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Walmart Overview Table
Headquarters: Bentonville, AR
Industry: General Merchandise & Superstores
Size: 10000+ Employees
Type: Company - Public (WMT)
Revenue: $10+ billion (USD)
CEO: Doug McMillon

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Truck Driver (OTR) (Former Employee)

2.5.2020, Job Location: Red Bluff, CA
I was a truck driver for Walmart and they could not care less about their drivers. They are pro-actively looking for ways to fire their drivers. They watch you on camera 24/7 from inside your truck and they monitor the outdoor cameras at every DC and store you stop at. The "safety managers" have every camera set up from their computers and they are watching you, contacting you with stupid nit picking complaints CONSTANTLY.

It is a hostile good ol' boys environment running rampant with racism. The pay is great but the disrespect and the police tactics is unbelievably stressful. No talking on your phone while driving for more than 10 minutes on each call. You get a total of 6 calls per day.

Automatic termination if you go over and yes, they are watching you on camera. They force you to hand over your phone so they can check your phone call times AND text messages. Even ONE text message during drive time and your instantly fired. They fire 2 people per week nationwide over phone call violations.

These people are like a police state. Very sad place to work.

Customer Service Desk Associate (Current Employee)

17.4.2020, Job Location: Monroe, GA
Working for Walmart is not for everyone. I admit that I took the job more out of desperation than I did actually wanting to continue working in retail. If you like working with the public on a daily basis and don't mind customers that can sometimes be rude and condescending, then you should be okay with a job at Walmart.

While managers usually have your back when it comes to the decisions you make, especially when dealing with customers who want to make returns or exchanges that are outside the return policy, that doesn't mean that they will enforce the policy. More often than not, they are more concerned with keeping customers happy than anything else, but this varies depending on the manager. If you're someone who appreciates consistency when it comes to decision making and following policies, I don't recommend this position.

Also, be aware that working at the customer service desk doesn't mean that your only responsibilities will be to help customers with returns, exchanges, and keeping the service area tidy. Even though most stores have separate Money Services counters, Service Desk associates are asked daily to help with these services, such as money orders, and MoneyGram transactions. You may also be asked to be a cashier or stock the shelves at the registers.

Apperal Associate (Former Employee)

11.4.2020, Job Location: Tucson, AZ | April 11, 2020
Walmart has a systemic flaw of upper management not only being unqualified but miserablly condescending to line staff. They have set up a system that keeps the iow end staff down and having unrealiistic goals for it linee staff through the practice of understaffing, ecpecting performances for demeaning paymment for work done.

The system works for upper mgmt by cutting staff hours, doubling, offen ttripling the load on the teams. This is done so that mgmt gets exorbitant bonuses based on screwing it's line staff. They also promote an environment of distrust and customer service policies which caters to haters andd nasty people.They are rewarded w gift certificates when they have behaved intolerably and staff is always the one punished by ghetto behavior by its customers.

Dogs walk freely through the aisles often urinating on clothing and lower level shelves. The corp. screws line staff out of their well earned bonuses through a system of the most petty offenses and w/o telling staff that they are keeping tabs covertly with it's point system. Tthere is no merit g iven no matter how good or hard one works keepingg only recorddings of minor infringements. no place at Walmartt for merit, not in salary nor treatment of it's employees..particularly its line staff.They are an evil empire...with its corporate by keeping them mistreateed, overworked and profitable.

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee)

1.4.2020, Job Location: Mesquite, TX | April 1, 2020
This being my first job, I kept my standards fair. That being said, working at Walmart was a bit of a disorganized mess that mostly hinged on employees who appeared to genuinely not want to be there. At first, I thought this was just because everyone had something else on their mind. Everyone's got something to worry about every now and then. But the further I went on in working, the more it started to dawn on me how the work ethic was like.

Despite how they present themselves as, Walmart employees were the most depressed and struggling workers I have ever seen. Most testimonies I've heard were about people who had high energy and gave 110% when they first started, only to discover that the establishment does not actually reward that. In some cases, you are even chastised for it.

What mattered was the quota. It did not matter how you completed it, just as long as you completed it, and that nothing broke. That sounds simple enough. However, no matter how well you performed your work, you could still get accused slowing down or being lazy.

That being said, I did not dislike the Managers or Assistant Managers. For all I know, they would be going through the same thing. But there was a disconnect between them and Customer Service. They would occasionally punish you for something that was outside of your control. The worst was when harsh criticism was used as a substitute for telling someone "good work today."

Overnight Stocker/Sales Associate (Former Employee)

27.3.2020, Job Location: East Peoria, IL
Worked at the EP, IL store for more than six months.

From the first week I was ridiculed and verbally abused by fellow employees and immediate supervision as well as non-essential personnel - including common use of profanity.

There is no work-life balance, you are expected to work all holidays no questions asked.

Job security is non-existent unless you learn and learn to a manipulate corporate policy, even then you're not safe.

When I complained to store manager about the bullying from supervision, supervision started watching my every move on the in-store cameras. They continue to do this until my termination sometime later.

I could not say a word to a fellow employee without supervision come around the corner to tell me to get back to work.

If I went to find something for purchase during my lunch, I was followed by supervision.

It was not uncommon for supervision to come correct some conjured up detail of what I was doing just as a reminder they were watching.

During my exiting interview I complained once again to the store manager in front of the store assistant manager with no response from either.

After I left, I called a corporate number and complained about the situation only to be told that District Marketing instructed them to tell me there was nothing they could do.

My recommendation is that if you're looking for a job, look elsewhere.

Cashier/Self-Checkout Attendant (Former Employee)

7.3.2020, Job Location: Sarasota, FL
I lost my job at Walmart because I was in the hospital with a severe Kidney infection. I had a note from the Hospital ordering me not to work AND the Doctor who oversaw my treatment at the hospital. I spoke to the HR department at Walmart and told them and was told it was no problem as long as I had a note and just get better.

But when I returned with my TWO notes, I was taken off the schedule completely and when I went to the HR dept to see what was going on, I wa as told that a Drs note "was not the same as a hospital note", and that my documentation was unacceptable. Even though I had two notes. They will NOT work with you availability wise and if you cannot work the schedule they give you, they just fire you.

Even if it's because you're in college and need to alter your hours to fit your school schedule or because you have a child, I saw many employees either have to quit, got fired, or were forced to miss classes because the managers would not work with them. Also, the managers are extremely lazy, cliquey and unprofessional.

All around, their attendance policy is way over the top, over extreme, and ends up being the main reason that they're always short staffed! Employees BEWARE!

Cashier (Former Employee)

3.3.2020, Job Location: Tampa, FL
I worked at a Walmart in Tampa, FL in 2017. I worked there for two months before I left. My coworkers were amazing and my CSM's were okay. My main CSM once yelled for not doing something, she never told me to do and I seen other cashiers not do. Another CSM refused to give change one night meaning I couldn't the customer correct change and he got mad when I kept asking for change. I was never allowed to go back and complete my computer training, which you have a deadline of 90 days to complete. One day, a cashier came in sick and halfway through her shift, she lost her voice and the CSM didn't let her go home. Lastly, the management people made everyone, who didn't open availability, change their availability to open. I remember an older cashier complaining about that.

The only thing I liked about working was the people. They were like a one, big, happy family. I have a few anxiety attacks and my coworkers were always there to help. My anxiety attacks were my main reason for leaving.

I don't think will ever work for Walmart, again. I have some of my worst anxiety attacks working there (one lasted for 2 days and I couldn't calm down). When I left, I was felt light and relieved.

Hard Currency Exchange Technician (Former Employee)

26.2.2020, Job Location: Pasco, WA
I had the singular privilege of working at Walmart as they transitioned emphasis to and Site to Store. They worked so hard to compete online with Amazon, a company that itself could never compete with Walmart's brick and mortar presence, that they essentially threw the entire company under the bus.

Now, their policies are geared more than I've ever seen towards working people as hard as they can, while paying them as little as they can. Every employee is now expected to have two jobs, a primary and a secondary, but of course only be paid for one wage. Mid and lower level management positions are being removed, and then "new" positions with the same responsibilities are being offered for less pay.

Management is doing what they can to stack additional tasks on employees, first as a "hey can you this for me?" and then as an expectation. Once you become acclimated to that, "hey can you also do this for me?" I also had the pleasure of being there when their promotion system was removed. It used to be that you were given a raise in accordance with your job performance.

Good performance meant a higher annual raise. Now, all employees, regardless of their skill and performance, are given a raise roughly equivalent to the earlier "poor performance" raise. All in all, my experience at Walmart was poor. But it did give me the incentive I needed to go back to school, get a degree, and find a much better job!

Department Manager (Former Employee)

12.2.2020, Job Location: Dothan, AL | February 12, 2020
When I started my job at walmart 18 years ago I LOVED it! It was very family oriented, the managers cared about you and the associates were family. Today it’s nothing but backstabbing and confusion. Managers are only out for themselves. I actually got in trouble for walking a customer to the opposite side of the store to find an item.

I was told by store manager I was wasting time needed to stock. Jobs are being downgraded and lost due to machines. A lot of older people were dismissed to bring new people in who they could pay less. They said the job ended and created new names for the same job. The managers have favorites! No matter how hard you work, if you aren’t on the favorites team your work goes unrecognized. They also remove days from attendance of the friends they favored.

The managers could see the favorites walked around and talked all day and achieved no productivity and let it slide. If you are a Walmart shopper you can tell what I am saying by the way the store looks. There are some stores with good management still, but it’s rare to find. The benefits changed EVERY year!

The morale is low because they won’t hire the people needed to successfully perform the tasks and it’s worse with stores that have favorites because the rest are overworked trying to keep the shelves stocked and other daily task. 9 out of 10 people are unhappy and searching for better jobs.

Part-time cashier/ Full-time Customer Service Associate (Current Employee)

2.2.2020, Job Location: Erie, PA
I really loved working at Walmart for the first five years. But corporate changes the past couple of years were not beneficial to employees. Yes, they pay well...but then they cut your hours and expect more and more. Managers listen to you, but they don’t respond. Their hands are often tied by higher ups.

And customers often get their way even though there are policies you are expected to follow. Again, the higher-ups tell you to follow policies and rules, then they break policy and make you bow to the customer, which makes you feel a fool. I won’t say it’s all bad. I really enjoy the job for the most part. Most of the customers are decent and I have regular customers that ask for me or wait for me for service. I’ve made many friendships with fellow workmates, as well as customers. Benefits have changed the last couple of years, too! And I really wish they gave you performance-based raises instead of everyone getting the same % for the most part. I also feel that someone who has been with the company longer and is dependable and on time should be rewarded accordingly. Seniority does not seem to make a difference at Walmart.

All in all, I’d say Wal-Mart has made some changes of late that, in my opinion, are not the best for employees. It’s not an awful place to work, yet...but if they continue with the changes that hurt their employees, it will not be a good place to work.

Grocery Cap Team 2 Associate (Current Employee)

23.1.2020, Job Location: Marrero, LA | January 23, 2020
My experience as a Wal-Mart employee has been a mixed bag. On one hand you didn't want to fail your co-workers because your failures become someone else's work but than you have managers and an endless supply of supervisors who are inept. To be fair some of the co-managers knew what they were doing and how to get employees to perform but even they were undermined by other co-managers.

They will tell you that customers are number one and in the next breathe tell you to meet deadlines that include working while customers shop, which honestly puts the customer in the way. There were only a handful of co-managers that knew what each position, grocery cap-2 in my case, did and the other managers/supervisors treated you like you were at their beckon call at all times regardless if you had training in that department or not. You'll be told to face/zone the merchandise before you even get a chance to stock the designated area, which is completely backwards to what it should be, it's pointless work if you know anything about stocking, you are actually creating more work for yourself. I don't know if all the stores are like this or if it was just my luck but it seemed like a lot of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing and if you actually take pride in what you do, heaven help you. It's a shame that a job that shouldn't be that stressful is nothing but stress.

Side note, some of the best co-workers I have ever worked with. It seems like a necessity at times to get along because it can easily become an us vs. them environment. If anything they made it worthwhile.

Stocker at Walmart (Former Employee)

13.1.2020, Job Location: North Logan, UT
If you a job that tries to fire you for going to a funeral, for needing time off for a medical procedure that determines whether or not you have cancer, or for getting very badly injured at work and giving them a note to be excused from the rest of the day FROM THE HOSPITAL, which they refuse to take and tell you if you go home you’re fired, this is the job for you!

Management absolutely does NOT care about any of their employees, unless you somehow become a “favorite”. In that case you can get away with anything. I heard many members of management talking so unprofessionally and rudely about their workers that it almost made my ears bleed. If you get sick you have to file for a medical leave. If you haven’t worked there for a year, it will get denied and you will get fired. Even if you have worked there for a year, unless you were at deaths door, it will probably be denied and you will be fired. If you have an emergency and leave work, you will be fired.

If you get a “warning” 3 times, you get fired. (These earnings are often things such as “hey you’re getting coached because you forgot to pick up a piece of cardboard.”) Yup, 3 warnings like that and you’re gone. If you need emergency time off for a funeral, you’re probably getting fired. Just don’t do it. You will never have time off and will be working for a company that does not care about their workers, just the money they are pulling in. The amount of times my husband and I left work crying or fuming in the short 3 months we worked there was astronomical.

Cart Associate (Former Employee)

4.1.2020, Job Location: Bemidji, MN
Walmart has been getting a horrible reputation for not really communicating with their workers. They need to reach out more, and understand their employees needs. I understand from a business perspective, but work should make you feel comfortable, and have a sense of fulfillment and purpose. Only being allowed to miss three days of work before threatening termination is really awful, thing's come up in anyone's lives. I'm not saying that a person should be allowed to stay home whenever they want, its their job, but Walmart should definitely talk with their employees and see if they have a serious issue going on. I think it would help reduce tensions with Walmart and the general public.

My work was fun, and definitely a challenge for myself. However, It seems like Walmart acts like it's a "family" type business, but doesn't really commit to that sort of ideology. The amount of coworkers I had talked to who felt like they were being tied down by their jobs, their family relationships being torn apart, all of it, was really sad. Too many people doing too many different jobs. The scheduling was incredibly difficult to work with, although I liked my hours, there were too many people being scheduled at once.

There was a lot of tension in that workplace setting, but overall, I still loved my job for the exercise and fresh air, the pay, and the coworkers who actually put in the effort to do what they could to make it enjoyable. It's a very common opinion to hear that Walmart has just become too big, and has lost it's personal touch."

People Greeter (Former Employee)

22.12.2019, Job Location: Spring, TX
I did not work in Walmart eCommerce; I worked at a Walmart Super Center.; the ratings I listed above were for the super Center.

My experience was as reported; the Job/Work balance suited me as I only wanted a small amount of working hours, due to the fact my wife had died recently and I had much to reckon with at that time.

Compensation started at $9.00 per hour and ended at $12.22 per hour. Security and advancement was not available to me, due to my Military disability I was unable to stand for 5 hours at a time. This was the reasonthat I, and several other Greeters were let go, stating the reason was that they were changing over to a more strenuous position and with our disabilities, we were unable to perform the duties required. Note: the new crew that replaced us does the same job that we performed, except they stand all the time.

Management was just so, so; if you didn't say good morning to them, they walked by like you were invisible.

Job culture was a farce; morale was low at our store for most everyone except upper management. Part of this was because our store was not performing like the home office wanted.

Hostess (Former Employee)

17.12.2019, Job Location: San Antonio, TX
Unpleasant front end Customer service managers dis-coordinated didn’t know what task to give me more than a few times seemed unsure/confused even asked me what I should do (like I know, I just came to do a job I was hoping they would do theirs)

They were fake friendly nasty attitude gossipy demeanor majority employees who work there. That is way I minded my own it wasn’t meant for them to take personal but they did.

Hard to get close to narrow minded low vibe people about petty stuff and hating on others.

A challenge to get my separate breaks (three) in daily. A lot of times had delayed breaks.

I got consolation warnings over management not being abl to get them some days.

Discrimination for. Wing introvered and being not as loud or social

I was a self check out host and associates saw I needed help and walked away pretending not to see me as did one manager

I got isolation treatment and gossip and nasty looks from jealou associates because maybe complements I revive from various customers.

Overall that’s an East side Walmart for you. They don’t want to help each other to succeed together as a family it’s Everyman for themselves.

Felt like Walmart High school immature elders and full grown kid adults acting childish daily.

Highly stressful work environment on top of rude customer every know and breaks on"

Fresh production associate (Former Employee)

9.12.2019, Job Location: New Castle, IN
It was a stable job I will give it that, but overloaded with tasks per person, and unprofessional managers that got away with treating their team poorly. open door policy is worthless when I had to deal with a situation of harassment. There was no disciplinary actions taken for the employees that regularly violated company policies, such as being overly direct with associates when there was an ""issue"" and often wasteful of products in the fresh production area, unsanitary, not following local health codes and general poor work ethic by disappearing for 30 minutes at a time each smoke or restroom break.

The Assistant Manager over Fresh Production at that time was a fantastic leader (I can't stress enough that it was not this specific manager that was the problem) but the team was not respectful, abused his absences (days off and vacations) by not working the same as if he were there; violating safety procedures, cleaning procedures etc. I honestly feel bad for the Assistant Manager because he worked really hard to bring the Fresh area up to where it needed to be. It was like the other assistant managers did not care what happened because it ""wasn't their area"" so ""not their problem.""

I probably would have had a better experience had the people been dealt with properly like getting written up or suspended after multiple offenses of violating company policies. A year and a half is a long time to put up with such things.

Cap Team 2 Associate (Current Employee)

25.11.2019, Job Location: United States
I've worked here for less than a year on cap 2, and I already have a lot to say about Walmart.

The managers are all awful, power hungry, creepy, pay check-wanting, inconsiderate people. They scream at you for nothing, stalk you around the store, and only have their job because they applied for it, not because they qualified. They did nothing about more than one ethic report I heard was made because of something going on before I worked there. All of them sit on their phones in the office but will yell at you because you aren't fast enough.

Their time expectations are unrealistic, because they have never worked on the sales floor a day in their life. Two hours for two pallets worth of hanging apparel, PLUS two stacked 5 boxes high breakers of apparel? You can never find a manager, and if you do you're lucky.

This job is very physically demanding and mentally exhausting. They hound on you specifically if you have a voice and speak up when something is wrong, but if you're quiet they turn the blind eye to everything you do.

Cap 2 is expected to get departments 13, 79, 2, 46, 40, 8, 4, apparel and a huge chunk of grocery, for what? So overnights can sit around and not finish anything. But we are never appreciated for what we do.

Supervisors could care less about you, have extreme favoritism, don't know how to communicate to you. I don't recommend this job to anybody, especially if this is your first job and you're a minor.

CSM Customer Service Manager (Former Employee)

13.11.2019, Job Location: Dublin, OH
This location is almost in Powell, Ohio (7730 Sawmill Road, Dublin, OH) with customers that have higher wages and are very spoiled.

- Streaming from managers to other staff or to other managers.

- The entire time you’re preforming the duties of this stressful position your responsibilities; listen to the store speaker announcements, wear an ear piece for the radio, listen and assist customers, listen and assist associates, listen and assist managers, listen and assist the other chief that think he/she is a manager, walk while looking down at the VT70 - cell phone size computer and look over the schedule.

Pros - wonderful staff

- $15.50ph

Con - Wages for the other staff/associates are around $11.50 - $12.50ph.

Poor leadership, very unorganized, too much work for one human being (inside, outside (push carts and propane), front of the store (AP team - Greeters, customer service desk with phone calls, cashiers, jewelry, face-to-face customer complaints, etc.), back of the store, almost all departments are your responsibility).

- You’re thrown into the position with very little training and very little time to do any additional training needed on the computers during your busy shift.

Accounting Office Associate (Current Employee)

3.11.2019, Job Location: Spanaway, WA
Spanaway Walmart is an ok place to work. It is very fast paced but retail can be very stressful. Sometimes the environment we experience in Spanaway, can be very dangerous. I do enjoy most of our daily customer's as most people in this world are good.

Walmart eliminated most of their office positions to centralize everything in Arkansas. They offered me a severance package or another position. I decided to stay as a Customer Service Manager, but staying in the Accounting Office doing the same thing I had been doing. The new Title/Position offered me more money and I was happy to help my new Management Team learn the office they knew nothing about. I cared about my office and did not want to see it crumble.

Customer Service Manager is a much more fast paced and stressful position. We are responsible for running the entire front end of the store. I enjoyed my responsibility of training new management team members and new associates to work in the accounting office. I am ready for a change and new opportunities to grow as an individual

Order Filler (Former Employee)

31.10.2019, Job Location: Clarksville, AR
I had been trying to apply to the 6082 distribution center for 5yrs after getting out of the Army and I finally got a hold of someone in HR there and he specifically told me that IT DID NOT MATTER THAT I WAS A VETERAN even though they had all their commercials out saying that they always put veterans first and they were re-hiring people that they had fired multiple times before I would even get an interview.

Then I finally got a job there working as an order filler for the meat and produce section and I was immediately met with a hostile work environment. As soon as I started one of the other employees was going to my supervisor telling him that I was leaving things screwed up in certain areas, after this went on for a couple weeks my supervisor finally decided to have me write down things that I noticed were messed up and the times and locations that they were messed up at so he could track who was actually doing it, the next week the worker that I thought had been the one that was causing the problems "transferred" and I was back to work.

Then some of the other guys decided they were going to start doing the exact same thing to me and I even over heard them gripping about me actually turning them in for it like I had to do with the other guy when I first started. It has decent pay but if you aren't in the special little cliques that go on there will be nothing you can do and they will either make you get fired or you will have to resign.

Receiving Associate (Former Employee)

19.10.2019, Job Location: Holly Springs, MS
My typical day at work starts with me clocking in and going to the employee vending machine before starting a tiring shift. some days were easier than others but for the most part, it was a stable work environment. I learned a lot about retail and how big stores like Wal-mart function to ensure they meet customer and employee satisfaction.

Management was confusing, you'd have one store manager and then you'd have a team of supervisors who where not mangers but they do everything a manager would except for the correct thing, meaning the profession wasn't there at times, they weren't always prepared and they could be a little disrespectful in a couple cases but it doesn't make them bad managers, sometimes the day got the best of them. the hardest part of the job would definitely be getting chewed out by management for incompletion of a maxed-out delivery truck that had to be completed within two hours no matter the size and with only a fraction of the team members required for the size of some of the trucks we were getting, however, the most enjoyable part of the job would have to be the people you work with, and its not all bad sometimes management cooks food for the employees, they do giveaways, you get benefits, you get your hours (depending on position) you get bonuses every 3 months and they pay extra when your at work and support you when you cant be.

Electronics Associate/Cashier (Former Employee)

1.10.2019, Job Location: Southcrest Parkway, Southaven, Ms.
A typical day would be staying busy helping customers or cleaning and stocking.

I learned how to present and explain the merchandise and how to clean up chemical spills.

There were many managers pulling you in many directions. I barely knew who to take directions from.

Workplace culture consisted of some enjoyable employees to work with and some that resisted helping elderly people with putting minutes on the prepaid phones saying it wasn't our job. I could not see where it would hurt to help and I considered it common courtesy or good customer service.

The hardest part of the job was frustration due to no one being in place to consistently teach you. New people learned from the employees that had been there awhile. Sometimes one would tell you one thing then another something different. Sometimes it was just too busy when you were trying to learn. The person explaining something would get pulled away to help a customer with something else. It was hard trying to get help to get a television from a high shelf in the back. You had to wait for someone which caused the customer a long wait time. The guys in the back took their sweet time coming to assist.

The most enjoyable part of the job was being able to assist and please a customer and know that you made their day a bit better in some small way.

Overnight Support Manager (Former Employee)

28.9.2019, Job Location: Jefferson City, MO
Any workers under management level are trained by computer programs on how to do their jobs. Management levels are now sent to training academies to be trained on certain aspects of their jobs which is better than the old computer program course they used to be required to do.

When I worked in the academy most days were preparing classrooms for incoming trainees, then doing a mix of in class training and hands on training on the store floor. Days I didn't have class I was to do audits or help out in the respective departments I trained managers in. When I was put in Support manager position I was given the back room. I took the position when I was told I was too young and needed more experience before applying for an Assistant manager position (even though I had 4 years of experience as an Assistant manger from other companies).

I was under the impression I would be working with the other associates to gain the experience needed however, found out I was to be the only one in the backroom cleaning it up by putting up overstock and getting rid of trash and empty pallets. After 7 months in this position, I asked about the Assistant Manager training program again and I was told I needed to hold my current position for 5 years before they would let me apply. I left the company after this.

Cashier / Customer Service Manager (Former Employee)

18.9.2019, Job Location: Guymon, OK
While Walmart was not my first choice for employment, I was hired as a cashier and quickly advanced to training for the position of Customer Service Manager in the short time I was there. My work consisted of typical cashiering work, maintaining my work space and handling cash, card and check transactions in a friendly and efficient manner. While training for CSM, I managed lanes, took care of issues above cashier level and handled cash and change both at the CSM station. I also pulled cash from registers as part of end of shift activities, delivering cash to the cash office for upper management to handle for the store. I also worked at the customer service desk, handling customer complaints, returns, exchanges, payroll check cashing and wire transfers.

The most difficult part of the job is working with the public. Most people are friendly or indifferent, as they're shopping and ready to head home with their purchases. However, you will occasionally meet a difficult or rude individual, and must be able to handle the situation as tactfully as possible while continuing to serve other customers as part of a retail service team.

I enjoyed my coworkers most, having developed some friendships that I have maintained since leaving Walmart.

Cashier (Former Employee)

5.9.2019, Job Location: Washington, DC
You can only call out 5 times before they fire you. Each point that you get takes 6 month to get rid of. They expect you to do so much with little pay. I was a cashier and I was never able to leave out on time.

Management is terrible. I tried to get transferred and they gave me the run around. A girl that worked less than 6 months was able to transfer, but I worked there for over 6 months and they never did anything to help me transfer. The CSMs are never to be found when you need them. Each day I worked 5hrs and 30mins and I was only allowed one little 15min break. I always had to put piles of re-shop back and deal with long lines all the time for only one short break. They fired a cashier for attendance, but the only reason she was gone was because she had health problems.

The lady told them that in advance when they hired her. You can only get a 10% discount and Walmart is picky about what you can use that discount on. The discount only takes $1 or $2 off and taxes adds it right back up. Everyone have to work on Holidays. If you call out on holidays, that is an automatic 3 points.

I worked on Thanksgiving one time and they gave everyone that worked on Thanksgiving a 25% discount card on the last day the card was usable. They told us that we could only use the card on our break or if we were clocked out and the card expired at midnight.
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Average Hourly Rate for Walmart Employees
$13.11 / hour Avg. Base Hourly Rate (USD)
$90k / yearAvg. Base Salary (USD)

Walmart Employees Salary Compare Table

Walmart Salary Compare
# Job Title Range Average
1Cashier$10 - $14$12
2Sales Associate$10 - $15$12
3Stocker$10 - $15$12
4Personal Shopper$11 - $15$12
5Pharmacy Technician$12 - $19$15
6Overnight Stocker$10 - $17$13
7Retail Sales Associate$10 - $17$12
8Department Manager, Retail Store$12 - $19$15
9Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPHT)$13 - $20$16
10Order Filler$13 - $24$18
11Customer Service Manager$12 - $20$16
12Asset Protection Associate$11 - $18$14
13Deli Associate$11 - $15$13
14Customer Service Associate$9 - $17$13
15Cake Decorator$10 - $17$13
16Maintenance Technician$12 - $32$19
17Automotive Service Technician / Mechanic$9 - $18$13
18Customer Service Representative (CSR)$9 - $17$13
19Retail Associate$11 - $18$13
20Deli Clerk$10 - $15$12
21Warehouse Associate$12 - $21$16
22Unloader$12 - $25$17
23Forklift Operator$12 - $20$15
24Customer Service Cashier$9 - $16$12
25Staff Pharmacist$44 - $68$56
26Fresh Produce Processor$10 - $18$13
27Night Stocker$10 - $17$13
28Retail Department Manager$11 - $19$14
29Optician$11 - $22$16
30Produce Associate$9 - $17$12
31Production Supervisor$12 - $23$16
32Pharmacy Technician, Lead$15 - $25$19
33Customer Service Supervisor$11 - $21$15
34Food Service Worker$10 - $18$13
35Customer Service Team Leader$12 - $24$17
36Loader$14 - $25$18
37Produce Stocker (Grocery)$10 - $19$13
38Baker$9 - $17$12
39Warehouse Supervisor$12 - $23$17
40Janitor$9 - $18$12
41Retail Supervisor$12 - $25$16
42Retail Store Manager$12 - $23$16
43Picker$11 - $19$14
44Produce Department Manager (Grocery)$11 - $21$15
45Front End Developer / Engineer$23 - $74$42
46Quality Assurance (QA) Associate$13 - $26$18
47Warehouse Worker$11 - $20$15
48Customer Service Specialist$9 - $18$13
49Automotive Service Technician$9 - $23$14
50Cart Collector$10 - $15$12
51Host/Hostess$8 - $15$11
52Forklift Driver$14 - $24$18
53Certified Optician$11 - $23$16
54Grocery Stocker$10 - $20$13
55Package Handler$11 - $18$14
56Retail Cashier$9 - $16$12
57Retail Store Assistant Manager$10 - $20$14
58Service Writer$9 - $16$12
59Assembler$9 - $22$13
60Maintenance Supervisor$11 - $23$16
61Team Leader, General$12 - $27$18
62Pharmacist$46 - $66$56
63Meat Cutter$10 - $20$14
64Checkout Operator$9 - $15$12
65Maintenance Associate$9 - $18$13
66Member Service Representative$9 - $19$13
67Produce Clerk (Grocery)$9 - $19$12
68Dairy Stocker$9 - $14$11
69Building Maintenance Worker$10 - $22$15
70Production Associate$10 - $21$14
71Assistant Manager$12 - $26$17
72Sales Team Leader, Retail$11 - $21$16
73Supermarket Department Manager, Dairy & Frozen Foods$9 - $17$13
74Tire Technician$11 - $18$14
75Pharmacy Manager$39 - $68$56
76Customer Support Manager$11 - $20$15
77Cart Attendant$9 - $13$11
78Grocery Associate$10 - $16$12
79Operations Supervisor$13 - $26$18
80Operations Support Manager$11 - $24$16
81Gas Station Attendant$11 - $19$14
82Packer$11 - $20$15
83Pharmacy Assistant$10 - $18$14
84Customer Service Sales Associate$9 - $19$13
85Retail Manager$10 - $22$15
86Retail Store Manager, Sporting Goods$11 - $25$17
87Sales Clerk$9 - $16$11
88Merchandiser$10 - $18$14
89Security Guard$10 - $17$13
90Stock Clerk$7 - $14$10
91Department Manager, Hardware Store$12 - $20$16
92Supermarket Department Manager, Meat$11 - $22$16
93Team Lead, Operations$13 - $26$18
94Deli Manager$12 - $19$15
95Technical Services Manager$13 - $37$22
96Customer Service Trainer, Call Center$8 - $18$12
97Administrative Associate$12 - $23$17
98Warehouse Material Handler$13 - $22$17
99Software Engineer$24 - $71$42
100Quality Assurance Analyst$15 - $35$23
101Accounts Payable Specialist$14 - $22$18
102Human Resources (HR) Assistant$12 - $21$15
103Lube Technician$9 - $17$12
104Licensed Optician$16 - $32$22
105Inventory Associate$11 - $18$14
106Inventory Specialist$12 - $20$15
107Loader And Unloader$10 - $21$14
108Laborer, Freight, Stock, Material Mover, Hand$10 - $22$14
109Human Resources (HR) Manager$13 - $29$20
110Grocery Clerk$9 - $15$12
111Senior Graphic Designer$20 - $43$28
112Senior Quality Assurance (QA) / Test Automation Engineer$32 - $81$54
113Dockhand/Driver$11 - $23$16
114Service Manager$17 - $31$23
115Shipper, Receiver, Packer$12 - $23$16
116Shipping & Receiving Lead$12 - $21$16
117Shipping & Receiving Supervisor$14 - $24$18
118Shipping / Receiving / Traffic Clerk$11 - $18$14
119Senior Software Engineer$44 - $104$70
120Senior Customer Service Representative (CSR)$13 - $26$18
121Senior Account Manager$16 - $31$21
122Senior Business Analyst$37 - $106$65
123Inventory Control Specialist$8 - $15$11
124Security Analyst$16 - $34$23
125Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist$32 - $1k$87
126Scanner Operator$12 - $21$16
127Salesperson, Fashion/Apparel/Clothing$9 - $17$12
128Electrical Apprentice$12 - $21$16
129Sales Support Manager$12 - $20$16
130Sales Consultant$9 - $17$12
131Asset Protection Specialist$10 - $15$13
132Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Officer$17 - $26$21
133Inventory Supervisor$11 - $18$14
134Assistant Store Manager$13 - $25$18
135Senior Certified Pharmacy Technician$13 - $18$15
136Shipping and Receiving Clerk$14 - $24$18
137Social Media Specialist$14 - $23$18
138Shop Assistant$9 - $18$13
139Warehouse Manager$12 - $19$15
140Warehouse Laborer$11 - $22$15
141Administration Clerk$13 - $22$17
142Visual Merchandising Specialist$14 - $27$19
143Vision Center Manager$16 - $26$20
144UX Researcher$47 - $102$71
145Human Resources (HR) Clerk$13 - $21$16
146Transportation Coordinator$13 - $26$18
147Training Coordinator$11 - $19$15
148Traffic Coordinator$11 - $18$14
149Ticket Agent$12 - $22$16
150Human Resources (HR) Officer$14 - $25$19
151Shipping Packer$14 - $24$18
152Human Resources (HR) Specialist$14 - $23$18
153HVAC Service Technician$19 - $35$26
154Information Management Specialist$10 - $20$14
155Supermarket Department Manager, Dairy$12 - $19$15
156Supermarket Department Manager, Bakery & Delicatessen (Deli)$16 - $25$20
157Store Team Leader$14 - $24$18
158Art Director$22 - $80$38
159Stock Clerk or Order Filler$10 - $20$14
160Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist$17 - $29$22
161Dishwasher$9 - $14$11
162Staff Engineer$29 - $83$46
163Software Engineering Intern$16 - $41$26
164Software Developer$14 - $43$25
165HVAC Refrigeration Technician$24 - $42$31
166Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Specialist$14 - $26$19
167Automobile Service Writer$8 - $16$11
168Retail Pharmacist$45 - $66$57
169Crew Leader$9 - $27$15
170Personnel Manager$16 - $35$24
171Front End Manager$12 - $20$16
172Personal Assistant$10 - $19$13
173Painter, Construction and Maintenance$8 - $16$12
174Painter$9 - $15$11
175Licensed Dispensing Optician$20 - $35$27
176Fuel Attendant$10 - $15$12
177Claims Processor/Billing$10 - $18$13
178Optometrist Assistant$8 - $12$10
179Optician, Retail Store Manager$19 - $28$23
180Community Health Worker$13 - $23$17
181Operations Team Leader$18 - $39$26
182Control / Automation Technician$18 - $31$24
183Office Manager$21 - $44$30
184Content Analyst$21 - $44$30
185Module Lead$9 - $18$12
186Logistics Coordinator$14 - $24$18
187Membership Associate$8 - $17$12
188General Maintenance Worker$10 - $20$14
189Graphic Designer$19 - $44$28
190Meat Clerk$10 - $17$13
191Material Handler$12 - $21$16
192Marketing Communications Specialist$18 - $37$26
193Content Strategist$42 - $89$60
194Loss Prevention Officer$10 - $15$12
195Maintenance Manager$11 - $24$16
196Pharmacist in Charge$40 - $70$59
197Retail Shift Supervisor$11 - $18$14
198Learning and Development Specialist$20 - $42$30
199Cash Manager$11 - $25$17
200Cook, Restaurant$11 - $17$14
201Retail Department Supervisor$12 - $23$17
202Equipment Operator$12 - $20$15
203Event Manager$24 - $147$45
204Automotive Technician$7 - $17$11
205Retail Assistant Manager$11 - $21$15
206Registered Medical Assistant (RMA)$14 - $19$16
207Receiving Worker$10 - $17$13
208Receiving Manager$13 - $22$17
209Radiologic Technologist$22 - $34$27
210Grocery Store Manager$12 - $22$16
211Avionics Technician$22 - $38$30
212Quality Assurance (QA) / Quality Control (QC) Inspector$14 - $24$18
213Quality Analyst$11 - $21$15
214Production Worker$11 - $23$15
215Bakery Clerk$10 - $17$13
216Field Service Technician$19 - $38$27
217Product Owner$17 - $53$30
218Produce Team Leader$12 - $26$18
219Food Server$6 - $13$9
220Business Support Manager$11 - $26$17
221Produce Department Clerk (Grocery)$9 - $14$11
222Food Service Supervisor$13 - $23$17
223Call Center Representative$10 - $16$13
224Principal Software Engineer$52 - $101$72
225Photographer, Commercial$15 - $37$22
226Customer Service Agent$11 - $22$16
227Custodian$8 - $14$11
228Housekeeping Supervisor$10 - $17$13

Walmart Stats

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About Walmart

Walmart is a multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. The company was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton, and it is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world, and it employs over 2 million people globally.

Working at Walmart

Working at Walmart can be a challenging but rewarding experience. As one of the largest retailers in the world, the company offers a wide range of job opportunities, including entry-level positions, management roles, and corporate positions. Walmart is known for its competitive compensation and benefits packages, which include healthcare, retirement plans, and paid time off.


  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Positive work-life balance
  • Supportive and inclusive culture
  • Access to training and development programs


  • Fast-paced and demanding work environment
  • High-stress levels
  • Limited opportunities for growth in certain positions
  • Limited flexibility in scheduling

Training and Support

Walmart provides its employees with extensive training and support to help them succeed in their roles. The company offers various training programs, including on-the-job training, online training, and classroom-based training. Additionally, Walmart provides employees with ongoing support through mentoring, coaching, and development opportunities.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

The job duties and responsibilities of Walmart employees vary depending on the position. Entry-level positions, such as cashiers and sales associates, may be responsible for customer service, stocking shelves, and operating cash registers. Management roles, such as department managers, are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of their department, managing staff, and ensuring that sales and customer service goals are met. Corporate positions, such as those in finance or human resources, may be responsible for strategic planning, financial analysis, and compliance.

Overall Information

In conclusion, working at Walmart can be a challenging but rewarding experience. The company offers competitive compensation and benefits, opportunities for advancement, and a supportive and inclusive culture. However, the work environment can be fast-paced and demanding, and the company may not provide the same level of growth opportunities for all positions. Walmart provides its employees with extensive training and support to help them succeed in their roles. The job duties and responsibilities of Walmart employees vary depending on the position. If you're looking for a company with a positive work-life balance and great benefits, Walmart could be a great fit for you.