, and two 15 minute breaks. You must clock out during these breaks.

So, other than the petty drama, and managers hardly knowing what to do with you, it's a solid job. (I remember there being one manager there who was particularly nice, and even worked alongside the associates. So not all management is bad.)

Would have stuck with this job if not for my personal health.

Apparel Department Manager (Current Employee)

23.1.2019, Job Location: Fremont, CA
Dont get me wrong, the company is a good company to work for, they offer benefits and 401k, the training is there if you become a Department Manager, you will meet workers that has been there for more than 10years.

Management changes from time to time. It depends on if the Store Manager gets promoted or get fired. ASM's changes since they can transfer to other locations or get promoted too. Currently our SM isnt really the supportive one, not even motivating, so some workers are leaving the store. Even the ones who has been working there for so long. The pay when I started back in 2009 was $9 and you get raises annualy and then that's only if you get a good evaluation. Promotion depends on who you know than how you work.

And then when you do get promoted, it depends on your ASM, if you get lucky and have a good one, they'll always help you out but if you get to have the new ones, you'll have to train them as well. What you learn in training is too good to be true, its hard to actually execute them when not everyone really knows their roles and responsibilities so instead of setting the whole store to success, its always on the down low BUT this review is based on the store where I work at in Fremont.

Been working in and out there for almost 9 years and its been a year of worst scenarios. Each stores run differently and some are lucky to have a management team who are really doing their jobs.

Cap Lead (Former Employee)

9.1.2019, Job Location: Bakersfield, CA
The management will do whatever it takes even breaking osha compliance and upper management is never happy with any level of productivity and always want more out of employees even if they are performing above average.

A typical day at work would be coming in to finish what last shift would not have finished then starting on my own tasks and trying my best to complete those then moving on to help others to complete their tasks.

The workplace culture is odd and is only their for show many meeting they have you do the cheer as they call it which was just a waste of time rather than just getting employees off to work and on their tasks to begin with.

The hardest part of the job was trying to not get thrown under the bus for someone else's mistakes or used as an example to try and make the shift team work harder through the threat of termination or write ups or coaching as they like to call it.

I was coached only once in my three years of working at this company and it was for productivity and I fought it and later had it thrown out and it was done to me only to prevent me moving up to a higher position which it prevented me for several months throughout the investigation as well as the management responsible for the coaching was forced into a demotion for their tactics in how they were handling the team and its productivity.

The most enjoyable part of the job was leaving it at the end of each day I take pride in my work and knowing that I did a good job and did my fair share of the work each day and what I accomplished was the best part.

Department Manager (Current Employee)

4.1.2019, Job Location: Acworth, GA
Harassment by upper management is common, retaliation is common, ethics does not follow up on complaints. Underpaid and lied to, job threatened when I discovered this fact. Changing of hourly schedules after posting without notifying associates. Routine OSHA violations.

Unsecured electrical controls, blocking of propane cage with electric displays, attempts to refuse water to outdoor associates, refusal of team lifts on large items, expired ple licenses used, broken items not properly locked out or tagged out, sometimes still in use. Paranoid managers harass employees for using work phones or computers to do work related jobs, for fear of being reported.

Managers cannot spell even when typing a word document. Cannot write clear directions, market mandated retraining as a result, still aggressive when asked followup questions.

Maintenance (Current Employee)

24.12.2018, Job Location: Many, LA
The managers from regional and so forth expect too much from us Mantaince workers and the managers could care less about what we do as long as they get to go home in time. They sit there and moan and complain that we dont get enough done but turn around and make us do 10 different jobs that weren't aren't suppose to be doing.

Its honestly a joke and its stressful because you have so many deadlines to get to and then you can't do it because of the managers. The walmart i work at was run by managers who dont care and because of that the store suffered.

I work for maintaince and we are overworked for the amount of pay we get. I have to do my job and the stockers jobs every night. We tried to get more maintaince members but they now are cutting our hours. Whats the point of getting more help if you cant even get it when noone is there cuz of the cut hours???

Only good thing I say is you get a bonus every 3 months and the discount cards are great too (to some existent)

I honestly would quit my job if it wasnt the highest paying job in the area and take in mind I'm only 19.

Don't get me started on overtime either, Wal-Mart will steal every penny from you. They don't even allow overtime yet alone paid holidays off. If they allowed overtime, I would of already bleed them dry.

For those who work maintaince hope you got it better.

Staff Systems Engineer (Former Employee)

14.12.2018, Job Location: Bentonville, AR
Great Corporation, heartless I.T. abuse of SMEs.

I arrived on top of my field, current with every skill and technology worth mastering. They required me to share everything I ever learned, ignored most of my best advice (because it wasn't what they wanted to hear), then blamed me and the technology vendors who sold us the software, for not achieving objectives that some mid-manager sold to upper management (based on expectations abstract from reality,and contrary to what the SME and vendors selling it, would ever endorse). After years of this awful mismanagement, most of those managers have been laid-off, the vendor relationships are sour, and the experts hired to ""fix it"" (including myself) are laid-off, and replaced with inexpensive very agreeable visa-bearing warm bodies, at less than half the cost of the hardened veteran SMEs discarded.

I still adore this company, for the tremendous good it does all over the world, but must warn I.T. people that my experience serving within Walmart Technology is not a rare exception, rather an example of what the majority of seasoned I.T. pros that refuse to compromise truth for false metrics. Now I personally choose not to sulk, but will hustle to regain cutting edge relevance and market value lost in technical debt resulting from my term at Walmart. If I return within I.T., it will be as an independent consultant, so that I can have some control over the metrics my product will be measured against, rather than the deceit middle-management uses to justify personal career advancement.

If you choose to join, you have been warned.
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Average Hourly Rate for Walmart Employees
$13.11 / hour Avg. Base Hourly Rate (USD)
$90k / yearAvg. Base Salary (USD)

Walmart Employees Salary Compare Table

Walmart Salary Compare
# Job Title Range Average
1Cashier$10 - $14$12
2Sales Associate$10 - $15$12
3Stocker$10 - $15$12
4Personal Shopper$11 - $15$12
5Pharmacy Technician$12 - $19$15
6Overnight Stocker$10 - $17$13
7Retail Sales Associate$10 - $17$12
8Department Manager, Retail Store$12 - $19$15
9Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPHT)$13 - $20$16
10Order Filler$13 - $24$18
11Customer Service Manager$12 - $20$16
12Asset Protection Associate$11 - $18$14
13Deli Associate$11 - $15$13
14Customer Service Associate$9 - $17$13
15Cake Decorator$10 - $17$13
16Maintenance Technician$12 - $32$19
17Automotive Service Technician / Mechanic$9 - $18$13
18Customer Service Representative (CSR)$9 - $17$13
19Retail Associate$11 - $18$13
20Deli Clerk$10 - $15$12
21Warehouse Associate$12 - $21$16
22Unloader$12 - $25$17
23Forklift Operator$12 - $20$15
24Customer Service Cashier$9 - $16$12
25Staff Pharmacist$44 - $68$56
26Fresh Produce Processor$10 - $18$13
27Night Stocker$10 - $17$13
28Retail Department Manager$11 - $19$14
29Optician$11 - $22$16
30Produce Associate$9 - $17$12
31Production Supervisor$12 - $23$16
32Pharmacy Technician, Lead$15 - $25$19
33Customer Service Supervisor$11 - $21$15
34Food Service Worker$10 - $18$13
35Customer Service Team Leader$12 - $24$17
36Loader$14 - $25$18
37Produce Stocker (Grocery)$10 - $19$13
38Baker$9 - $17$12
39Warehouse Supervisor$12 - $23$17
40Janitor$9 - $18$12
41Retail Supervisor$12 - $25$16
42Retail Store Manager$12 - $23$16
43Picker$11 - $19$14
44Produce Department Manager (Grocery)$11 - $21$15
45Front End Developer / Engineer$23 - $74$42
46Quality Assurance (QA) Associate$13 - $26$18
47Warehouse Worker$11 - $20$15
48Customer Service Specialist$9 - $18$13
49Automotive Service Technician$9 - $23$14
50Cart Collector$10 - $15$12
51Host/Hostess$8 - $15$11
52Forklift Driver$14 - $24$18
53Certified Optician$11 - $23$16
54Grocery Stocker$10 - $20$13
55Package Handler$11 - $18$14
56Retail Cashier$9 - $16$12
57Retail Store Assistant Manager$10 - $20$14
58Service Writer$9 - $16$12
59Assembler$9 - $22$13
60Maintenance Supervisor$11 - $23$16
61Team Leader, General$12 - $27$18
62Pharmacist$46 - $66$56
63Meat Cutter$10 - $20$14
64Checkout Operator$9 - $15$12
65Maintenance Associate$9 - $18$13
66Member Service Representative$9 - $19$13
67Produce Clerk (Grocery)$9 - $19$12
68Dairy Stocker$9 - $14$11
69Building Maintenance Worker$10 - $22$15
70Production Associate$10 - $21$14
71Assistant Manager$12 - $26$17
72Sales Team Leader, Retail$11 - $21$16
73Supermarket Department Manager, Dairy & Frozen Foods$9 - $17$13
74Tire Technician$11 - $18$14
75Pharmacy Manager$39 - $68$56
76Customer Support Manager$11 - $20$15
77Cart Attendant$9 - $13$11
78Grocery Associate$10 - $16$12
79Operations Supervisor$13 - $26$18
80Operations Support Manager$11 - $24$16
81Gas Station Attendant$11 - $19$14
82Packer$11 - $20$15
83Pharmacy Assistant$10 - $18$14
84Customer Service Sales Associate$9 - $19$13
85Retail Manager$10 - $22$15
86Retail Store Manager, Sporting Goods$11 - $25$17
87Sales Clerk$9 - $16$11
88Merchandiser$10 - $18$14
89Security Guard$10 - $17$13
90Stock Clerk$7 - $14$10
91Department Manager, Hardware Store$12 - $20$16
92Supermarket Department Manager, Meat$11 - $22$16
93Team Lead, Operations$13 - $26$18
94Deli Manager$12 - $19$15
95Technical Services Manager$13 - $37$22
96Customer Service Trainer, Call Center$8 - $18$12
97Administrative Associate$12 - $23$17
98Warehouse Material Handler$13 - $22$17
99Software Engineer$24 - $71$42
100Quality Assurance Analyst$15 - $35$23
101Accounts Payable Specialist$14 - $22$18
102Human Resources (HR) Assistant$12 - $21$15
103Lube Technician$9 - $17$12
104Licensed Optician$16 - $32$22
105Inventory Associate$11 - $18$14
106Inventory Specialist$12 - $20$15
107Loader And Unloader$10 - $21$14
108Laborer, Freight, Stock, Material Mover, Hand$10 - $22$14
109Human Resources (HR) Manager$13 - $29$20
110Grocery Clerk$9 - $15$12
111Senior Graphic Designer$20 - $43$28
112Senior Quality Assurance (QA) / Test Automation Engineer$32 - $81$54
113Dockhand/Driver$11 - $23$16
114Service Manager$17 - $31$23
115Shipper, Receiver, Packer$12 - $23$16
116Shipping & Receiving Lead$12 - $21$16
117Shipping & Receiving Supervisor$14 - $24$18
118Shipping / Receiving / Traffic Clerk$11 - $18$14
119Senior Software Engineer$44 - $104$70
120Senior Customer Service Representative (CSR)$13 - $26$18
121Senior Account Manager$16 - $31$21
122Senior Business Analyst$37 - $106$65
123Inventory Control Specialist$8 - $15$11
124Security Analyst$16 - $34$23
125Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist$32 - $1k$87
126Scanner Operator$12 - $21$16
127Salesperson, Fashion/Apparel/Clothing$9 - $17$12
128Electrical Apprentice$12 - $21$16
129Sales Support Manager$12 - $20$16
130Sales Consultant$9 - $17$12
131Asset Protection Specialist$10 - $15$13
132Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Officer$17 - $26$21
133Inventory Supervisor$11 - $18$14
134Assistant Store Manager$13 - $25$18
135Senior Certified Pharmacy Technician$13 - $18$15
136Shipping and Receiving Clerk$14 - $24$18
137Social Media Specialist$14 - $23$18
138Shop Assistant$9 - $18$13
139Warehouse Manager$12 - $19$15
140Warehouse Laborer$11 - $22$15
141Administration Clerk$13 - $22$17
142Visual Merchandising Specialist$14 - $27$19
143Vision Center Manager$16 - $26$20
144UX Researcher$47 - $102$71
145Human Resources (HR) Clerk$13 - $21$16
146Transportation Coordinator$13 - $26$18
147Training Coordinator$11 - $19$15
148Traffic Coordinator$11 - $18$14
149Ticket Agent$12 - $22$16
150Human Resources (HR) Officer$14 - $25$19
151Shipping Packer$14 - $24$18
152Human Resources (HR) Specialist$14 - $23$18
153HVAC Service Technician$19 - $35$26
154Information Management Specialist$10 - $20$14
155Supermarket Department Manager, Dairy$12 - $19$15
156Supermarket Department Manager, Bakery & Delicatessen (Deli)$16 - $25$20
157Store Team Leader$14 - $24$18
158Art Director$22 - $80$38
159Stock Clerk or Order Filler$10 - $20$14
160Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist$17 - $29$22
161Dishwasher$9 - $14$11
162Staff Engineer$29 - $83$46
163Software Engineering Intern$16 - $41$26
164Software Developer$14 - $43$25
165HVAC Refrigeration Technician$24 - $42$31
166Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Specialist$14 - $26$19
167Automobile Service Writer$8 - $16$11
168Retail Pharmacist$45 - $66$57
169Crew Leader$9 - $27$15
170Personnel Manager$16 - $35$24
171Front End Manager$12 - $20$16
172Personal Assistant$10 - $19$13
173Painter, Construction and Maintenance$8 - $16$12
174Painter$9 - $15$11
175Licensed Dispensing Optician$20 - $35$27
176Fuel Attendant$10 - $15$12
177Claims Processor/Billing$10 - $18$13
178Optometrist Assistant$8 - $12$10
179Optician, Retail Store Manager$19 - $28$23
180Community Health Worker$13 - $23$17
181Operations Team Leader$18 - $39$26
182Control / Automation Technician$18 - $31$24
183Office Manager$21 - $44$30
184Content Analyst$21 - $44$30
185Module Lead$9 - $18$12
186Logistics Coordinator$14 - $24$18
187Membership Associate$8 - $17$12
188General Maintenance Worker$10 - $20$14
189Graphic Designer$19 - $44$28
190Meat Clerk$10 - $17$13
191Material Handler$12 - $21$16
192Marketing Communications Specialist$18 - $37$26
193Content Strategist$42 - $89$60
194Loss Prevention Officer$10 - $15$12
195Maintenance Manager$11 - $24$16
196Pharmacist in Charge$40 - $70$59
197Retail Shift Supervisor$11 - $18$14
198Learning and Development Specialist$20 - $42$30
199Cash Manager$11 - $25$17
200Cook, Restaurant$11 - $17$14
201Retail Department Supervisor$12 - $23$17
202Equipment Operator$12 - $20$15
203Event Manager$24 - $147$45
204Automotive Technician$7 - $17$11
205Retail Assistant Manager$11 - $21$15
206Registered Medical Assistant (RMA)$14 - $19$16
207Receiving Worker$10 - $17$13
208Receiving Manager$13 - $22$17
209Radiologic Technologist$22 - $34$27
210Grocery Store Manager$12 - $22$16
211Avionics Technician$22 - $38$30
212Quality Assurance (QA) / Quality Control (QC) Inspector$14 - $24$18
213Quality Analyst$11 - $21$15
214Production Worker$11 - $23$15
215Bakery Clerk$10 - $17$13
216Field Service Technician$19 - $38$27
217Product Owner$17 - $53$30
218Produce Team Leader$12 - $26$18
219Food Server$6 - $13$9
220Business Support Manager$11 - $26$17
221Produce Department Clerk (Grocery)$9 - $14$11
222Food Service Supervisor$13 - $23$17
223Call Center Representative$10 - $16$13
224Principal Software Engineer$52 - $101$72
225Photographer, Commercial$15 - $37$22
226Customer Service Agent$11 - $22$16
227Custodian$8 - $14$11
228Housekeeping Supervisor$10 - $17$13

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About Walmart

Walmart is a multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. The company was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton, and it is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world, and it employs over 2 million people globally.

Working at Walmart

Working at Walmart can be a challenging but rewarding experience. As one of the largest retailers in the world, the company offers a wide range of job opportunities, including entry-level positions, management roles, and corporate positions. Walmart is known for its competitive compensation and benefits packages, which include healthcare, retirement plans, and paid time off.


  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Positive work-life balance
  • Supportive and inclusive culture
  • Access to training and development programs


  • Fast-paced and demanding work environment
  • High-stress levels
  • Limited opportunities for growth in certain positions
  • Limited flexibility in scheduling

Training and Support

Walmart provides its employees with extensive training and support to help them succeed in their roles. The company offers various training programs, including on-the-job training, online training, and classroom-based training. Additionally, Walmart provides employees with ongoing support through mentoring, coaching, and development opportunities.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

The job duties and responsibilities of Walmart employees vary depending on the position. Entry-level positions, such as cashiers and sales associates, may be responsible for customer service, stocking shelves, and operating cash registers. Management roles, such as department managers, are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of their department, managing staff, and ensuring that sales and customer service goals are met. Corporate positions, such as those in finance or human resources, may be responsible for strategic planning, financial analysis, and compliance.

Overall Information

In conclusion, working at Walmart can be a challenging but rewarding experience. The company offers competitive compensation and benefits, opportunities for advancement, and a supportive and inclusive culture. However, the work environment can be fast-paced and demanding, and the company may not provide the same level of growth opportunities for all positions. Walmart provides its employees with extensive training and support to help them succeed in their roles. The job duties and responsibilities of Walmart employees vary depending on the position. If you're looking for a company with a positive work-life balance and great benefits, Walmart could be a great fit for you.